Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Okay, it's really cold here! Much colder than what I experienced in Europe! I've been home from work the last two days, and if things don't thaw, which they won't, I doubt I'll go tomorrow. The roads in my neck of the woods are a thick sheet of ice. Ugh!

However, I don't mind not going to work. While I have a job, it's not one I want. I should be careful of what I put out there, but it's true. But it will do until I graduate next year. Perhaps it will help me stay motivated with school.

I don't have much to share. It was supposed to be an exciting week here in DFW with the Super Bowl, but the winter storm has squashed that. We're going to try and go downtown to enjoy the excitement Saturday night, though. It's going to be a celebration on David's birthday, even though it's a week late. I was sick to my stomach on his birthday and couldn't eat, so we'll make up for it this weekend. The ice should all be melted by then. I hope!

Everyone stay warm! It's cold out there!!