Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Tonight I find myself afraid. I'm not really afraid of much. But my best friend, my sister in my heart...she finds out tomorrow if she has breast cancer. And I'm scared. I've played out all the scenarios in my head...the good, the bad, and the incredibly ugly. And I'm afraid.

Waiting is hard for me. What is it like for her? She has a husband and three very young children. And her mother is deceased so she can't run to her mother. (thank God my mother thinks of her as her other daughter!). But she must be a million times more afraid than I am.

But as scared as she and I are, we are strong. And brave. And headstrong. Neither of us takes no for an answer. I think this will work in her favor. Because even if it is the dreaded C word, we're fighting the hell out of this. And we'll win. And I will never miss an opportunity to do a Race for the Cure. Because I will run next to the bravest survivor I know.

And that's a fact.