Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I don't like waiting. I am definitely a "I need to know right now" kind of girl. But I am finding myself waiting. Waiting for the blood work to come back on my cat. You can mock me if you want, but this cat means more to me than I know how to tell you. She is almost 17 years old, and has been with me through everything. She's road tripped with me, flown on airplanes with me, survived an earthquake in Seattle with me. She's seen the ups and downs of my dating life, and she snuggles me when I am sick. This cat isn't just a cat to me. She is my love.

Lately she seems to want to eat but hasn't been eating much, and she's gotten pretty thin. David took her to the doctor this morning, and she has lost a lot of weight, which sent me into a crying jag when he texted me this information. My precious only weight 5 pounds, 6 ounces. That's down 3.5 pounds since two years ago. But the doctor, who is a very trusted man in my family (we've been taking animals to them for 31 years now), was reassuring, saying that he thinks there is a good chance it's her thyroid. Whatever it is, he seems to feel that it will likely be treated with meds and diet. Oh, I can live with that! Regardless, no one thinks she is going to the Rainbow Bridge any time soon. Music to my ears! But of course, we don't know anything for sure until we get the blood work back. Dr. K will call me tonight with the results, and we'll go from there.

I love this cat more than anything. She means the world to me, and there is almost nothing I wouldn't do for her. I'm just not ready to let her go. Thankfully, it looks like she's not going anywhere. (But I'll keep praying until I know for sure!)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Heading In The Right Direction

We had a health screening today at work, and although there is a lot of work to be done, there was good news to be had. My cholesterol is excellent, so I am pleased about that! :) The other numbers didn't upset me because I am a work in progress and so far I am doing great. I was up and at the gym at 5:15 this morning (again!!) and it really makes me feel good all day long. I think I am finally understanding the benefits of exercise and finding the right time of day for your body. As it turns out, I might be more of a morning person than I thought!

School is going well. After this week I have two more weeks and then I am off for a short time. I'll be in summer school both sessions (trying to get through as quickly as possible!) so it will be a busy summer. And seriously, I can't believe it's almost May! Where has the year gone??

Anyhow, that's really about it for today. Hope everyone made it through the thick fog safely!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Tired and Frustrated

David and I walked for about 4 miles yesterday, and I was exhausted by the time I got done! I was frustrated about that because I used to be able to do that, no problem. I've just been out of regular working-out habits for a while, and now that I am back to it, it's hard to recondition my body to do what I could do so easily before. I know I have to have patience, and I am trying. Oh trust me, I am trying. It's hard to be back at what feels like square one, though. But I'm powering through and pushing myself to do this. I want to do the Breast Cancer 3-Day in 2010, and right now the ability to do that feels like a long way off. But hey, a year and a half can make a big difference! WW is challenging its' members to do a 5K this summer, so I am part of a group that is training for that every Saturday after my WW meeting. That should help, except that I have to miss the first training this weekend because of Dad's retirement party - but that's a valid reason and I don't mind!! I'll make up for it on Sunday and get out and walk. A 5K is 3.1 miles, and I can do this. Those who finish a 5K will get a charm, and as silly as it may sound, those kinds of rewards work well for me. Whatever works, right?

So that's about it in a nutshell. It was a good evening. Got my hair cut on Friday (had to go to a new guy since Christy is on maternity leave). It's good and I am happy. Getting the color redone on Wednesday, and I am very happy about greys are making an appearance and we don't need that!! So I am trying to maintain myself. I am not a cheap gal!

Everyone try not to float away with all the rain!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Here We Go Again...

...with all the "rah rah rah" and positive energy talk. Yes, I am still doing well with WW, and feeling great! I was telling a coworker today how clear-headed I feel, and how I can tell that I have gotten rid of some of the toxins stored in my body...I just feel better and brighter and all that silly stuff. :) It's a good feeling, and I love feeling in control of everything! I am aiming to get up at 4:45 am tomorrow to get in a workout, and I love it!!

Saturday after my WW meeting, my mom is coming over for some retirement party planning for dad. I'm also going to have her take my measurements (ugh!) and then in a month I'll do it again and see where it's starting to come off from. I don't expect miracles, but it's nice to be able to track all this. Slow and steady wins the race, right? I'm feeling that old determination that I felt back in 2005. (Check blog postings from 2005...I was very successful, but fell off the wagon.) All that strength and will is coming back to me. It helps to have a very supportive husband (who seems to love me as I am right now!), and he goes to the gym with me and never minds eating healthy. Hey, we like veggies a LOT! I am surrounded by people who are cheering for my success - Kim, big shout out to you on this one! I was thinking of my friend Holly, who used to give me cards and flowers, and when I lost 50 pounds, she gave me $1 for every pound I lost. (Holly, I wouldn't ever be able to forget how supportive and kind you have always been to me!) And then there is my family, who seems to love me and be proud of me all the time. I count my blessings daily, as I have much to thankful for. Thank you so much, mom and dad, for always being positive. Hopefully this will be one more thing I do that makes you proud. (Although I have to be clear to all who are about to say it anyways....I really am doing this for me!)

And here I am the starting line and ready to go. Except it's not a race. It's a long walk, but I'm absolutely determined to cross the finish line this time. I have a very long way to go, but it's just like the old saying goes: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Worn Out

For the last two mornings, David and I got up at 4:55am and went to the gym and worked out. It's a great feeling, but I have to tell you that I am exhausted! We decided not to get up this morning because both of our bodies are absolutely worn out. Today I am going to the gym here at work and doing some resistance training to change it up. I just couldn't get up that early today...but I'll be doing it some, just not this week. We tried it out because Mondays and Tuesdays are school days for me and I knew I wouldn't want to work out at 7:30pm those days. But I am very grateful to have a gym here at work so I can keep on track!

I have been back on WW for a short time now, and so far so good. I don't want to post my weekly losses, I'd rather post when I lose 10 pounds. I'm just going for increments of 10, so hopefully I'll have a report soon. :)

Tonight David and I are going to go see the new Earth movie. I have a love of baby animals, and the previews have been full of them, so David is taking me to see it tonight. Yay! He's heading to New Orleans tomorrow morning and comes home Saturday evening, so this is going to be our date night. I made a WW recipe for beer and beef stew in the crock pot that we'll be having for dinner tonight, so it's dinner and a movie for us!

Dad's retirement is a hair over a week away now, and I am super excited for him! We get to go up there to join him for the reception, and I am looking forward to that. It's been ages since I've gotten to go up there, and it's going to be the last time I can go. (Dad works for Lockheed-Martin.) David has never been there, so it's going to be pretty cool for him, too.

That's it for today. Everyone try and stay cool in the 90+ heat we'll be having today!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

How Do You Know You're Serious About Something?

When you get up at 4:55am to go work out. Yep, I did that this morning and I liked it!! I've never been THAT much of a morning person, but I decided that losing weight is just that important. Now, this won't be an every day occurrence, but I am doing it tomorrow and Wednesday as well. It's the best way for me to get a workout in since I have school in the evenings Mondays and Tuesdays. I love that I've already gotten 30 minutes of the treadmill out of the way today! David has his 20 year reunion this October, and while I won't be at my goal by then I can be smaller and look a little cuter, right? :) Besides, we have a number of trips we'd like to take, all of which would be more enjoyable if we were in better shape. Who wants to take a safari trip to Africa and be tired walking around? Not me!! (BTW, we do actually plan to take a trip to Africa in a few years!)

So I think that old me from 2005 is back...the one that was focused and loved feeling healthier. This is a very good thing!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Miracle Happened Today

Christy gave birth to a healthy baby girl today! At 1:03pm, Abby was born, and everyone is well. When I got the news from Rich, all I could do was cry tears of BFF and her husband are parents!! It's so wonderful, and they are so's so amazing that they created this tiny little life!!

I'll get to hold this precious girl tomorrow when I go up there, and if I get the OK from mommy and daddy, I will post pictures here. (They may want to be the first to show pictures, and I don't blame them!!)

And to be even more sappy, here's a short exerpt from a very fitting song:

"Ordinary Miracle" - Sarah McLaughlin

It's not that unusual
Everything is beautiful
It's just another ordinary miracle today.

Welcome to the world, Abby! So many people have been in love with you and have been waiting for you to get here!!

I'm an Auntie!!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Tomorrow my best friend, Christy, is giving birth to her baby girl. Seriously, this has got to be the most exciting thing ever! I can't believe how misty I get when I think about it, but she and her husband are so ready to be parents and this is just such a blessing! So they have to be at the hospital at 6am tomorrow, and they're going to induce labor. I know it will be a long day for them, but at the end of it all they will be holding their precious baby girl. What a miracle!

I plan to go see them on Friday, and I can't wait to post a picture!! Please pray for a healthy delivery for little Abby!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Just a simple message today...I hope you are having a great Easter and enjoying the beautiful weather!!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Having "Conversations"

I fully realize how petty this sounds, but has anyone else noticed how often politicians like to use the word "conversation"? As in, they want to have real conversations with Americans about the economy. Or how Oprah now says she wants to have real conversations about the city of Chicago and bringing the Olympics there in 2016. I don't just makes it sound like no one is talking about anything. I know in my circles, we talk about everything!

Everything is going pretty well. School is keeping me pretty busy, but I am doing well. Finals are in a few weeks. May 11 and 12 to be exact. Where does the time go? I register for Summer school next week. It's going to be a busy year!

I don't have much news. Still waiting for Christy to give birth. Most likely it will be next week, so I am crossing my fingers for the 16th. (That's the date I picked for the baby pool at work!)

Really, that's about it. Everyone enjoy the Spring weather!!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

It's Back!!

I heard through the blogosphere that the Bedford Bennigan's is being resurrected! Great news for the locals, and now I don't have to only have my Turkey O'Toole sandwich in Las Colinas any more!! Looks like they're going to reopen in about a month, so for all you mid-cities folks who have been missing cheap beer and tasty won't have to miss it much longer!

Today after work I have to get a new tire for David's Jeep. But after that, I am going to Central Market to do some shopping. Yum!

That's it for today. I'm outta here!

** Update ** I have a feeling I bought into an April Fools Day joke, so just ignore this post. (Just a proof yet!)