Monday, July 31, 2006

Wow, It's Really A Monday!

I come into work this morning to find that 2 of our major websites are down, and one of our interal sites/tools is also down. I have a sneaky feeling that if MIS doesn'tget this fixed soon, we're in for a rough ride today! Ugh!

It was a good weekend. I went to Christy's Firday night to see the new house and hang out. We haven't gotten to do that in quite a while, so she fixed some tasty snacks and we enjoyed some wine in the back yard. I am so excited that she and Rich got a new house! hey are talking about getting married next year too, and I hope they do! It will be so much fun to get to help plan her wedding as well! :)

I came into work for a few hours on Saturday, and then Saturday evening David's brother and nephew came over to swim. We grilled out at the pool and had a great time! Sunday morning I got up and Mom and I went to a bridal show. Ever been to one of those? It's fun, but it's crazy! I got a lot of info and I can now say that the reception site is officially booked! We are going Saturday to look at it and sign the contract and write the check, but it's reserved and no one else can get it! :) David and I are very happy about that!

After I got home, we relaxed a bit and then headed over to David's sister's house for his neice's 1st birthday party. She got lots of presents, and it was a very enjoyable afternoon. We got home around 7pm, and sat out on the patio and talked. It was a little nicer last night (temperature-wise) than it had been it a little while, so we enjoyed being out there. We got some dinner and ate outside, and then called it a day. I had so much excitement over the wedding stuff that I had a hard time winding down, but I finally fell asleep after a little bit. Needless to say, I wish I was still home asleep!

I hope everyone has a good day!


Tuesday, July 25, 2006

You Thought It Was Hot Here?

So I am home, safe and sound, from a great vacation in San Francisco. We had a ball! However, they are experiencing a heat wave of their own out there, so it wasn't much cooler in SF. Actually, the day we went wine tasting in Napa Valley it was 115, but we'll get to that later!

We got there on Monday afternoon and after navigating the rather ghetto San Jose airport, we got to our rental car and headed up the 101 to San Bruno where we were staying. San Bruno is about 15 minutes south of San Francisco, and is a nice little suburb. We checked in to the hotel and then went for a drive on Hwy 1 (I think it's better known as the PCH). It was awesome! Beautiful views, light fog rolling in...very pretty. We ate at a restaurant there in Pacifica, and our table faced the window looking over the water and watching the sun set. We went back to the hotel and absolutely zonked out! (We were so tired!) We got up Tuesday and headed downtown. We walked around SF, and made our way to Fisherman's Wharf. We walked all over and had yummy fish and chips and clam chowder - in a sourdough bowl, of course! We tried to go see Alcatraz, but the tours were booked up for days, so we walked around the pier, and then went to the aquarium. It was great! The last half of the aquarium has you walk through a tunnel with the larger fish swimming around you-very cool! I got to touch a starfish and David touch a stingray looking thing. (We were supervised, don't worry!) After that we went to the Franciscan restaurant and had appetizers and drinks and watched the boats on the bay. By then it was getting cold so we called it a day. We had been out walking and we were tired!

Wednesday we went to Chinatown. There is so much crap for sale there! Do people really buy all that? We bought a set of chopsticks and some tea to try at home. We had lunch in one of the restaurants, and then we went and got some bubble tea. That stuff is crazy! It's flavored tea with big tapioca balls (or "pearls" as they like to call them) in the bottom. You drink it through a huge straw big enough for the tapioca pearls to fit through. It was good! Wierd, but good! We walked around until we found the trolley car stop, and hopped on. We rode it to the end of the line and then back up to where we parked the car. They do all of the mechanics by hand on those trolleys! (all the stopping, turning them around, etc!) After that, we headed back towards our hotel. We'd walked so much I think my feet were going to fall off.

Thursday we spent driving around. We drove about an hour south of San Jose on the 101 into Gilroy, which is apparently the garlic capital of the world. There are also cherry orchards there, and we stopped and picked up a big bag of fresh cherries to eat in the car. They were incredibly sweet! We drove to Los Gatos and ate at a really good Mexican restaurant that had great service! I had seafood enchiladas and they were awesome! Then we had to pick up David's sisters, Cheryl and Lea Anne, from the airport. After we got them, we headed over to David's Aunt and Uncle's house in Newark for a BBQ. David has a lot of relatives! His parents were already there and it was nice to see them. I also met David's cousin, Carrie, who was the one getting married. Everyone was so nice! They loved all the Texans who came for the wedding, although we were getting blamed for bringing the hot weather! After that, we headed back to our hotel, about 30 minutes away.

Friday we got up and wandered out to Pittsburgh (Yes, in CA!) to meet David's sisters at his cousin's house. We all had lunch together at a Mexican place that made David and I not feel so good. We shouldn't eat anything for a good 9 hours after that. We drove to Napa to taste wines, but we got a late start and the wineries close at 4:30 or 5, so we tasted in one place and called it a day. We did get pictures of vineyards, though! We ate a late dinner at Chili's (grilled chicken and veggies for me!) and called it a day.

Saturday we went to go see the Titanic exhibit in SF. It was incredible! You were given a "boarding pass" that looked like the originals the passengers had. Each one had a different passenger's name, and at the end of the exhibit, you found out if your person survived or not. (Mine was a 1st class passenger who was a nightclub singer in Paris! How appropriate! She lived, by the way.) They had mock ups of the state rooms, the grand staircase, and the even had a piece of the Titanic that had been restored! It was awesome to see corked champagne bottles that still had champagne in them. It made it all very real, and we were both very glad we went. Afterwards, we walked around and found the coolest Old Navy store! We both ended up doing some serious shopping! And after that we went to AT&T Park to watch the Giants beat the Padres. It was a cool baseball field, but it was expensive to eat or drink there! Parking alone was $25! (Beer was $8, lemonade was $5, and it just gets pricier from there!) But we had a good time. It was a large group-all the out of town wedding guests, the wedding party, and the bride and groom. Lots of fun!

Sunday was the wedding day for Carrie and (her now husband) Patrick. It was a lovely ceremony and a fun reception. It was very hot in there, so I didn't feel much like dancing, but it was lots of fun and the food and the cake (especially the cake!) was divine! We enjoyed good wine and met lots of people. I got to visit with David's mother and father some more, and I really like them! :) After all the wedding hoopla, we went to the hotel and then changed into cooler clothes. We ran into Cheryl and Lea Anne in the hallway and we all went to grab a bite. We ended up at a Vietnamese place, which I have to tell you is not my bag. I ate some spring rolls, but I just don't get into that food at all. But the spring rolls were very good! :)

Monday morning, we packed up and headed out to the airport. On the way, we got pulled over by the CHP (Yeah, we met a real CHiP!) who informed us that the registration on the car was expired. Ugh! No ticket for us since it was a rental, and the cop was very nice. He helped us find a gas station ($3.16/gal) and then we turned in the car and headed to our terminal. It was a long day yesterday getting home, and as much fun as we had, we were ready to be back. Vacations are good, but coming home is wonderful!

So I am tired today, feeling a bit jet lagged, but getting back into the groove. However, I wish I wasn't at work!! I hope everyone has had a good week! I am still getting caught up with everyone, so if I haven't talked to you yet, I will!

Monday, July 24, 2006


Vacation was wonderful! We had such a fun time and San Francisco was awesome! I just wanted to check in...I'll post more tomorrow. I JUST got home and am wiped out! Hope everyone had a great week!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Friday Fun!

Today I get to kick off my vacation by leaving work early for my annual pelvic exam! Woo-hoo! Seriously, at least I get off work early! (Kim gets her teeth cleaned this week, I get my goods examined...great week, right?)

After that, I am picking up mom and heading to Nordstrom's for the Anniversary sale. :) That eases the pain some! Then after I take mom home, I get to go home and get ready and head to Kim's. We're all meeting up for our monthly "Glitterati Gathering". We're going to Cafe Madrid for Tappas and wine, but we're all calling it an early night because we're all pooped. Except Kim...her new man has had a lot going on this week, and this is going to be the first time she's seen him all week, so he'll be catching up with her after the girls leave. Yay Kim! I've seen his picture, and he's a cutie! As long as he treats her well, I like him!

It's been a marginally better day today. I am just ready to head out. I have my voicemail message changed, my Out of Office message ready to be turned on at 2pm, and mentally I am already checked out! David is still working hard, and has to work Saturday and Sunday, so he won't really get to gear up for vacation until Sunday evening when he comes home and we rush to pack his stuff. Tomorrow I am working out and then relaxing! David gets home from the airport tomorrow night, and depending on how he feels we may run to my parents for a short time. They're having a Texas Hold Em party and I would like to drop over for a little while if we can.

That's it. This will probably be my last post until San Francisco. Have a good weekend everyone!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Fancy Schmanzy!

It's that time of's Restaurant Week here in the metroplex, and most of the really nice (read: pricey) restaurants offer a set meal at $35/person. You have to call and get a reservation as they go very quickly. David has gone on about a restaurant in Dallas called Abacus that he got to go try on the company dime, and he LOVED it and has wanted to go back, so we have reservations in mid-August for a lovely dinner. I can't wait! :) I think this will require a new outfit.

So I leave for San Francisco on Monday!! I am so ready. Work is just sucking the life out of me. We've had so much going on and I am burned out, work out, and just plain sick of it. I know this will pass, but right now I am really in need of a change. Whew...what a whiner!

My cousin's wife, Jen, who I just think of as family and not an "in-law" is going through some tough stuff. Her mother has been ill for a while and they had to put her in a Hospice facility yesterday. Her mother has been battling cancer for a while now is in a lot of pain. Jen and Craig, I love you both and I am here for you. I can't even imagine what she must be going through. Please keep them in your prayers.

I spent some time with Cleo the Uber-Awesome cat yesterday. She's at mom and dad's because she doesn't play well with others. (Zak and Kaylee and Cleo in a one bedroom apartment? Too much cat!) But I laid down next to her and snuggled and it was so nice! I miss her little chubby self! I took a picture with my cell phone so that I could look at it all the time. I love my cat!! :)

Mom and Dad have had an ongoing saga trying to replace the window in the front of the house. They've basically been lied to and jerked around by the guy they hired to replace the window. They hired him May 24th and although they have a window in, it looks bad, it's not finished, and the guy has used every excuse in the book to be late or delay work. So tonight my parents are having a new person coming from Home Depot to take a look and do an estimate. We're hoping for the best! I think my parents need to take the original window guy to small claims court. He's paid for work he hasn't done. If you need window work done, what ever you do, do NOT contact Sister's Windows in Hurst. Bad bad bad! My parents are such nice people and I can't believe someone would try to cheat them. If I got hold of this guy, he'd be sorry! (When it comes to my family, don't cross me!)

I get to start my vacation off by leaving work at 2pm tomorrow, but I have to go for my annual physical so it's not that fun. But afterwards I am going to the Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale to buy a new pair of shoes! I know I get freebies from Born, but they don't make New Balance so I have no choice! I don't know if I will have a chance to blog from San Francisco. I am so worn out that I am planning to disconnect from as much as possible while I am there, which should include computers. I'll be back on the 24th, and will resume the blogging then. However, if I run into an internet cafe, I may not resist the urge to update you on my vacation fun, so feel free to check back periodically. (Yeah, I think our hotel has free internet access, so I'll probably blog.)

It's going to be 65 degrees in San Francisco next week! Thank goodness! Everyone try and stay cool and I will check in when I can!!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Event Planning is Hard

I'll quit referring to the "event" next year as an "event" and call it what it is...I'm getting married next year! You know what's hard about planning a wedding? Getting everything coordinated! I had no idea! We're still getting the ceremony and reception site coordinated...and I think we're finally getting that done but I won't know for sure until August 4th when we see the site. It wasn't my original choice, but the more I learn about this place, the more excited I get about it! We've had to move the date, but that's TBA. I won't say anythign for sure until we have everything nailed down. Last night my cousin Chris was up from Houston. He's a photographer and will probably be doing the wedding, and I am super excited about that! :) We had a fun dinner and it's always so good to see him!

Today was moving day at work. Everything is really chaotic. At least I have a computer...I don't have my phone hooked back up so it's pretty quiet right now. I should rejoice, right?

That's it for now. Have a great day!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Things That Make Me Happy

In no particular order!!!

1. My Family
2. David
3. My cats
4. MAC
5. Flowers-especially gerbera daisies
6. The color pink
7. Silly emails from my friends
8. Chocolate
9. Pictures from my vacations
10. Hugs
11. Friends
12. Shopping
13. Bubble baths
14. Strawberries
15. The smell of vanilla

What things make you feel happy?

The Downhill Slope

Just seven more days until vacation! I am so ready...I really need it! It's been over a year now since I went anywhere, so I am one ready girl! I have to borrow Angela's suitcase this week...the same one that went to Paris with me. :) San Francisco, here we come!

It was a fairly uneventful weekend. David got home around 7:30 Friday night and we grilled chicken and relaxed. Saturday we went to a BBQ at Jessica's house (Thanks Jess! We had a really good time!). We got home fairly early and David was exhausted. He was in bed and asleep by 9:30. Not me! I was watching Paula Dean's European Vacation. She went to London and Paris, so I watched to see places I recognized. All day Sunday David's allergies were in full attack. His brother stopped by for a bit to pick up a computer part from David, but he didn't stay long since David wasn't up for a lot of company. The rest of the evening was spent watching the Gray's Anatomy DVDs for season one and eating pizza. David is supposed to call and make an appointment with the allergist today. (He's going to call the one I used to work for-they're really good!)

Other than all that, no big news. Joseph had a birthday on Saturday, so happy birthday my friend! (I called him on his birthday, don't worry everyone!)

I hope you all have a good Monday!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Remembering Our Friends In London

It was one year ago today that the bombing on the Tube lines in London occurred. I was there just a month before, so when it happened I felt a little shaken up. I had just been there and everything was could this be? So many people were injured or killed. If you can, please take a moment and send the people of London a prayer...they need to know that we're with them. Also, take a moment and read "Rachel in North London". Her blog link is on the right side of this page. She is a survivor and very active in victim's rights. She writes a very intelligent blog. Go back and read the entries from after 7/7 last year. Her recounting of the incident is moving.

In much less somber news, David comes back tonight. Yay! I missed him, although I entertained myself all evening by playing The Sims. It was a quiet evening and it was nice. Tonight we are taking it easy, and tomorrow night we're going to a BBQ at Jessica's house. (I must remember to bring soda!!) Oh, and 10 more days until I leave for San Francisco!! If you have some good restaurant suggestions, please let me know!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

(Mom and Dad, you have 24 more days until your 37th wedding anniversary!!)

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Oh Baby!

Jessica brought her baby by the office yesterday...hello to one of cutest babies ever!! Oh, he was a good baby, and he smiled alot and made cute faces! Babies are so sweet...especially when you can give them back and not have to be responsible for them. :) But boy, little Devin sure is a cutie!

I was going to Grampa's for dinner last night, but the rain kept me on my side of town. That was some heavy rain! When I got to the apartment, the creek was really high and moving very fast. We sure do need that rain!

I really don't have much news. David left this morning on business but will be nack tomorrow evening. We're going to lay low except for a BBQ we're going to on Saturday night. And we leave for San Fran in 11 days!!

Everyone have a great day!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Back to Regular Schedule

It's the end of all the short weeks for a while. Oh, except that I leave for San Francisco in 12 days! My last vacation was to Paris, and that's been over a year ago now so I am ready for a getaway. We're doing on the cheap, so we're flying on David's 2 free Rapid Rewards tickets, staying at a hotel so inexpensive I am not mentioning the name, and renting a Ford Focus. But we're going to have a great time and I can hardly wait!

We had a great weekend. Saturday David grilled dinner for my parents and we had a great time. Sunday we saw Superman and relaxed. Monday I work for a few hours and then we went to Angela's for a really fun pool party (stayed until midnight!!), and yesterday we spent the afternoon with David's family. We didn't get to swim, but that's okay...we needed the rain! So now we're back to the grind. David is going to go to dinner with me and Grampa tonight, and then he leaves tomorrow for Amarillo/Lubbock. He's coming back Friday, so it's a short trip.

I am working hard to get into my WW mindset. I've had a hard time and just can't get into my groove. However, I am going to start working with a trainer again. I am a member of the gym here at the office, and we have trainers here that are a lot less expensive. I miss Jacqueline but she was a little out of my price range for everything I am working to save up for. So I will have a new trainer. Her name is Euriah, and I really like her. I think she is going to be a bit of a drill sergeant, but I told her that I need that. She seems to be eager to work with me, too, so I think we're going to be back on the road to success. Once I am in my groove with my workouts, I think it will be easier for everything else to fall into place.

So that's it for now. I hope everyone had a great 4th of July!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Superman? Super Awesome!

We went to see Superman Returns this weekend, and I really liked it! I highly recommend it. If you stay to watch the credits, you'll see that they dedicated to movie to Christopher and Dana Reeves. Classy touch I think. Go see'll enjoy it! (And they clearly left it open for more movies to follow!)

We bought curtains this weekend. The apartment looks so good, too! It looks like a real home! :) (Curtains really make a big difference!) David cooked dinner for my parents Saturday night, too. I love that my family likes him so much and that he likes my family right back! :)

Today we are supposed to go to Angela's for a pool party. It's overcast and rainy right now (we've been in a bit of a drought and it picks now to start raining?). I am hoping it will clear up so we can hit the pool, but if not we'll have fun visiting with everyone indoors! :)

Everyone have a safe holiday!!