Monday, March 31, 2008

Sheer Disappointment

I attended the county Democratic convention on Saturday. I won't say as much as I would like because there isn't much to say that's positive. I arrived at 8:45 am only to find myself waiting until 1:30pm to even get signed in. Absolutely no organization at all. I ended up leave early, and I was mad driving all the way back home. I don't want to go much further with that, but I can only say that right now I won't ever plan to attend another one. There HAS to be a better way.

I did attend six art shops/galleries Saturday night for my Humanities assignment. Some were interesting, some were total crap. (In my inexperienced eye!) But David and I also celebrated being married exactly six months Saturday night. We drove by the church and then drove by the reception site, where another wedding reception was taking place. It's so much fun to think back on the night and remember how much fun it was for us. I always wish I could experience it once more...and I wouldn't change a thing. Oh, except that my husband wouldn't forget me at the church. (He rode with a groomsman to the reception...thank God for mom and dad!!) I was mad at the moment, but it's really funny now and we laugh about it. :)

So it was a good weekend. I am very tired this morning, but I have to shake it off...plenty to do today for sure!!

Friday, March 28, 2008


It's been a while since I've blogged...sorry for the vacation. It's been really busy, and I feel like I am going in about twelve different directions. I'm kind of at the point where I feel like I am so busy doing things for everyone else that somewhere in all this I have managed to forget to take care of myself. And on top of that, I have the Democratic Convention tomorrow from 9-5 (registration begins at 8am...ugh!) and then the Forth Worth Spring Gallery Night, which I have to attend for my Humanities class. Somehow I have to hit 6 galleries between 5-9pm. I have to pick 3 pieces of art to analyze and observe the crowd. Then I have to have a paper written about this to turn in for class on Wednesday. Oh, and it's my 6 month "anniversary" of my wedding, but there's no time for a date. I'm just drained. Sunday needs to be spent writing my paper, so my whole weekend is just shot. Sorry for the rambling bitch session...I'm just tired and can't seem to feel rested or refreshed.

I think I'm going to end the post before I scare everyone else away. I hope everyone has a good weekend!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring Storms

I know technically it's not spring yet, but we had some crazy storms yesterday! Tons of rain, thunder and lightening...not to mention high winds. Crazy stuff! And it was cold rain, too...I don't like that stuff! I don't know where any of my umbrellas are (David!!) so I got soaked running to and from the car. Ugh!

David was probably one of the few people who managed to fly out yesterday morning. He flew to Lubbock and comes home today. Yay! I have school tonight, but I'll get to see him for a little big between work and school. I'm looking forward to that!

Rich's interview is this afternoon. I think he's going to do really well. It's a team interview, so I'll be in there. The whole team here is really pulling for him, so I think it should go fine. as long as he's relaxed and is just himself, he should nail it.

My team is going to lunch at PF Chang's today. I haven't eaten there in a little while, so I am looking forward to that, too. They have wonderful lettuce wraps! I don't know what I am going to have for lunch...maybe I should start reviewing the menu takes me so long to decide sometimes!

That's really about it for today. Everyone send Rich good vibes at 2pm!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Good Sleeping Weather

It is so overcast and gloomy today...I feel like I would be better off in bed today, snuggled up with the kitties and napping. It's the perfect sleeping weather.

I don't think I have any news...David is out of town, but he'll be back tomorrow. Oh, I do have news!! I got the midsemester grade report yesterday, and it looks like I have an A in my Humanities class! This is the class that has been so challenging for me, and I think I am doing very well! I'm feeling so very proud of myself right now. :)

Okay, that's officially all the news I have right now. I hope everyone else is having a wonderful week so far!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Movie Reviews and Birthday Fun

I saw Juno last night, and I really loved it! If you haven't seen it, it's not just some teenage pregnancy's actually a very smart movie with really witty dialogue. I laughed and's totally going to be a movie I will be buying when it comes to DVD.

So today is actually one of my co-workers birthday. She LOVES her birthday so we've made a big fuss...and a BIG mess in her cube. She loves Elvis, so we decorated with a "Blue Hawaii" theme and put a big sparkly palm tree, a balloon shaped like the sun, and tons of confetti and Elvis pictures in her cube. She's going to love it! I made a yellow cake with chocolate icing for her, too...that's what I'm really excited about. :)

Tonight I am meeting Kim and Mia for a workout at 24 Hour Fitness. There is a "Zumba" class we're going to try out. It's some kind of crazy Latin/salsa/exercise class. This is either going to be awesome or we'll make major fools of ourselves. Either way it will be fun. With the three of us there, we can't go wrong!

Saturday night we're having a girls' night out. I have been bragging about Fireside Pies for a while, so we're going there for dinner. If you haven't eater there, you absolutely must! It's probably the best pizza/salad I have had in ages! This place has great drinks and wonderful service, too, so I am a fan! (David and I ate there twice in one week we like it so much!) So go there. You have to! (

The great news is that Christy's husband, Rich, has a second interview scheduled for next week up here. Send good vibes for him...he'd be perfect for the job!!!!!

I think that's all my news for today. I'm glad it's Thursday. David comes home tomorrow, and then leaves again Saturday and comes home Sunday. But he's here most of next week, so that's good. :) I don't mind his travel, but it's always nice when he comes home. The cats miss him when he's away, too. We're a crazy little family with furry children, and that's working for us!

Oh, and a shout-out to Shumpy, who has added me to his list of noteworthy blogs! I promise to try and live as interesting a life as possible so that I make a good read! :)

Have a great Thursday everyone!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Time Change, How I Hate Thee

Man, this is the time change that just sucks the life out of me. It's so hard to get going in the morning, and I feel like I am just dragging all day long. I manage to get up early because I worry about oversleeping, but once I am at my desk at work, I feel like a zombie. I see that I am not the only one feeling this way...there are other zombies in the hallway, and we just sort of grunt our good mornings to one another. Maybe we'll all be fairly functional by spring.

I had a really nice weekend. I even worked out! David and I spent the weekend going to the gym and going to look at plants for our patio. We know for sure we're getting a lime tree and a dwarf peach tree. Both are good for our patio and will bear fruit - YUM! We also spent time looking at washers and dryers. We found what we want so we're just waiting for my bonus next month. I can't wait to own a washer and dryer that no one else has ever owned! Wow...I guess I really am grown up now! (We even own a Dyson vacuum, and I love that thing!)

On the 29th of this month we will be married 6 months. I can't believe it! I would love to go back and enjoy that day just one more time! It was so wonderful! We laugh now that David forgot me at the church after catching a ride with one of his groomsmen to the reception. Not so funny at the time, but definitely a riot now! (My parents were still there, but we were the only three people left at the church!) I lost my special wedding shoes, which actually turned up at church a month or so ago. Lots of funny stories, and one really amazing wedding day. :) We're waiting for the pictures we ordered to come in, and I will post some here. And if anyone who reads this has any pics from our wedding that you haven't shared, I would LOVE to see them! It's still fun to relive that day in my mind.

So that's it for now. I hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Blizzard! (Sort Of)

Yeah, we got hit hard with quite a snow storm! ( I have pics to post, just haven't uploaded them off the camera just yet.) My office closed at 12:30, so I headed home and changed clothes and went to the store. It was snowing these amazingly HUGE snowflakes! It was like being in a snow globe...I loved it! And of course, David is gone and Mom and Dad were out of town, so I had no one to share the wintry fun with. I was supposed to have dinner with Christy, but we thought it might not be a good idea because of the weather. :( So I went back and forth between houses to check on kitties and make sure everyone was cozy. The weather forecasters kept telling us we were in for more snow and freezing temperatures, so I stayed up late watching TV. Was I a bit upset to find out this morning that none of that happened and I had to go to work? Oh yes I was! I had to drag my tired a** out of bed and get ready for work. At least today is a jeans day and I could wear jeans and my warm Born boots! :)

So both my parents and David are coming home today. I get to pick up David from the airport around 4:30, so please send out good thoughts that his flight arrives on time and doesn't get cancelled or something like that. I haven't seen him since Monday and I am missing him terribly! Everyone stay warm today and have a great Friday!!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

More Snow??

We are getting weather predictions of more snow for tonight and into tomorrow morning! I think our weather got very confused. I'm not really holding my breath that we'll get enough of anything to keep us home tomorrow, though. Usually when the weather forecasters start to get this excited, it turns out to be mild and we don't see much of anything. But I wouldn't be too sad if we had a delayed opening or a snow day! We didn't get one this year, and I would love to have a free day! I'd sleep in, make myself breakfast, and lounge! But I don't want the snow to last all day...David flies in tomorrow night and I'd like to be able to pick him up when he gets here!

Nothing new to report. Next week is Spring Break, so no school for me all week, and I don't mind a break! I am trying to decide how many classes to take in the fall. The two I took this semester have kept me pretty busy, so I don't think taking three classes would be a good idea. But I am still mulling it over. I am waiting to hear back from my advisor to see what she thinks.

I think that's it for today. I am a very sleepy girl. I stopped at Mom and Dad's after school to visit for a short time, but ended up staying later than I planned. So now I am sleepy and ready for a big fat nap!

Everyone have a wonderful day today!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

How Did This Happen??

So I was a good citizen and voted tonight in the Primary and Caucus. I really wanted to see just what a caucus was and how it works. Not only do I now know, but I am also now a Democratic delegate to the county convention at the end of the month. Crazy! I'm excited about's pretty cool to be part of this. Now I just need to find out more about what my responsibility is!!

Christy's husband interviewed at my office today, and I think he did very well. That's cool, too...he's a hard worker and a really nice guy. It's a good job, so I am keeping my fingers crossed for him. :)

So other than a long day at work and a very long night at the polling precinct, I am tired. And now I need to do some reading for school tomorrow night. Ugh! The busy schedule of a delegate!!

Monday, March 03, 2008

What Is Going On Here??

Snow? In Texas? In March?? Oh yes, my friends...we're having a weird winter storm. And of course, David has to fly out tonight. His flight was originally scheduled for 6:40pm, and now at 9:25pm, I just got a text from him telling me he is in the air and on his way. I didn't want to tell him, but for some reason, my stomach is full of butterflies about him flying in this weather. I won't feel better until I hear from him. I am sure he'll be fine, but I will worry until I know he's on the ground. It's only an hour flight, but it's going to feel like a long hour.

Of course, there is no good TV on to distract me. I have been chatting via text with some of the girls from work, but I need a distraction and since I am behind on my blogging, here I am.

We had a nice weekend. Friday night we celebrated being married five months. David grilled a delicious dinner, and we sat and talked and had a lovely weekend. Saturday was school, and that evening we had dinner with my parents and Grampa and his partner (I don't know what to call her!) Ann. We got home around 8:30 and David was tired so he went to bed shortly after that. I stayed up and watched movies on TV since I was very awake. I did end up falling asleep on the couch, so I didn't sleep well. Sunday was full of grocery shopping. We also had lunch with Rich and Christy. Rich has an interview at my office tomorrow so I was giving him some helpful tips. I think he's going to do well, and he's a perfect match for the job. :) Sunday night David made dinner for me again (grilled fillet Mignon!) and we had another wonderful evening. I have been spoiled...he hasn't had long travel since before the Christmas holidays, so I am missing him tonight. It's going to be a lonely week without him.

So to all my Texas friends, I hope you get out and vote in the primaries tomorrow. And don't forget the caucus! No political messages here, please...I just wanted to remind everyone to get out and vote!!

I am going to fold some laundry. I'll update to let everyone know David made it okay!
Update: Of course, he made it just fine!! :)