Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Second Wedding Anniversary!

It's our second wedding anniversary today! I keep looking at the clock and thinking about what I was doing two years ago. It was such a great day and I enjoyed every moment so much. It's been a wonderful two years, and I look forward to so many more! :) I always wish everyone could have the happiness that we have, so if you are wondering if it's out there, it is! You just have to be patient, be picky, and live your life just for you...you'll find it when you least expect it!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Remembering My Gran

Four years ago today I lost my grandmother, and I think of her so often and still miss her just as much. I wish she could have been here for so many things...my wedding, my successes with school, talking about traveling, and just getting to be with her. I like to think she was waiting for Cleo, and now they take care of each other until the day I get to see them both again.

So much has happened in four years, and I just miss her every day. I think that with someone people, we never really get over them being gone, we just get used it.

I miss you, Gran, and I love you so much!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Great Day

Today has been wonderful! I took today off form work, so I was able to get up and go to my sister-in-law's 24Lift class at the gym. Can I just say how wonderful Lea Anne is? She is so encouraging and motivating! That was a tough class and I was able to keep up with most of it, but I must say I am one very sore girl this evening! (That's a good thing, though!) Afterwards, I went home and showered and Mom and Dad picked me up and took me to the Dean's List reception at school. Both Anne and I were on the 4.0 list, so it was a big deal for us! After that, I had lunch with Mom and Dad (yummy fajitas!) and then came home and took a nice long nap. It sure felt good! I wish David could have been here, but he had to travel to Austin today for work. However, when we spoke this evening, he said I sounded better and more rested than I had in weeks, and I feel better! I spent my evening studying and watching Biggest Loser. I love that show! It's so motivating, and there are a couple of girls on there that I can really identify with. I've lost 65.8 pounds, and I'm not stopping now!

Somehow I have to find a way to get to the gym tomorrow - my muscles are sore but I'm going to push through. I'm determined to get stronger and healthier. It's my mission!

So it's been a really great day. I hope everyone else has had a wonderful day, too!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekend Recap

So it was a very busy weekend, with homework, tests, and the Cowboys losing. Ugh. We don't need to recap THAT part. But I got my history homework finished and turned in, studied for and took my history mid-term (it's not the middle of the therm!!) Sunday, and now I am prepping for my Crisis Intervention test on Wednesday. Whew!

The cool part of this week? I am off tomorrow to attend my Dean's List Reception up at school! It's nice that Dad finally gets to come, and my friend Anne made the list so once again, the dynamic duo get their certificates! And this time we get the 4.0 designation! Yay!! Hard work pays off! I am working my butt off this semester...I have to make two As and a B at the least to stay on the list. History is a challenge, and we'll see how things sit after the Crisis test!

I am still feeling good about the weight loss from last week. Amazing! Now I am feeling re-energized and recommitted! I didn't get up this morning to work out, but I am going right to the gym after work and not stopping home first. I did that last Friday and it worked out fine, so on those mornings when I just can't get up, I can do it in the evenings and not miss a workout. I am usually tired in the evenings, but I am going to push through and get it done! I am down 65.8 pounds and I'm not stopping now! I have a long way to go, but I sure have come a long way so far! I bought some clothes for the December cruise in a smaller size, so I need to get to it and make sure I can wear them in December! (I'm pretty sure I can do this!)

The one movie I have really wanted to see was Julie and Julia. I found that it's still showing in the theaters, so I am going to take myself at some point. I'm pretty sure David isn't interested, so one of these days I'll find the time! (Who am I kidding? It will be on cable before I get to see it!)

I am looking forward to this weekend! We are going to the Stars game (yes, it's pre-season) on Saturday night courtesy of our friends Jake and Diane. They have season tickets but will be on a cruise, so they gave us their tickets. Cool! And Sunday we are going to the state fair with Brian and Alma, so that should be fun, too. I haven't been there in YEARS! And no, I am NOT eating fried butter! A corn dog? Absolutely! Fried Twinkies/Ding Dongs/Butter/ etc...no thanks! I am totally up for some roasted corn, though! Yum!

On a final note, this week brings with it a sad anniversary for me. My Gran would have been 90 on Tuesday, and the anniversary of her passing is on Wednesday. I can't believe she's been gone for four years. I still miss her so much, and there are so many things I wish I could share with her. It never really gets easier, but I think I've learned to live with her being gone. I feel that way about Cleo, too. I guess I am a very sensitive person and have a hard time letting go of lost loved ones. At least I know I'll see them again some day!

I hope everyone has a peaceful week...sometimes that's just what we need the most.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

How Did That Happen?

After a difficult week full of bad food choices, I lost 4.6 pounds!! Hey, I'll take it! I worked hard at the gym, and now I really feel invigorated and motivated. I think it will be another good week for me. It feels good to be back on track!

It's been a weekend full of homework. I had to finish all my history homework yesterday and then take my online test today. I have a Crisis Intervention test Wednesday and I really need to prepare for that. We don't get to use cheat sheets on the test in junior levels and above, so I need to be doubly prepared for this one. It's all essay, so I am okay with that. :)

I am going to allow myself the rest of the evening to chill. Mom and Dad and Dave's friend Brian are coming over for the game so I need to head into the kitchen to prep some food!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


This week has been rough as far as my weight loss goes. I haven't made very good choices in the last two days, and that just makes it worse. I haven't been sleeping well so I am having trouble getting up to go work out. Now more than ever, I need to get it together. I have a friend that is going to look for me in the gym tomorrow morning. I work with her and we live across the street from each other, so we're going to be policing ourselves tomorrow. If I don't get to the gym, she has my permission to chew me out!

I doubt I will post a loss this week. But I can live with that as long as I get myself back on track right now. I have my lunch packed for tomorrow and I have what I need to make a low fat soup for dinner tomorrow. I have choir rehearsal tomorrow evening, so I will be busy and not wandering around at home being bored. Tomorrow should be a better day.

I think the eating is from stress. I am stressed with school and it's hard to get it all done. I feel like I'm not getting enough sleep, and that's another factor. So I am going to wrap it up and get to bed to get what sleep I can. I am back on it tomorrow! (Pray for strength for me PLEASE!)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Loose For Good!

So part of my frustration with my weight loss plateauing a little is because the WW Lose for Good campaign is underway. For every pound members lose, WW donates money to a couple of charities that make sure kids/families have food. Great cause, and I want to help contribute! So I am going to have to step up the workouts this week for sure!!

You can join the cause by donating food or money to your local food banks. They need the donations badly! You can also visit www.loseforgood.com for more info on what WW is doing to help.

Monday, September 14, 2009


So it's sinking in that I lost .2 pounds. Now, I know it's a loss, and I haven been losing a pound a week the last couple weeks, and that's a good thing, but as hard as I'm working and monitoring what I eat, I am a little frustrated! (I'm okay, people...just venting!) Seriously, .2 pounds? After a 5K? I know that my muscles had been engaged for a while and that can cause them to absorb water and pump up blood flow, but I'm ready for the scale to move a little bit! I am going to be extra cautious this week with what I eat and really try and be focused. I am close to busting through a number on the scale that I've been working toward, and it's taking FOREVER to get through it!!

I'll get there, and I'm not giving up, just need some progress here! I know I am building muscle and doing a lot of good for my body, but I like to see changes on the scale, too. My clothes are getting big, my measurements are shrinking, but I need the scale to move!!

Okay, rant over. It's perfect sleeping weather, and I sure wish I was back in bed! (But I was up at 4:30 for my morning workout!!) Have a good Monday everyone!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Another Success

Today I did my second 5K, and managed to finish in 54:41, better than my time of 59:32 for my last one so I am feeling really good about that! I went to WW to weigh in and only lost .2 pounds. It's coming off much slower right now, and sometimes I gets frustrating. However, it is still coming off, so I am not giving up. Slow and steady is winning this race!

It was a very wet 5K, as we did it in the rain. Kim and David did it too, and they finished very well! I'm so proud of all three of us! It's more fun to see your friends when you cross the finish line! My parents and Kim's parents weathered the rain to cheer us on, and it was wonderful! We're going to put together our own team for the Susan Komen on October 17th, so if you want to walk with us, let me know! Everyone is welcome!

It's been a good day. I did my homework and we've relaxed, which is something we have needed. Tomorrow we plan to go to the gym and then settle in for a lazy day of football watching. It's the first regular season game for the Cowboys, so I wouldn't miss it!!

I hope everyone out there is enjoying the day! Stay dry, everyone!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


After a VERY long day yesterday, I got home and found David's friend Bryan had bought Beatles Rockband and they were all set up to jam in the living room! It was almost 10pm already, and I was dead tired, but as soon as they handed me the microphone and I could belt out "Revolution", I was loving it! (Yeah, Dave and I are Beatles fans so this was really cool!) We had a great time, but then it got late and here I am at work and tired. I had promised myself I would be in bed at 9:30 all week, but that hasn't happened once. I've got to do better!

Tonight I have choir rehearsal and I am looking forward to it. And as soon as it's over? I am heading right home and going to bed!! I need to work out in the morning (just a light one...walking on the treadmill) and Saturday morning is the 5K. Beating my previous time of 59:32 shouldn't be too hard since I've been working out and weigh less than the last time. I am able to jog for longer periods of time, so my plan is to start out with a light jog and see how it goes. We all know pavement is different than the treadmill! However I do know this course and it IS flat, unlike the last one! So please send me good vibes for Saturday morning! I'll need them!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Feeling Lively!

I must have slept well last night because I am feeling much more rested today. I think much of this has to do with the fact that I got to stay home and do things around the house last night. We made dinner, did laundry, did homework, watched a little TV together...it was a good night! And something I was in real need of...time at home! Tonight is school night which means it's a long day. We went to the gym this morning, and I'm at work now, but I'll be leaving at 3:20 to head on to school. It helps to have classes I like with professors I adore and respect, and getting to sit in class with my dear friend Anne helps, too! (Wish we had more time to hang out!) So I feel bubblier and more awake today, too.

Another part of this comes from a conversation I had at the gym this morning. My friend, Knox, is the gentleman who is my self-proclaimed cheerleader at the gym. He's a really nice man and always talks to David and me, and is always interested in knowing how my weight loss is going. He tells me about people at the gym who have lost large amounts of weight and is a great encourager. He also teaches business classes at TCC, and says he's talked about me to his classes when he covers motivation and drive for success. Today he asked me if I might consider speaking to his classes toward the end of the semester about how I set goals and work to achieve them. I told him I'd have to think about it and he said we'd talk more later on, but WOW! Someone would even think of asking me to talk about overcoming hurdles and planning for success! Even if it never comes to pass, I think I will always feel so honored that someone would even approach me about that! If I do this, I have to find a way to overcome my discomfort with public speaking, though! But how cool...I always hope that maybe something I do can inspire success in others. Maybe this is a chance for me to put that in action? Who knows. It will be interesting to see what my future holds! Maybe this is a step towards becoming a Weight Watchers leader? (Something I have thought would be wonderful at some point when I have reached my own goals!)

I guess my wisdom for the day is that you never know who you are inspiring, so keep your own chin up and keep doing what you have to do to reach your own goals!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Worn Out

I do many things during the week, all of them are things I have chosen to do. I have school, which comes with lots of reading and homework, choir which will bring with it more practicing as the semester goes on, and lots of errands and chores. Let's not forget the 5am trips to the gym, too. This past weekend was a holiday weekend so I got an extra day that I was very grateful for! But my weekend was still such a blur. (But it was a good one, don't get me wrong!) Next weekend, there are very few things on the agenda, and I am working to keep it that way. I am running (ha-more like jogging/walking) my next 5K on Saturday, and I am looking forward to it. Other than that there isn't much planned. I really need to keep it that way. The house is a mess and I need to clean. When home is messy everything else feels so chaotic to me. I am going to make a promise to myself to be in bed by 9:30 this week to help my energy level. I have been so tired by the time Friday rolls around! I even had to cancel plans on Saturday night because I was so beat. This is the beginning of the 3rd week of school, so it's time for me to be settling into my schedule. This is the first time I have taken on 9 hours of school while working full time, and I think that has a lot to do with it. But I'll get it all under control...it's just taking me a little time.

I think it's time to get a good multi-vitamin!

Friday, September 04, 2009

Words Just Don't Convey...

Last night was purely magical for me. Sitting in the TCC Community Choir and getting to be with choir directors who helped shape me into the person I am now...wow! Spending time with Cherrie Townsend, Marilyn Derrett, and Bobbie Douglas was as awesome for me as it might be for someone to meet their most favorite rock star or actor. These women are amazing and strong and tough and wonderful. And I have the privilege of singing under their direction again! When Cherrie directed us through a song last night, I was almost moved to tears. Seriously, I know anyone else reading this will think I am crazy...but really I'm not. I'm moved by the opportunity to be associated again with women who were my mentors and helped me to learn to accept nothing but my person best from myself, and to be disciplined and to put my heart and soul into something I believe in. There's more to singing in a choir than just singing. It's a community of musicians who come together and bond through a love of music, but it's also teamwork and learning to work together. It's about connecting with something bigger than you are. It's about becoming one and creating something beautiful. It's art, it's energy, it's passion, it's pain, and it's love. Music has always been a powerful thing for me, and I have been blessed to have been part of several phenomenal choirs, but it takes the right director to make all of those things happen. And this is where I have truly been blessed...being under the direction of women who are masters of their craft.

I hope there in something in your life that brings this much joy to you. If you don't know what it is, seek out your passion! Find the thing that brings you pure happiness! You'll never be sorry that you did!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009


It's late so I am keeping this short. It's been a busy week so far. I woke up this morning and my low back hurt so I didn't get to the gym today. I got a massage and it's feeling better, so along with some Alleve I think I am fine. Hopefully I can get on the treadmill in the morning! I can't just not work out!!

I am tired and tomorrow is my long day with school. I stayed home tonight to read and get caught up with all that. I still have plenty to do, but not much week left with everything on my plate. However, I am really looking forward to choir on Thursday, and especially since my dearest Bryan is coming up from Austin!! He's my choir soul mate (you have to be a choir geek to really get that) and he's coming up and going with me to rehearsal. Then we're going out to dinner to catch up. He is thinking he may want to go out while he's in town (he's here through the weekend) so we'll see what he wants to do and when. David and I are going to Craig's birthday party Friday and that's going to be a blast! :) I am so glad it's a long weekend!!

Anyhow, I am off to bed. Good night!