Monday, November 27, 2006

Back at Work...and Not Loving It

I wish I was still at home in bed. It really stinks having to come back to work after being off for a week. It was a good vacation. Very busy! I didn't get everything done that I needed to, but it was still productive.

This week is going to be spent catching up at work and cleaning at home. I have a feeling that the holidays are going to fly by!

I haven't done well with my eating over the holiday, so I have really got to get with it. It's good to be back at work for that's easier to stay on my routine when I am here. Besides, we had to have Thanksgiving for two days and that's tough!

I hope everyone had a good holiday!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Hello From Vacationville!

Yes, it's nice to be off work! I am off this whole week and really enjoying spending time with David. We haven't had a lot of time together over the last 6-8 weeks, so we're happy! David took me on a date last night to dinner and to see Casino Royale. I actually liked this one! It was a good Bond film. We ate at the Indigo Grill at the Metro Theater in Colleyville. A little pricey, but the food was good. We also went to Target yesterday and bought our Christmas stockings and a few Christmassy things. Today we are going to clean the apartment thoroughly and then take an inventory of ornaments and lights to see if we need to get anything else. We have tog et to the grocery store today, too, as we have a good bit of holiday cooking to do tomorrow. Thursday is "turkey day" (also known as Dad's birthday!!) and we want to make sure we have everything done in plenty of time.

So that's about it. We've had fun relaxing and today we're going to be productive. I hope everyone has a great day!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

What Did The Scale Say Today?

It says I LOST 2 pounds!!! This makes a total of 10.6 pounds that aren't coming to the wedding!

Whew...I thought I was going to gain! Thanks again for another week of support from everyone! I can't do it alone! :)

Just A Number

I know the scale just represents a number for most people. For me, it represents progress, discipline, and hard work. However, I am scared that today it may represent extra water weight. Many of you know how personally I take a gain of any kind, so I am very nervous that my body hasn't cooperated with me even though I have done a good job of eating carefully. I thought about using a pass and not getting on the scale today, but that's the first step in just plain chickening out. I refuse to do that, so on the scale I will go at 11am today. I am very nervous, but I'll be fine no matter what.

I can't believe that Thanksgiving is one week from today! The holidays truly are upon us now. Next weekend we'll be putting up the tree and decorating. David and I were talking about how both of us are really starting to feel the holiday spirit, which I haven't truly felt in a few years. It's nice to be excited about the holidays again.

So that's it for now. I'll be posting around noon to let everyone know what my body decided to do this week!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Our Very First!

David called to tell me that we got our very first wedding gift! He is in Austin staying with his very good friends, Joe and Pascha. They bought us a lovely picture frame, and I can't wait to have a good picture to put into it! It was so exciting to me...I got off the phone and felt a little silly, as my eyes misted up just a bit. How sweet of them! I have already written a thank you note, and now I just need to get their address!

I don't kow about the rest of you, but with the high winds we're having, I am feeling kind of crummy. Lots of drainage and coughing. I am supposed to have dinner with Grampa tonight, but if this doesn't clear up soon I may call to reschedule. I'm no fun when I am feeling under the weather!

I get to go shopping! David's former step-daughter, with whom he has more of a father-daughter relationship, has a birthday this weekend. I am going to put together a birthday box to send to her (she just move to California). I thought a Gap or Old Navy gift card, some bath goodies, and a small box of Godiva chocolates would be ideal. I'll pack them in colored packing and confetti and send it on it's way! I like shopping for fun things like that! :) My big dilemma is deciding where to buy the bath stuff...Bath and Body Works or Sephora? Probably Sephora. How fun!

That's it for today. I hope everyone has a great Wednesday! :)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Oh Lordy, That Was Some Good Eating!

David and I had dinner with one of the execs from Born. We met for dinner at Kirby's, and I forgot just how good that place is! We started with drinks and then got our table. We had appetizers of fried pickles (that was Ron's choice...crazy out-of-towner!) and a crab cake that was beyond phenomenal! (David and I ate that!) We moved on to salads, and I had a tomato and blue cheese salad that I could barely eat half of. Then came the main course...a 22oz porterhouse. Wait-I ordered the grilled pork chop! So while the gents ate their steaks (I told them not to wait!) I was apologized to many times and finally got my pork chop. It was amazing, but by that time my food had settled and I was already very full. Since both of the men were hitting the road today, they insisted on boxing up the leftovers and sending them home with me. No problem there! So I have some very tasty treats in the fridge for this week while David is finishing the last of the heavy travel. I dropped him off at the airport this morning, and he's off to Austin. One nice thing about this leg of the trip is that tonight and tomorrow night he is staying with a very good friend of his in Austin, so he doesn't have to be stuck in a hotel (or have to pay for a hotel!).

Tonight I am having dinner with my very good friend, Wendy. I get to share all my wedding planning stuff and show her pictures of my dress and lots of fun stuff, so I will be in wedding heaven! :)

Also, don't forget to vote for Emmit Smith tonight on Dancing with the Stars! He's done a great job and is a worthy opponent!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Countown to the Holidays

Wow...can you believe Thanksgiving is next week? I am excited because I am taking next week off. I haven't seen much of David and he'll be done with his travel on Saturday, so we'll have a whole week together next week! :) He came hone yesterday afternoon from Denver and leaves tomorrow morning for south Texas. Today, one of his colleagues is in town and they will be visiting the Macy's stores. The cool part is that tonight his colleague is taking BOTH of us to dinner at Kirby's Steakhouse tonight. YUM! My plan for not blowing my WW plan tonight is to have the grilled salmon (no butter!) and steamed asparagus and a tomato salad. I should be just fine! :)

It was a busy weekend! I hostessed a jewlery party Saturday and spent time with Angela Saturday evening. Sunday I went to church and then out to lunch with mom and dad. Friday night I was going to see Marie Antoinette, but after eating dinner with Dima and Joseph, I was way too sleepy for a 10:15 movie. How lame am I? Ugh!

So anyhow, I am working out after work and thenr ushing home. I want to run and get a dress so I can look nice tonight...I hope I have time since dinner is at 7:30!

I hope everyone has a good Monday! :)

Friday, November 10, 2006

What Can Be Better Than A Friday?

I am so glad the weekend is here! It's been a busy week and I am ready to have some fun! I am going to the movies with Joseph and Dima tonight. We're going to grab some dinner and then go see Marie Antoinette. I haven't seen a movie in ages, and I am looking forward to going.

I slept better than I have in a long time last night...I put myself to bed at a decent time and woke up refreshed at 5am. So I got up, scooped the kitty boxes, showered and dressed, and even had time to get gas before picking up friend Leah that I carpool with. Go me! I am sure i will be tired early because of it, but that's OK.

Christy is trimming my hair and giving mom a perm tomorrow morning. Oh, HUGE news! Christy's mom had her mastectomy Tuesday and it went very well. She was in surgery for 13 hours, and they removed the breast and some lymph nodes. The lymph nodes were totally clean (no cancer!) so Pam won't even have to have chemo or radiation! They went ahead and did her reconstructive work as well, so she is done and on the road to a full recovery. So big thank yous to all who said a prayer for her. :)

David is doing well on the road. He's had some elevation sickness, but he is better this morning and ready to get to the stores and host his Born event. He's doing very well and still #1 in the company! I'm so very proud. :)

That's it for today. Everyone have a great Friday!

Thursday, November 09, 2006


I lost another 4 pounds for a total of 8.6 pounds gone now! :)

Yes, it's true...I rock. ;)

Seriously, thanks to everyone for the support! You guys are the best!

It's That Day Again

It's weigh-in day again! I am nervous, as usual, but optimistic. The problem may be that I may be retaining some water, so if the scale is cruel today, I know I did everything I could to make smart choices this week and it's nature, not me! So please send me skinny vibes at 11am today.

Mom picked up more paper for me to work on my tent cards. I plan to work on those tonight. It's really soothing to do that. Gives me an activity and I feel like I am making progress toward getting stuff done.

David spent the night at the Stanley Hotel in Colorado last night. Not familiar with that hotel? It's where "The Shining" was filmed. It's also supposed to be one of the most haunted hotels in the US. He was looking forward to it, but it creeped me out to think about it! I had a weird experience last night, too. I always watch channel 5 in the morning when I am getting ready for work. When I got home last night (around 9:30) I turned on the TV and went right to the DVR function, not changing the channel. When I got done watching a recorded show, I went back to the TV and it was on channel 65. That's the sci-fi channel, and the show on was "Ghost Hunters", and they were at the Stanley Hotel! They showed a couple of things that really creeped me out, so I called David and left him a message to call me. Seriously, I'm sure there is a perfectly good explanation for this, but it really did make it hard to go to sleep! (Especially with the cats making noises in the other room...spooky!)

Tonight I am making myself some dinner and then making tent cards. Exciting, right? I'm going to pop in a movie and relax...I need a little down time! Everyone have a good Thursday!

Oh, and I will report in when I get back from WW...the big news will be posted at noon! :)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A New Day For Congress

So the Democrats did it...but now they have to really get down to business. What I really wish is that all the crappy political barb-tossing would end and everyone could get down to the business of running the country responsibly. Maybe that will happen. I hope for the best!

One more day until my second weigh-in. I'm having my pre-weigh in jitters again. But I've been good and I know the scale will reflect that. (How's that for positive self-talk?) I'm already 4.6 pounds lighter...I wonder what tomorrow will bring? I'll be happy if it's .5 pounds. As long as it's going the right direction. I'm so focused on a smaller wedding gown size!

Speaking of wedding, I've been working on the table cards for the reception. I'm proud of how they are turning out! I'm not good at the DIY stuff, but this has been fun! I made 10, so I only have to make about 140-150 more! (yikes!)

Tonight I am having dinner with Grampa. He had to get a new transmission for his car. it's only 3-4 years old and has 22K miles on it...does that seem right to you? Yeah, the warranty just ran out on it too. But I think it's already fixed, so he doesn't have to worry about it.

As a little treat for me, David gave me a shoe card for a free pair of shoes. I was going to order some shearling boots for our NY trip next month, but they were $169 and the card is only good up to $130, so I ordered a pair or really great shoes that are lined with shearling and have a great sole for walking. They will keep my feet nice and warm while we watch the skaters in Rockefeller Plaza! I also want to be a total goober and stand outside the window of the Today show and see if we make it on TV! :) David has mentioned a carriage ride in Central Park, and I am looking forward to that, too. It's going to be a short trip, but a fun one! My airline ticket was free and he has hotel points so our room will be free during our stay. It's a cheap trip! :)

That's it for today. I hope everyone has a great Wednesday! :)

Monday, November 06, 2006

Elbow Grease Creates A Need For Muscle Rub

I went over to Kevin's new house Saturday to help paint (along with some of his church friends) and we worked really hard and got lots done! His house is going to really be great, especially when he has the flooring down and all the small details done. It's in a cozy little neighborhood and I am so excited for him. :) It was funny...I dreamed Saturday night that Kevin was engaged to his awesome girlfriend. Was it a premonition of good things to come? Who knows! :)

Speaking of Saturday night, Kim and I went to the Cosmic Cafe. It's good...very tasty stuff! Their bread alone is worth going for! :) However, after a day of painting, I was very tired so dinner was all we were doing. I was home by about 9, and in my jammies asleep before 10:30. I was worn out! (It's nice to go to bed early! I did the same thing Friday night after making dinner for myself and just vegging!)

Sunday morning I wasn't feeling great so I stayed home and rested. David got home around 1pm or so...I was happy to see him! He has to leave again on Tuesday for Denver, and he'll be gone until the following Sunday. After that, he'll have almost no travel for the rest of the year. But we're going to New York in December for a few days! He has a sales meeting, so I am going to fly up and meet him for a few days and we'll see a few sights and enjoy a very Christmassy New York! :)

So that's it for now. Not a lot going on, but it was a very good weekend.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Still A Little High On Life

Yes, I am still floating on air - especially now that I am 4.6 pounds lighter! And Angela lost 4.8 pounds this week! Yes, we are totally "rocking the scale"! (Love that quote - thanks Kim!) It feels good to be on track. Dad took me to my favorite Japanese place for dinner last night (MK Teriyaki is AWESOME!) and I had yummy California rolls and a baked salmon roll. :) We went back to the house and I worked on cleaning out some of my old clothes and stuff that need to go to Goodwill. Joseph invited me out with him and Dima and their friends, but I think I may stay in tonight and relax. I would love a tasty treat from Subway and I have a Netflix movie to watch. Besides, I really need to clean the apartment because I am making breakfast for Mom and Dad tomorrow - homemade blueberry Belgian waffles and turkey bacon! MMMMM! (come know I am going to be good about what I eat! I have a WW recipe for the waffles!)

Tomorrow I am helping paint at Kevin's new house during the day, and then I am meeting Kim for dinner at the Cosmic Cafe. I haven't been there but the menu sounds very yummy (it's a vegetarian restaurant) and I am looking forward to eating somewhere new. David may be coming home late Saturday night, but most likely not. I think he is going to be home Sunday, so I am going to go to church with Mom, Dad, and Grampa, as I haven't been in a long while and I don't mind going at all! :) (And I get to peek at the chapel where we'll be married in 330 days!!) So it's going to be a little busy this weekend, but it's all good. :)

That's it for me. Everyone have a great Friday!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

And The Scale Says...

I lost 4.6 pounds!!!

I'm so proud of myself! It feels good to be on the right track! :)

And one more thing...can I just say how awesome my family and friends are? They are incredibly supportive! I am having more fun with all the congratulatory emails right now!

I just told my Glitteratti Girls that it's 4.6 pounds of me that won't be attending the wedding! :)

It's Weigh-In Day!

Today is the day...weigh-in number one! It's like my own personal confessional...anything I did right or wrong will show up on the scale today. But I checked over everything I ate in the last week (it's ALL written down and accounted for!) and I was very good all week long. I know the scale will be my friend today. I've exercised and drank all my water, ate lots of veggies and cut out unhealthy snacks. The question now much did I lose?

Stay tuned! The results will be posted by 12:30pm today!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Day-Before Jitters

As good as I have been all week, for some reason I have a lot of anxiety about my weigh-in tomorrow. What if I wasn't as good as I thought I was? What if somehow I tracked all my points wrong? Even though both of those statements aren't true, I am so nervous about weighing in. I hope it goes well. Even losing a pound would be wonderful! :) Poor Kim has had to soothe me today about all this. I am a basket of nerves!

It's been a busy day here at work. I am ready for 4pm to get here so I can go to Grampa's and have my martini!! David will be joining me tonight, too, so we'll have a good time. David has to get packed up to head down to Houston tomorrow. He'll be gone until Sunday, so I am making breakfast for mom and dad on Saturday. I am also going to head over to help Kevin paint his new house! He's having a work day to come and help, and I owe him for all the times he has helped me move or fixed my computer, so now I can start the payback process. :) Besides, work is much more fun when you have your friends there to help!

So that's the scoop for today. Not much new really. Just a lot of the usual, which isn't too bad. I hope everyone has a great Wednesday!