Friday, June 22, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me

Yep, it's my birthday...I'm 35. I think I feel old.

My 12 year old cousin, Ashley, asked me last night if I enjoy "modern ice cream". What?? I asked her what she meant, and she proceeded to explain to me that when I was born there were only a couple of flavors of ice cream. Seriously, this is what she thought. I told her there were at least 31 flavors. (Hey, we lived close to a Baskin Robins!)


Anyhow, happy Friday to all! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I Have an Unusual Problem!

Well, I've got my dress!! I've tried it on, and all my worry about not looking pretty went out the window! I love my dress, and I love me in the dress! The only problem? This is the first time in my life something was too big in the bust! We have to have the bust brought in...a lot! :) No worries! My very dear friend, Wendy, is going to do my alterations. (She actually really wrote the book on wedding dress alterations for a major department store!) So I am very excited! I have the dress here at home because David is out of town and won't see it. I'll take it to Mom's on Friday before David gets home...I want the dress to be a surprise! I have pics of the dress on my cell phone, but I will wait until Wendy emails me the pictures she took...they will look much better! Once I have them, I will be happy to share!

So it's been a lovely evening. Mom and Dad came to the fitting, and I think they really love my dress. It's beautiful, and doesn't look like every other dress out there. And it's all mine!!

I own the dress I'll become a married woman in...weird!

Wear Your Stretchy Pants to the Reception!

Oh, we are going to have some very yummy food to eat! We had our menu tasting last night, and the food is amazing! We have all kinds of munchies, carved roast beef, salmon, shrimp, mashed potatoes, and some awesome appetizers! We've laid out the room arrangement, figured out how we're exiting the reception (very stylishly, I might add!), and now we just have to decide on favors and whether or not to throw bird seed or rose petals. I'm on a wedding high!!

At 5pm today I will go try on my wedding dress for the first time. I feel nervous...I hope I look pretty! I've struggled with WW (still plugging away with it, though!) and I was hoping to be a little smaller, but it's ok. My dress will still fit. I just want David to think I look like a princess. (I hope that's not too vain...I just want him to think I look beautiful!) I'll take pictures, and if anyone wants to see, you can email me and I will share. I just can't post here, as my future husband stops by the blog from time to time. :)

I had a massage during lunch today! It was my treat to myself, as my birthday is on Friday!! :) I got a funny shock yesterday...David has a step-daughter, Dara, from a previous marriage. She is 4 1/2 months pregnant (and she's only 19 and her husband is shipping out to Iraq in July!!). David has remained close to her, and he is the only father she has really known. So essentially, David is a sort of "Step" grandfather. In a crazy universe, that makes me a step-grandma! It's a bit of a stretch, but we've had a good laugh out of it! I do need to make it clear that the first person to call me "Grandma" gets a knuckle sandwich.

So that's my news! I'll let you all know how the fitting goes! Wish me luck!

UPDATE: Kim made a good point...David's step-daughter wasn't the shock...I already knew her and I think she's adorable! :) We're bummed because her due date is September 29th. :( She can't come to the wedding!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

99 Days

Wow! 99 days until the wedding! Where does the time go??

Tonight we are going to the menu tasting to decide about the food for the reception. I have been looking forward to this!! We have a list of things to chow on, and we're going to have such a great time! Our coordinator is a doll, and she is going to make this so much fun!

Tomorrow is my dress fitting, and I am nervous. I hope I look like a princess in my dress! :) No pictures posted, though...I need to save that for the wedding! :)

Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Belated Father's Day!

I didn't have a chance to post yesterday, so happy Father's Day to all the dads out there! We had a nice day yesterday. We visited with the family and then took my cousin, Ashley, shopping for clothes for her volleyball camp this week. (Shopping $$ courtesy of mom!) We got home around 6-ish, but stopped for a quick dinner at a yummy Chinese restaurant that we enjoy. We went home and watched some TV and then called it a night...we were sleepy! (And all the rain just makes me sleepier!)

So I hope everyone had a wonderful day yesterday! (Jerilyn and Blonde, my thoughts were with you both!)

Have a good Monday!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom!

It's my mother's birthday today, and in her selfless ways she spent her birthday with me shopping for wedding stuff! We were with our friend Wendy, and we got three absolutely beautiful flower girl dresses, the gorgeous fabric to make the ring bearer pillows, my garter, some wedding jewelry for my junior bridesmaid, and in the midst of all this I got the call that my wedding dress has arrived and is at the store being steamed! I got to see it and try it on for the first time on Wednesday night, and I can hardly wait! I'm actually going to see the dress I will wear when I become a "Mrs."! It feels so surreal!

I went to WW today, but didn't get on the scale. It was a good meeting, and I am feeling energized and strong...I'm ready to have some success this week! I am hoping to go to yoga on Monday night, but it depends on if we go see David's parents. It's been a busy week, and next week promises to be just as busy. We have the menu tasting on Tuesday and the dress fitting on Wednesday. It's a wedding week!!! :)

So that's it for now. I need to get ready to go pick up David at the airport. He was supposed to be here, but his flight was very late due to the weather. Everyone have a good Saturday night!

Friday, June 15, 2007

The "Peaks and Valleys" Speech

I remember years ago my dad telling me that life has peaks and valleys, because without the valleys, we would never appreciate the peaks. One of my blogger friends is in a very low valley right now, as she has unexpectedly lost her father. Her grief is just beginning to pour into her blog, and I know she has a long path to feeling "normal" again...and normal for her is forever changed. I don't know the depth of her pain. I think it's only something you understand when you are going through it, and no one can sympathize unless they have been there. I'm lucky...I haven't been there, but I know people who have (including my own parents). I've watched people lose a parent, and it's awful and horrible. But I've also seen what happens as time passes and the grief isn't as life consuming as it was...and that's when you can revisit the loving memories without sobbing your heart out every time. (You still do it sometimes, though.)

Unfortunate Serendipity's blog is beautifully written, and I am grateful that she is brave enough to begin sharing a little bit of her grief with her readers. She's a wonderful person. How do I know? Because even though we've never met, she has become a friend to me. We email on occasion, and she's even offered to help me during fashion dilemmas. I don't have to have met her to know that I like her and respect her. (Hey, the woman has great taste in shoes!)

So my blog today is just about my friend and how even though there are no words to ease the pain, maybe the collective healing energy from those who read my blog and send her good thoughts will provide some comfort.

Jerilyn, you are in my prayers.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wow...I Actually Have No News!

It's true...I have nothing to contribute to the world today. It's been a boring day at work and I am sleepy. (I hung out with my mom way too late last night!) I haven't been overly productive or anything. Kinda pathetic!

Mom's birthday is Saturday, so that might be classified as news! (Happy 29th birthday, Mom!) I need to get a manicure, and I have a massage scheduled on Wednesday. That's about it!

So everyone have a good Wednesday! I'm going to Grampa's tonight for dinner, so I know it will be a good day!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

After Much Thought...

I have decided that I am feeling differently about the Sopranos finale than I was yesterday. The more I think about it, the more I think I liked it. TV spoon feeds us stories and endings, and for once we are now left to think about what has happened. I have a few theories on what happened to the Soprano family, but I also kind of like the idea that I don't really know. I hope that they eventually decide to do a movie, but mostly because I enjoyed the series so much that just a little more would be a wonderful treat. However, there is apparently very little likelihood that it will happen. So we are left to mull over the fate of Tony Soprano.

And back in the real world, there's not much news to share. David headed out for south Texas today, and he'll be back Saturday night. Saturday is Mom's birthday, so I am thinking of a good b-day gift for her. She comes back from Austin today! :) Dad left for the coast yesterday for his annual fishing trip, so until tonight I am holding down the fort!

I'm sleepy today...I was so warm and cozy in bed when the alarm went off. :( Getting up is no fun! I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Sopranos Finale: Who Got Whacked?

The viewers did! I won't go into detail here just in case any Sopranos fans haven't seen the finale yet, but what the heck??

It was an interesting way to end the series, but me? I think I would have liked to see something different. Just an opinion.


Sunday, June 10, 2007

Okay, Maybe I Did Have A Brush With Fame

When I picked up David from the airport last night, I did get to see Eva Longoria! Of course, she was whisked by on one of those little carts, but she seemed very unpretentious and looked happy. (No one saw her but one else knew to look for her!) She was in jeans, a black t-shirt, and red high heels. She also had a headband in her hair and big sunglasses on. But she was smiling and chatting with the cart driver, and she looked like she was enjoying her conversation. My impression on her? She looked like she was enjoying herself. David said she was letting people take her picture on the plane, and I think that's nice. She could have been a real b*tch about it, but she chose to be friendly and pleasant to her fans, and that makes me like her! (I wish I could have asked her about her wedding plans!)

So anyhow, I did get have a brush with fame!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Catching Up's been a little while since I had time to blog! It's been a busy week. I overslept for WW this morning. :( Although I wasn't feeling like it would be a good weigh in, I was planning to go. However, I did go to the gym so I am feeling good. I am also really feeling like I am back on my game, so hopefully the pounds I am revisiting will be on their way back off soon.

Mia and I went to the mall to check out the new Sarah Jessica Parker clothing line, and it's pretty good! We picked up a few things after a light lunch, and had a lot of fun walking the mall. Mia is getting ready to go to CA, and Kim is there right now. Everyone is travelling! David is on his way back from NYC right now. Actually he just called me about 5 minutes ago to tell me that Eva Longoria is on his flight! Pretty cool! He waved at her as he passed through First Class and she waved back. I told him to give her a "Go Spurs" if he sees her again! Pretty neat! He also met Oscar de la Hoya at his hotel across from Madison Square Garden. I didn't meet anyone famous this week. :(

A week from Tuesday we have our menu tasting for the reception food, and my dress will ship out on June 14th, so things are really moving along. Mom's birthday is a week from today, and my birthday is approaching, too. 35. Yikes! However, having oily skin is keeping me young looking, as no one seems to believe I am older than 27. Hey, I'll take it! :)

I think that's about it for now. I need to clean and get ready to pick up David in about 4 hours. I can't wait! :)

Have a good weekend!

Monday, June 04, 2007


David and I had our engagement pictures made on Sunday, and if I may say so, I think we looked great! I can't wait to see how the pictures turn out! It was humid so I hope our photographer can photoshop out a few sweat beads. :) But it was a lot of fun and she took a lot of pictures!

It was a very productive weekend! I got my invitations put together, the programs are done, we found a dress for my junior bridesmaid, shopped for a new phone for David, and looked at a kitchen table. I also got my hair highlighted and went to WW. WW wasn't so good, but I knew it was going to be a gain. For the last two weeks my eating hasn't been good, but I am back on track now. I am working with Susan this afternoon, and then I am going to Yoga with Kim tonight and I am very ready! I need it! I haven't been in a couple weeks because of being sick and then last Monday being a holiday. So I am probably a little regressed, but I am back on it, baby! :)

So here we are on a Monday morning. Is it 4pm yet? I am so ready to hit the gym!

Everyone have a great day!