Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Catching Up

Catching up...it seems like I find myself trying to do a lot of that lately. The summer semester is almost finished! I am writing my research paper this week, and on Saturday morning David and I head to San Francisco for our annual trip to visit the cooler weather. (Much appreciated this year, too!)

Last week was hectic...lots of school work, Hospice stuff, SafeHaven stuff, and family stuff. We made a quick trip to Houston because an elderly cousin passed away. It was good to see family, but it's hard to make road trips like that.

I'm going to Puerta Vallarta in November, and I am really looking forward to that. I'll be meeting David's cousins down there for a week of relaxing. (David has to work, so that's the bummer part of the trip.) After that, the next trip will be December 2012 for our next Cruisemas! Yay!

Speaking of travel, 2013 will bring wonderful things! I will be doing a study abroad trip to London for a couple of weeks to work on some master's level coursework. David is going to fly over for part of it, and on a weekend we're going to venture over to the Isle of Man!! Now, to know me means you need to understand that I am a large percentage Manx. (That's what they call the people from the Isle of Man.) We have very strong family ties there, and I am going to fulfill a dream of seeing where I come from!!! (Thank you to my wonderful husband!) We can fly there from London in about an hour and spend the night. I want to visit Kirkmichael, which is the village my family lived in/lives in. Yes, I still have family there! (I don't know them, though...perhaps I should try and send a letter to introduce myself?) So while a trip to London all by itself is wonderful, getting to visit my roots is off the charts amazing! This is absolutely the trip of a lifetime for me. I cannot believe how lucky I am to have the opportunities that I have had, and will have in the future. Trust me, I don't take them for granted.

So I have so much to look forward to over the next couple of years! And to cap it off, I'll almost be halfway finished with grad school by the time I go!

So things are really going well for me, and life is good. Am I loving my job? Nope. But I am doing the best I can because it gives me the chance to get to do what I love. And that's worth something!