Monday, October 31, 2005

A Fresh Start

Happy Halloween!!

I have decided to try to refocus on my WW program. I've been having trouble for about a month now, and soI am recommitting myself. I opted to not weigh in this week to give myself a fresh start. So I am probably going to need some encouragement from you, my friends. I've lost 77.5 pounds and I refuse to quit now. So I am absolutely going to do it right this week! :)

I had a pretty good weekend. Went out with Joseph and Dima Saturday night. I enjoy their company so much! :) I got to have dinner and catch up with Angela and Tom last night. It's always such a treat to spend time with them! I've felt a little worn out with stress, but I got a good night's sleep last night and feel much better today.

Tomorrow night is an All Saints service at church, where everyone in the congregation who passed away over the last year is remembered by name, so my Gran will be remembered. I'm going to that tomorrow night. The choir is singing Faure's Requiem which is a beautiful piece of music and I cannot wait to get lost in the sounds of the choir. It will be a wonderful evening.

Also, a big shout out to my cousin Jen. I'm thinking of you, girl!

For all my other friends who stop in to read my daily ramblings, have a good Monday!! I'm glad you dropped by! :)

Friday, October 28, 2005

It Has Arrived!

Friday!! It's been a long time coming!! This week has been so challenging for me...I am looking forward to running with Jacqueline tonight to get rid of some of this stress!

I want to just relax and enjoy myself this weekend. Saturday night I am going to Joseph's to hang out and watch movies and relax. That's just what I need! :) His friend who works at a french bistro is going to bring a fabulous dessert for us to share, so movies, good company, and creme there anything more wonderful than that? :)

So I am going to relax and have fun this weekend and try to imrpove my attitude. It's going to be a good day! :)

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Darn Allergies!

So today I am stuffy and my eyes are watery (don't worry...not another breakdown, just allergies!). I want to stay home and sleep so badly, but there is just too much to do right now at work. Ugh!

I had dinner with Grampa and Mom last night. After the day I had, Grampa made me a martini when I got to his house and that was a big help! :) We went to Mimi's Cafe for dinner and then went back to the house to visit. It just feels so good to spend time with him, and especially yesterday.

When I got home, I took a hot bubble bath to help me relax, and then I went to bed around 9pm. I needed the sleep desperately. I was just so worn out. I have decided that today will be a much better day. No crying episodes at work.

So that's it for now. I'm still not very awake, so I am going to get some coffee. Have a great day everyone! :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

It Finally Happened.

As many of you well know, I've been going around for the last month talking about how I kept waiting for the big sobbing breakdown over losing my Gran. I don't have to wait anymore. It happened today. Here. At work. I hate that. I don't cry at work.

Except today I did. And it sucks.

I wasn't having a stellar morning to start with, but then around 9am, I just lost it. And wouldn't you know it would happen with a bunch of people in my cube. And they're all wonderful people who wanted to hug me and comfort me, but all I could think about was running out of my office and out the door and never looking back. One woman even kissed my head. Yeah, I don't want some crazy woman with red lipstick kissing my forehead. That didn't help anything. But I thanked them anyhow. They all understood why I was so broken right then, and after a few minutes they finally left me alone to sob. I couldn't go to the ladies' room because I wasn't about to let anyone see me like that. So I sat and cried off my mascara. By the way, I look like shit now. Even 4 hours later, I still look like I cried recently. Mostly because of my makeup. I will not be leaving the house again without my makeup bag. I just had powder and gloss with me. Doesn't really help right now, huh?

So anyhow, that explains my morning mood in my earlier post. I'm better now, but still feeling quiet and a little sad. I guess this is just part of the process. I miss Gran.


That pretty much sums it up. Blah. I am having allergy trouble this morning, so I feel stuffy and sleepy. I didn't sleep very well last night, which always surprises me after a leg workout. After the workout I ran out to Kev's to pick up my laptop. We grabbed some dinner and I hung out for a bit but I kept falling asleep on the couch so I came home. I figured I would go right to sleep when I got in bed, but no. And when I did finally fall asleep, I feel like I kept waking up throughout the night. This is driving me nuts. So today I am a little grumpy and pretty much would love to have just stayed home by myself. I promise to try and get over myself.

I don't have any real news, just the usual stuff. I am going to perk myself up and have dinner with Grampa tonight. That's always a good thing. :) I know that if nothing else, that will make my day!

I hope everyone is starting their day out better than me! Have a good one!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Late Night Coffee Run

So around 8:30 last night Joseph called and we chatted for a bit and then decided to meet for coffee. I love spontaneous plans! I threw on my jeans and headed out. We hung out at Starbucks for a while until a friend of his met us out there, and then we went to a place called Jasmine's for tea. We spent some time just being silly and laughing and it was a great time.

I am a little tired today, but I don't mind. I will eat a good lunch and then be ready to run this afternoon with Jacqueline. She's doing so well after her breakup! Her ex is still acting rather childishly, but it's all proving to her that calling off the wedding was the right thing to do.

I am determined to stay on track with WW this week. I am working really hard to stay focused and get back on my losing streak. I absolutely will have 85 pounds off by Thanksgiving!

Tomorrow night I am having dinner with Grampa. I missed last week because I wasn't feeling good. I come from a family of germophobes, and whenever you're sick, you don't bring the germs around. You stay home!! (Which is fine, because who wants to spread germs and either get sick or make someone else sick?)

So other than that, I have zero news. Nothing big going on, just the usual stuff. I am loving the cooler weather! I am finally getting to wear some of the scarves I bought in Paris last June, and I have gotten more compliments on my scarves! I love it when people say "where did you get that?" Then I get to reply, "I got it in Paris!" I love saying that!!

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Castles ARE Allowed!!

So while I was out hiking at the lake this weekend, I saw a very odd sign. Well, the sign itself might not have been so odd, but a part of it struck me as very strange. Here's the sign...

The sign itself is just a sign with the name of the hiking trail on it. Here's the odd part...

It appears that hiking is ok, horses are not ok, but castles are permitted? What does this mean? I never once saw a castle while hiking. I was slightly disappointed about that. But perhaps next time I go hiking I will bring my own. Very strange!

So my WW was definitely NOT a success. I had a very small gain. I'm just having a hard time right now. One of the big keys to WW success is writing everything you eat in a "journal". I haven't been very good about that for the last month, and I think that is part of my problem. I don't know why I've been so resistant about doing it. It's not a pain, it's not hard or time consuming. So in an effort to really get myself back on track, my mother and I are going to fax each other copies of our journals every afternoon. This makes me accountable and will hopefully really keep me in line with that. I'll let you know how it's going. I'm going to have 85 pounds off my Thanksgiving no matter what! (Because I want 100 pounds off by January 1st!)

Jaqueline and I worked out at my complex Friday night. We went running, did lunges, and step-ups and I was worn out afterwards! I like having my sessions outside when the weather is that lovely! I am wondering about this week...I sure would love to run outside again!

So really other than that, there's not any big news. I did see Elizabethtown Friday night. It was good, but a couple of places were hard for me because of recent family events. But it was a good movie...even Kevin liked it. :)

So that's about it. Hope you all have a great Monday!!

Friday, October 21, 2005

A Very Long Week

Finally it's Friday! I shouldn't complain since I was off Wednesday, but I wasn't feeling good. But I am loving the weather today and wish I didn't have to come back from lunch! It would be nice to have a fireplace on nights like tonight, but I don't have one. :( I'll just snuggle with my kitty and bask in the warm glow of the TV.

I got invited to a Halloween party for tomorrow night, but I am going to pass. Not feeling the Halloween vibe...and I don't have a costume, so no biggie for me. Halloween hasn't ever been a big deal to me. I used to participate in a haunted house that my friend Kevin always took great pride in, and that was ALWAYS fun! We don't really do that anymore, and since then Halloween just seems like another day. I even bought candy for trick-or-treaters last year and didn't get a single knock on my door. Bummer! I'll probably go to my parent's house for dinner this year. Which is a happy alterntive to sitting home waiting for nothing! :)

It's a slow and quiet day here at work. I am going to see a movie with Kevin tonight and I don't know what we're going to see. There are a few things out that interest me, but I think they're mostly chick-flicks. Although I do want to see Flightplan (Jodi Foster). We'll see what else is showing, though.

I hope all of you have a great weekend! Too everyone in Hurricane Wilma's path, please be careful and go somewhere safe! (Thanks for reminding me of the correct name, Dad!)

One more quick prayer...I got news from my mom that my cousin Jen's mom has cancer and has been given a negative prognosis. Please keep her in your prayers/good thoughts!

Hugs to all of you and have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

A Day of Rest

I was in the office for about an hour yesterday and then decided I felt crummy so I headed home. I slept for most of the day and was glad I was feeling better, but I make a lousy patient and felt very cooped up so I took myself to a movie last night. I saw In Her Shoes. I love this movie. It moved me in a lot of ways and there was a lot I found that I could identify with. Some of it was hard because parts of it take place in a nursing/assisted living home and I found myself tearful and missing my Gran, but I thought it was a very good movie. It may be a little "chick-flicky" for you guys, so I would recommend it for the ladies. Just go alone and experience the movie.

So after the movie I stopped by Mom and Dad's for a bit. I am finding that I am really missing my Gran right now and was getting a little bit teary, but I'm ok. I just miss her. I think Mom does, too.

Tonight I am going to my friend Michelle's for dinner. Michelle and I go way back to elementary school! She's married with two kiddos now and it's always a treat to catch up with her. We laugh and have such a great time!

So that's about it for me today. I still feel kind of blah, but better than yesterday. I hope it's not a reaction to my stupid old flu shot!

Everyone have a great day! :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I Don't Enjoy Getting Shots

So I got my flu shot yesterday...OW! The shot itself wasn't so bad, but my arm hurt a bit for the rest of the evening. I hate shots more than I can say. I know it's a small needle, etc, but I just really despise getting them. (My parents can certainly attest to that!)

Tonight it leg night with Jacqueline. I am really looking forward to burning some calories! I'm going to get there about 30 minutes early to spend time on the treadmill and try and burn off a few more. Then after I am done and showered, I am going to Joseph's for a bit. We're going to hang out and relax. I love going over there, but dang! Having to take the tollway eats up my change and I hate scrounging. I have resisted the temptation for years to purchase a TollTag, but I broke down yesterday and ordered one online. So in just a few days I won't have to worry about that any more. It will be nice to just zip through the tollgates and not have to stop and throw change in the basket-like thing. I was coming home on the tollway last night and felt like I had to stop way too often. Ugh! (Wow...I can complain about something for DAYS, can't I?)

Work is dragging today. I feel a little tired, but I shouldn't. I got a decent night's sleep last night, so I guess it must be the weather. It's supposed to get chilly again this weekend!! I love wearing jackets, and I bought a bunch of scarves in Paris back last June, so I can't wait to wear them! I also ordered a bunch of stuff from The Gap and Old Navy, so they should be in soon and maybe I can wear some of the new sweaters this weekend!

Obviously I have no real news to discuss today. I'm feeling rather cheerful and happy today...and very chatty, apparently. I'll put a stop to the nonsense now. I hope everyone has a great day!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Good News at WW

I had a good weigh in yesterday at WW! Now, last week I used my No Weigh In Pass, but I got on the scale anyhow and the news was not good at all...throughout everything that had happened over the two weeks prior to that, I had eaten a bunch of food at that was really bad for me, and it showed up on the scale. (to the tune of 7 pounds....I'm not proud of that at all.) HOWEVER...I got on the scale yesterday and lose 5 of that, so I was very pleased! (2 more to go and I'll have gotten all of that awfulness off of my body!) So I am feeling good about that.

It was a quiet day yesterday, but I needed that. I got to bed nice and early and slept well, but I am not feeling great today. Whatever it is I'm sure will pass quickly. I don't feel sick, just don't feel great.

I get my flu shot today and as much as I hate getting shots, I'll be glad to get it. I get one every year (except last year) and I generally don't have any problems with the flu.

Here's a great quote for the day...

In every soul there is locked away an adventure. It may be as small as a walk in the park or as grand as climbing a mountain. The key to happiness is unlocking that adventure and bringing it into the light. Go take that walk in the park or climb that Everest and see what joy and further adventures it brings. A life void of adventure is an empty existence and one full of regrets.

Have a good Monday!

Friday, October 14, 2005

It's Friday and I Couldn't Be Happier!

TGIF! Seriously!

First things first: It's Denim for Dollars day at my office. We're wearing jeans for a $5 contribution to fight breast cancer. Be sure to donate this month to help find the cure!

Last night I had dinner with Grampa (his night to buy!). We went to Applebee's and had cocktails and dinner. I love that he recognizes the importance of a good drink before dinner! He theorizes that after 15, 500 martinis you become immortal. I love this man! After dinner we went back to his house and watched some tv and visited. When I was leaving, he told me how much he enjoys our weekly night together. For my Grampa to say this, he must really mean it. He is very loving, but not a big "huggy kissy" kind of man, so this meant the world to me. I'll break my neck to get there and spend the evening with him for the rest of both of our lives!

On the way home I stopped at Target to get a few groceries and then came on home. I have been a tired girl, and I am still sore from my Wednesday workout. I am working out again tonight with Jacqueline and I just might die. Seriously, if she super-sets me and then we sprint in between, it might be the death of me. It's been a long week and I am worn out!

Tomorrow, Mom and I are planning to hit a couple of resale shops. I really need some fall clothes but don't really have the $$ to spend on a lot of new stuff, especially since I seem to change sizes (going in the smaller direction!!) with a good deal of regularity. This is exciting, and a pain in the pocketbook. What I really need to do is buy a belt!

Also, Mom told me that they got a shoe catalog from Nordstrom's for me at their house. She saw some shoes that would be perfect for my Salsa dancing, so I may need to take a look. Heck, it's a shoe catalog from Nordstrom's...of course I need to take a look! I actually need a couple of pairs of shoes for fall/winter, as I have been the queen of flip-flops this past summer. I need some really great fall shoes. I am really wanting to buy more feminine shoes (certainly my foot-loving friend will be happy to read that!)...I catch myself leaning towards Dr. Martens and some of the more chunky Mary-Jane styles, and I am ready for a change. I bought a great pair of Steve Madden Mary-Janes, but they're not the chunky ones...they're very feminine and sexy! :)

I did a little online shopping this morning and bought a few things from the Gap and Old Navy, so I am looking forward to some new fall things. I know I am needing to save money, but I had a $75 gift card to The Gap and Old Navy was having a sale. What can I say...I am a shopaholic! Now I need a littel bit of fall makeup and I'll be happy! (Hey, I haven't bought any MAC recently, so I am long overdue!)

I think that's it for now. Have a fabulous Friday!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

It's All Greek To Me!

I had dinner with Christy last night and we met at a little Mediterranean cafe on highway 26 in Hurst. I had never eaten that kind of food before, but I have to tell you that is some GOOD STUFF! We got a few appetizers and shared and she brought a bottle of wine (it's BYOB) and it was fantastick! Dolmas, hummus, calamari, falafel...everything good all on one table! And then we had what was essentially baklava with cashews for dessert. We've decided that we may have to make that our every other week treat! It was so much fun catching up with her and laughing and just having a great time.

Before dinner, though, I worked with Jacqueline. My legs are sore today, let me tell you! I was a bit fatigued from all the outside work I had done the day before, so I wasn't up to par yesterday but I still got one heck of a workout in! We lunged outside and I did probably about 65 lunges. That in addition on all the squats and leg, I am tired today! But I have a very special dinner date tonight. I am going to have dinner with Grampa, and he insists it's his turn to buy. Who am I to argue, right?

So that's the news for today. Have a good Thursday!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Community Day in Review

So yesterday was our Community Day. I spent my time sanding, painting, and hauling branches to a dumpster and let me tell you, it was hard work! The rain helpd off until the end of the day, so we managed to get most everything finished. We were a very tired and sweaty bunch when it was finished! I wish they would have our appreciation dinner the next day so we could all look nice, but no...we have to go to the Omni looking like the last rose of summer! And Holly really is would be nice if they could do a little better than hamburgers or grilled chicken for us!

When I got home I was happy to get out of my sweaty clothes and clean up! I went over to Mom and Dads for a bit, and then Mom and I ran a bunch of stuff up to Goodwill. Then on to Walgreens and then home. I got back in time to watch my favorite show...Law&Order: SVU. I love that show!

Tonight is leg night, so I am preparing for a beating! After my workout I am having dinner with Christy, whom I have not seen in forever it feels like, so I am excited about seeing her. :)

So that's about it for now. Have a good Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Seriously, No News!

I got home from work yesterday, chatted on the phone for a bit, sat down to decide on dinner, and woke up in my chair at 9pm. So yeah, I didn't get anything done last night! Shame on me! I had planned to make dinner and go work out, but didn't do either.

Today is Community Service Day at work. I'll be out of the office for the day working at the Salvation Army doing all kinds of stuff, but mostly sanding so that another team can follow behind and paint. (We're refurbishing the outside of the building) And then when all is said and done, we're having a company wide dinner at the Omni Mandalay Hotel close to the office. I don't's nice to get away from the office for the day!

So that's it for now. Have a good day everyone!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Back on Track

So I made it to my WW yesterday. I used my "No Weigh In Pass" which means I went to the meeting but chose not to step on the scale. I do know for a fact I have gained a couple pounds, but I know why and I am getting myself back on track now. I am absolutely going to have a good week and get those pounds off of me. My short-term goal is to have a total of 85 pounds off by Thanksgiving, and I think I can do that. That's only about 7.5 pounds in 6 weeks, so this is totally do-able. My biggest problem has been that I haven't written everything down that I've eaten, which makes me lose track and then it all goes downhill from there. In my meeting yesterday we talked about the things that keep us anchored and focused, and a handful of women in my group said that I was their anchor/inspiration. I swear I thought I would cry! I don't think I've ever felt like an inspiration, but I guess we never know how our actions influence other people, do we?

In other news, I got to see Andy and Melissa's new baby yesterday. She is so tiny and precious! Her name is Kaylee Jane and she is so quiet and sweet! However, Andy has some serious bags under his eyes! Melissa should be in the hospital for another day or two, and then it's home they go. Very exciting for them!

That's about it for my news. Everyone have a good Monday...hugs to you all!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

The Beauty of a Lazy Day

It's been so nice today...just being lazy and doing the things I want to do. I had brunch with Grampa and had a lovely morning. Mia and I were going to go see Joseph play rugby today, but it turned out he wasn't going to be playing so she and I opted to hang out and wander around Target and marvel at the fun fall clothes. Both of us had plans that fell through at the last minute, so we're going to go out to dinner and hang out for a bit. (I'm waiting for her to get ready as I write this)

Tomorrow I am having brunch with Joseph and Eric and then off to WW. I know, I haven't gone to a meeting in two weeks, but I am for sure going tomorrow. I've had a hard time lately, so thank God for the workouts! (I ran/walked for 4 miles yesterday!! I'm so proud!) My jeans are fitting a bit loose, so that's encouraging. :)

Joseph and Eric came over for dinner last night and then we went to the gay bar and Jen and Craig met us out there. We had a really fun time, but I had a bit of a realization that I may be getting a little tired of the bar scene. Joseph and I both are feeling the same way about that.

So anyhow, everyone have a fun Saturday night!

Friday, October 07, 2005

Welcome to the World!

Just a quick congratulatory note to Andrew and Melissa Hsia!! They (well, Melissa did all the work!) just had a baby girl today, and mother and baby girl and doing wonderfully!

Just had to share happy news!

Yes, I'm a Liar.

I didn't get my pictures uploaded as promised. Please do not pelt me with rotten fruit if you see me out and about anywhere. I am going to shoot for Saturday to get that done. I went to support local music last night...Saints and Sinners played an awesome set at the Ardvark Bar in Ft. Worth. Pretty cool venue, I might add. The band before them was a beating for me to listen to, though. Actually the band was fine, the lead singer was terrible! They did a cover of Kelly Clarkson's "Since You've Been Gone" and I thought I would die. I should have stepped up on stage and offered to finish the song for them. Man, the suck-o-meter was off the charts! But all was good in the world when my Saints and Sinners boys got on stage! (And big thank you to Brian for putting me on the list!!)

Tonight I am having Joseph and some of his friends over for dinner and then we're going out for a bit. Tomorrow Joseph has a rugby game and I am going to go cheer for him. I've never been to a rugby game so this should be fun. I love hockey and from what I've seen on TV, rugby looks like hockey on steroids. Should be interesting!

Saturday night is looking pretty laid back. I'm waiting to hear back from Christy to see if she wants to have a little dinner, but if that doesn't work out I may just stay in and veg. It's been a long week! The idea of making dinner for myself and eating on the patio just seems like something nice to do for myself.

What is everyone else doing this weekend? Whatever you do, have fun!

Hugs to everyone!!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Wednesdays with Grampa

So I took my Grampa to dinner last night, and we had such a good time! We went to Mimi's Cafe and just talked and laughed and really enjoyed ourselves. My Grampa was instrumental in the aviation/engineering field back when everything was new. He helped to invent the predecessor to the "little black box" that is in all the cockpits now, and he even flew to Palm Springs with Howard Hughes for a milkshake! This man has great stories to share! We went back to the house and watched some TV, and talked a little more. He's doing well, but he says that mid-afternoons he starts to feel a little lost. But he's doing ok and is trying to figure out his new routine. I know he'll be fine. He let me take him to dinner on the condition that he buy next Wednesday, so I told him it was a date! I'm glad we're getting to spend time together like this.

I got my "Wow!" award at work yesterday and managed not to slip and fall on the CEO. I have pictures but didn't get them uploaded, so I will do that tomorrow. Besides, I haven't posted any recent pics and I need to do a side by side of my before picture and a current picture. I know I keep saying I'll do's hard to look at the before picture now. But I am looking better these days, so I'll try and do that tonight so you can all see my progress.

Tomorrow Jacqueline and I are going running outside for my session, and with the weather as nice as it's getting, this should be great! I say that now...tomorrow may be a different story!

I talked to my cousin Jen last night. She's getting hit left and right with tough news. This past weekend, her father's house burned down (everyone is ok, thank God!) and then yesterday she got the news that her mother has cancer. Her mother is a breast cancer survivor and a very strong woman, so we are all praying for her to continue to be strong. Apparently the breast cancer came back and has spread to her lungs. She is having more tests done today, so we are hoping for a plan of action very soon. So when you say your prayers or send good thoughts out, please think of my cousin Jen's mom. (And Jen, too...she needs strength!)

So that's it for me for today. I hope everyone has a great day, and hugs to you all!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

So when I told my trainer I wanted her to work me harder, apparently I was smoking crack that day. Oh my gosh, I am about as useful as spaghetti today! We worked legs last night, and I am one sore girl! And when we work out on Friday, she's meeting me at my apartment and we're going running on the trail in my complex. I think I have some sort of disease where I can't shut up, so I just keep blurting out these great ideas about how we should work me out harder! Seriously, I'm glad we're going it, but I spent a majority of my week with sore arms/legs. At least it feels like progress!

I was so proud of myself last night...I got a lot done around the apartment. I still have some stuff to take to the Salvation Army or Goodwill, but other than that the place looks good! I am having some friends over for dinner friday night and would like for things to look decent. I think it's time to clear off some of the plants on the patio. I don't always do well with plants, even though I love them. Christy is wonderful with plants! I wish I had her green thumb!

Other than all that silliness, no news. I am having dinner with Grampa tonight, so I am really looking forward to spending some quiet time with him.

Have a good Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Dragging a Little Today

I had some trouble sleeping last night, so I am dragging a bit today. I need to get it together because it's leg night tonight!

It's been a very busy day today with work. Spent most of my day in a training class, so I feel like I can't seem to catch up and am constantly interrupted. I think I need to lay low tonight and soak in a hot bubble bath after I work out. Maybe a manicure/pedicure/facial will be in order. Tonight is Law&Order SVU, so you all know where I will be at 9pm! (Parked in front of my TV!)

I am getting some crazy award tomorrow at work for going above and beyond for one of our member hospitals. It's funny to me because (and I'll spare you the silly details) the whole thing is just part of my job. I didn't think I did anything out of the ordinary, but apparently our employee recognition committee thinks so, and now I get to accept an award from the CEO and a $50 gift certificate to the place of my choice. Honestly, I'd rather not have to walk down the grand staircase to accept an award, as I am a bit clumsy and will probably fall on the CEO and make an enormous ass of myself. Nice, huh? I guess this means I need to do some laundry and ironing tonight. Wow...I sound so domestic!

I am having dinner with Grampa tomorrow night and I am looking forward to it. Mom had lunch with him today and says that he is really looking forward to it as well. Tomorrow will be the first Wednesday I haven't spent with Gran in a long long time, so I need this time with Grampa. I'm still waiting for all the reality to hit me and to have this huge tearful breakdown, but it hasn't happened yet. I get weepy over little reminders, though. Sometimes when I look at my watch (which used to be Gran's watch) I just stare at it for a moment and miss her. I hope I make her proud.

I am having some trouble with my diet right now. I think it's all the stress I've been under, so I am working like crazy to get back on track. I've missed my last 2 WW meetings, so I absolutely cannot miss this week. Thank goodness I've been working out!

One more important's Breast Cancer Awareness Month. One of my favorite blogs is chock full of wonderful ways to support breast cancer research (Blonde, you are awesome for sharing all the info that you do!!). I'll try and borrow some of her links and if you are in a position to help, I hope you choose to do so. It's such a worthy cause!

Have a wonderful day and hugs to everyone!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Ah, Mondays!

So I'm back at work today. When I came in, there was a lovely sympathy card signed by my entire team and filled with beautiful sentiments. I truly love the people I work with! It made my eyes well up just a little, but it also made me smile. I miss Gran, but I know she is happy and well now. :)

It was really tough when the alarm went off this morning. I haven't been on a very consistent schedule for the last week. In a way, it's good for me to get back to work. I need to get to the gym tonight, and I need to do laundry and clean the apartment. Everything seems to have been neglected for the last week. I am having dinner with Grampa on Wednesdays now, so I am looking forward to that.

I had brunch with Joseph and some of his friends yesterday and we had a very good time. It was fun to get out and laugh like that, and I needed it!

My WW meeting leader, Sally, is moving to Michigan. This makes me very sad for many reasons, because she has been such an inspiration and a cheerleader for me. However, her husband has become very ill and they are moving to be near their family. I'm really going to miss her!

I think that's all the news for today. Its good to be back with some regularity! Have a good Monday!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Back in the Swing of Things

It's been a tough week with WW...people have been bringing lots of food by, but none of it is anything healthy, so tomorrow I am going to the meeting, but not weighing in. I've had enough bad news for a while! But I have been working out and I am trying to get back on track.

I sold my old car today...YAY! I have a friend whose son will get his license in January, and my old Civic will be perfect for him. I cleaned it out this morning and thought of all theplaces I have been in that car. Mostly I thought of driving all over Seattle in that baby. And then the long, LONG drive home from Seattle! I'll miss her, but I am happy to send her to a loving home. And I can still visit her from time to time. :)

I don't have any big news today. I am feeling good and have a real sense of peace about everything. I miss my Gran, but I know she's with me in spirit, and that makes me smile.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! Hugs to you all!