Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Trying My Best

I must admit, I have not done well with my 5K Every Day initiative. I've been tired and have let that get the best of me. Actually, let's call it what it is: LAZY. I've been lazy. Seriously, what's wrong with me that I'm so unmotivated? Ugh...that has to change and I am going to try and change that today. But on a positive note, I have done well with breakfast today! I tried the new Smart Ones ham and egg scramble and I liked it! And I don't much care for eggs! It's just eggs, cheese, and potatoes, but it's very tasty! I had a half of a large banana and a cup of coffee, and it's really filled me up. I needed something different for breakfast...I get tired of the same things. So in order to beat the boredom I went out on a limb and it was worth it! I have another one in the freezer at home. I thought I would have it for breakfast on Friday. That way I space it out and don't get sick of it. I have to be so careful...I burn out pretty easy on stuff and i like variety in my diet. David could eat the same thing every day, but not me!!

I'm so sleepy this morning. I don't know why because I got plenty of sleep last night. I think just knowing a holiday weekend is on the horizon may have something to do with it! We weren't going to do anything for Memorial day, but last night I got a call from my father in-law (FIL) who personally invited us over for grilling and swimming, and how can I turn down my FIL? I couldn't, so we'll be over there for the day. Which is fun, don't get me wrong! David I had thought it might be nice to stay home that day and grill, but we both agreed seeing the family would be nice, especially since we're going to be out of town on the July 4th weekend. (We're going to Lake Eufaula to spend the holiday weekend with the Dries family at their lovely lake house!!) We're even going to head out early and spend the night at the Choctaw Casino. David hasn't been but Mom and I had a girls weekend there and it was fun! They have a great pool area that looks very tropical and "resorty" and I think it would be a blast! So we're going to kick off the vacation there and then head out to the lake. :)

I'm also excited because Chris and her family are coming down for Father's Day weekend, which translates into an early birthday visit from her for me! We're going to be in San Francisco the weekend after my b-day, so it will be fun to celebrate a little early with Chris. She sent me pictures of her precious girls...two-year-old twins that are the cutest handfuls ever! It's so neat for me to watch Chris being a mother. It's something we never thought would be possible for her, and how joyful that she and her super-awesome hubby have twins!! They're such good parents, and I am so proud to get to be part of their lives. It's fun for me to be Aunt Jen! And trust me, I spoil these little monkeys!! Isn't that my job?? :)

Anyhow, it's going to be a long day, but a good day. I brought a yummy lunch of WW french bread pizza and fruit, and I will be pumping myself full of coffee. Tonight I am going to mom and dad's to see the newest kitty addition to the family. His name is Bear, and he is a solid black 4 month old kitty. I'll be taking lots of pictures!!

Have a great day everyone!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

I'd Rather Be Sleeping!

After a rather quiet evening, my Sunday was crazy! We'll get to that...

Friday was lovely! I made my homemade pizza, which was very healthy and very tasty, and had a glass of red wine. I watched my favorite chick flicks, and then got a wonderful night's sleep. Perfect! Saturday I had breakfast with my parents and spent the day doing much less than I had planned. I was going to have my closet cleaned out and the second bedroom organized, but no such luck. Instead I vegged and I'm not one bit sorry!!

David came home Saturday night and we went to Uncle Julio's for dinner. After that we came home and watched the season finale of Gray's Anatomy. Okay, that was an awesome show! Sometimes the writing lacks something, but that was a great episode! (In spite of all the things that would have happened differently in a real hospital!)

Sunday we caught up with all the shows on the DVR, and then we went out with David's friend and his GF to a comedy club. We laughed all evening long, and then afterwards went and did karaoke until about midnight. MUCH too late, but I didn't have my watch on or my phone with me, so I wasn't watching the clock. I am so paying for it today, but we had such a good time and I haven't laughed so hard in ages! So while I am tired today, I'm glad we got out and had such a good time. Maybe we can do that on a Saturday night next time!

So that was it in a nutshell. This is my last week of relaxation. Next week summer school begins and that's going to require a good deal of focus. I wish I could have a summer like everyone else, but at the same time, I am always glad to knock out a class in 5 weeks as opposed to 16!!

And in other news, Mom and Dad adopted a second sweet little kitty. After the initial hissing, I have a feeling it's going to be a good thing. The two babies will be able to play together and entertain one another. Have two kitties is so much fun, and I am glad Mom and Dad decided to do it!

Have a good Monday everyone!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Having A Good Day!

It's hard for it to not be a bad day when it's Friday, I realize this. However, today seems exceptionally good! First, I got some high praise from my manager, which made me feel like a million bucks. I made her look good while she was visiting one of our member hospitals, so naturally she is loving me today. :) Truthfully, the stars managed to line up right and I could get what she needed right away, but I'll take the compliments!

What else is good....OH! I got A-Ma-Zing seats to Lady Gaga! That's right, feel free to hate me just a little...I understand. :) Kevin found the pre-sale info for Citi cardholders, so he bought tickets for David, me, and Kevin and his wife so we are all heading out to see the show! The down side? We have to wait for the March 14th show. Next year. Boo. But that's okay...I'll be smaller and can buy something fabulous to wear! (What am I? 16 years old now?) Anyhow, I haven't been to a concert in ages and this is one I have been really wanting to see. Yes, I know Gaga is a little crazy, but I love her style and I think her music is fun. So this is super exciting for me! And even David is pumped...how great is my hubby? Yeah, pretty great!

So that's my news. It's a great day, and it's not even noon yet!! Tonight I am having some "me" time. Making myself dinner, maybe watching a movie, and then cleaning out my closet. All of this happens after I work out, so it's going to be a productive evening. But I'm looking forward to it. My poor closet needs a good cleaning, for sure! David comes home tomorrow and that is something I am really looking forward to.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Stuff and Things

Things I am wanting right now:
  • a mattifying lotion for my skin. I am VERY oily, and warmer temperatures are not helpful. I am basically shiny all the time, and I would like not to be.
  • a really great maxi dress. I found the one I want...now I just need to go buy it.
  • a new pair of New Balance. I found the ones I want, but they're not in my budget this week. I think these will be the shoes that carry me 13.1 miles in Chicago!
  • a few days off work with nothing to do. Seriously, I want to just do nothing for a while. Not happening, though. Saturday is cleaning day, but you can trust that I'll sleep in! Oh, except not too late since I will be doing a 5K on the treadmill that morning. (Must keep personal commitments!)
  • fun new shoes. I have a few pair in mind (and yes, they are Born shoes!), but I can't be greedy. I wonder if I can finagle a new pair from my hubby...?
  • a house. I have one in mind, we're just getting ourselves financially ready for it.
  • here's my biggie: I want my friend Lonna to have a full recovery from her double mastectomy/reconstruction surgery she had yesterday. That prayer is on its way to being answered, so I am happy about that want!

So there's my random list of things I want. Like you wanted to know all that. But I wanted to put it out into the universe. I tend to think that if we put things out there we have a much better chance of making them a reality. So that was me putting it all out there. :)

I went to bed early last night but I am sleepy this morning. I need to shake it off so I can be productive today!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

5K Every Day

This is my new goal: a 5K every day. So what does this mean and how do I plan to do this? Good question! What this means is that every day I work out, I will do a 5K. 3.1 miles on a treadmill or outside. (At least!) So I have to make sure that five days a week I am doing a 5K. And how exactly do I plan to make this happen? This is going to be the hardest part for me. I'm going to either have to get up early, do it at the gym at lunch, or right after I get off work. But there has to be a 5K at least five days a week. So when will this madness begin? Tomorrow. It MUST start tomorrow. And right now, I am saying it will happen after work. I am going to go right to the gym, no going home beforehand. And a 5K will happen. I'll promise to report in and give my time. After after two weeks of this guess what gets added in? 10K Tuesdays! Yup! 6 miles on Tuesdays, but we're going to get into the habit of the 5K every day first. :)

So that's my new goal. I am begging you, friends, to ask me about this and help me stay honest. I won't lie to you...I'll tell you if it doesn't happen, but I know if I suspect you might be checking to see if I did it that I don't want to say I didn't. So I'll do it.

And with each step I get closer to the 13.1 mile finish line in Chicago. My Dad has come to all the 5Ks I've done so far, and he always waits for me close to the finish line and walks me in. It's a cool thing when you're tired and you think you can't go any farther, and then you see your Dad. I remember my first 5K, coming up over a hill and feeling like I could just give up. And there he was, waiting for me and cheering for me. My Dad always makes sure I know he believes in me, and I'm going to need that. I'll miss him in Chicago, but I'll be using my iPhone for my music so perhaps I'll call my Dad and have him get me across that finish line. It's a father-daughter thing, you know? So Dad, on August 1st, you'll probably be getting that phone call from me. I need you to help me finish the climb. I already know I'll want to hear you tell me I can do it, and that will help me stay strong and focused. (Love you, Dad!)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Got Here Fast!

Seriously, where did the weekend go? It was so nice to get a chance to do fun things instead of having my nose in a book all weekend. Although true to myself, I opened up my Biology book and perused it some. Class starts in two weeks and I guess wanted to see what was coming. I will probably begin reading the first chapter next week so I can at least start ahead of things. Wow...I really am a school nerd. *sigh* But what did you expect? I want an A in both of my summer school classes. If I do that and then do well in the fall, there is a good shot at making Psi Chi, which is the psychology honor society. That is a HUGE goal of mine! It's nice to have it getting closer. :) I'm also hoping that I won't have to go to summer school next year, but if they offer something I need, then so be it. I'm getting to close now...I'm very ready to get into grad school and get to the meat of what I want to do.

I'm sitting here at work and really wishing I was anywhere but here. It's not the job, I just don't feel like being here today. (Well, it might be the job...I'm bored and it's just not what I want to do with my life.) But I am just not into it today. I'll live. Besides, we have a three day weekend in the not-so-distant future. I can hang in there for that!

Have a good Monday everyone!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Time To Breathe!

Now that I have time to breathe, I am happy to really focus on getting healthy. That's my main weight loss goal...to be healthy. Now, I'd be a liar if I told you that smaller sizes didn't matter, because I want to shop in "regular" stores. I also want to feel prettier, but honest-to-God, my main focus is on my health. Today I feel like something good has taken over in my head. It's that old, very focused me who plans ahead and sticks with that plan. Like tonight...I already know we're grilling dinner, and I know I am bringing my lunch to work tomorrow. Mom and I are going to do some menu planning together on Saturday, and that way I know what the plan is and I can stick with it much easier. All of this spells out good things for me, and I really want to stick to it.

I worked out with my trainer this morning, and I had a great session. I am able to push myself to do more and I feel so much stronger already! I really have to get the walking into place because August 1st will be here soon, and I want very badly to cross that finish line. I want to look back at those 13.1 miles and know I did it all. I can do this, but I have a lot of preparing ahead of me.

So I am having a good day. I feel good and I can see a bright future for myself. You know I love to envision? Me, graduating from TWU next year...walking across that stage in a cap and gown, but being much smaller than I am now. I love that mental picture, and I want to make it my reality. Because my reward for all that? I'm buying some killer shoes to walk that stage in!! :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I Made It Through!

So the good news is that finals are finished! The bad news? There is no bad news! The grades are great and I am feeling so happy! I have 2 1/2 weeks before summer school, but that's ok by me. I will love this time with no homework! It will probably take me the whole time to clean the very neglected apartment. But I don't mind...it will be nice to not worry about the inverse of a matrix, the sum of a sequence, or logarithms! Ahhh...I am at peace!

I also have good news on the weight loss challenge front. Remember a few posts ago I mentioned that I might get to be part of a weight loss challenge in a national magazine? Well I don't have definite news yet, but I have gotten word that the magazine people really like my story and have a lot of interest. So please keep those prayers coming! I think being part of that could help me reinforce all those things I know I need to do. I'll reach my goal no matter what, but what a cool way to do it!! Oh, and I found a walking class I can take for 1 hour of credit (I need one last hour of electives...problem solved!) which will also help with that. Getting fit AND getting credit for it! Love it!

So yeah, I'm having a good day. I am tired as can be - I couldn't unwind very easily last night after that bear of an algebra final - but I am happy. A huge weight is lifted off me and I'm ready to have some time to recharge. I am excited to get a facial this weekend! I thank you package from the dealership when we got our new SUV, and it had lots of coupons, one for a facial at a very nice Southlake salon, so I am redeeming it Saturday morning! I might even treat myself to something new afterwards...maybe some lotion or other wonderful bath product...I love stuff like that!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day! I know it's muggy out, but enjoy a little sunshine today...it's good for us!

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Middle Of Exam Hell

Yes, I am swamped. I'll post more when exams are finished. Did my oral presentation for my writing class tonight, and tomorrow night is the dreaded algebra. (sigh) Wednesday night is Sociology and then I am finished. Friday night is dinner with Kim to celebrate being done with this mess, too! :)

So that's what is going on. I hope everyone is well! I'll catch up soon!

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Why My Parents Are Awesome

Because my Dad brought me a new battery for my mouse since I was working hard and didn't want to leave the apartment. Oh, and he brought me a strawberry snow cone. :)

My parents are awesome because they are so supportive, and they understand that me turning down an invite to lunch was only because I am working on homework like a crazy woman.

I really couldn't do any of this without them. I know tomorrow is Mother's Day, but I want to say thanks to both of you! I love you!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Quick Hello!

It's a busy day and I sure have plenty to do, but found this awesome recipe and had to share. I haven't made it...yet...but it looks like a good summertime drink! (And easy to make non-alcoholic if you prefer!)

Pink Lemonade Margaritas

1/4 cup tequila
2 tablespoons orange liqueur
2 tablespoons frozen pink lemonade concentrate
3/4 cup ice
2 tablespoons carbonated lemon-lime beverage
sliced lemon, for garnish

1 Combine the first 3 ingredients in a cocktail shaker with 3/4 cup ice and shake vigorously.
2 Pour into glass.
3 Top with lemon-lime beverage, and garnish with lemon.

Yum! Bring on the warmer weather! (Not the hot stuff, just the warmer stuff!!)

Anyhow, back to work for me!

Monday, May 03, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

What a fun weekend! Mom and I headed down to Austin to meet up with David, who was already there on business. Saturday was my friend Bryan's doctoral recital, and what a treat that was! His voice is so beautiful. We met way back in junior high when we were in choir together, and this man has ALWAYS been talented. (Not to mention a good friend, too!) I will always be grateful to Facebook for helping us reconnect! We drove home yesterday and after a day on the road I dove right in to the homework. Next week is finals, so there is much to wrap up.

It's going to be a busy day here at work...lots of projects begin today and that's a good thing. Being busy makes the day go by so much faster! I got to bed a little late, but I got a really good night's sleep. Nothing like my own bed!! Next weekend looks busy, but at least I get to stay home! Saturday, I'm helping Mom with some things around the house, and then on to celebrate my niece's First Communion. I'm happy to celebrate that with Rosemary! It's a big deal, and even though I am not Catholic I can sure appreciate the significance!! Now I need to figure out what to get her! Anyone have any ideas??

So that's it for this morning. After a weekend of really bad eating, I think I am on track to do well this week. I packed a healthy lunch and David is grilling for dinner, so we should do well. Now I need to squeeze my workout in!!

Have a good day everyone!!