Friday, December 30, 2005

Another Great Day

David and I had a lovely evening last night. He grilled the chicken, made mashed potatoes (light, for me!) and I made a fat free dessert. We snuggled and watched the movie (which was very cute!) and just had a wonderful evening. I'm so sorry if you guys are sick of hearing about David, but it's taken me 33 years to find a wonderful man like this, and quite frankly, I want to shout about it from the rooftop! :)

Tomorrow night we're going to the Stars game with Joseph and Dima. We're both big hockey fans, and what a nice treat to have free tickets fall into our lap like this! So it promises to be a very special New Years for us both.

I wish all of you a Happy New Year! I hope you do something special with your loved one...and when I say loved one, I mean family, friends, pets, or anyone else special in your life!!

Be safe and I'll blog again in 2006!! :)

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Dinner and a Movie

Tonight I am going to David's. I'm bringing all the goods to make dinner, and he's going to be very manly and grill the chicken for me. :) My friend Leah lent me the movie "Must Love Dogs" so we can watch that and enjoy the evening together. I don't have to be at work until noon tomorrow, so it's nice to be able to sleep in.

I've gotten several offers from friends for New Years ideas, and most recently got a possible pair of tickets to a Stars game. Joseph may be able to get us a pair for free (and he may not...we'll know tomorrow) and we can enjoy the game together! I hope this works out...that would be a lot of fun!

I think after the holidays I want to get my friends together for a night out...maybe dinner at Monica's and then martinis at the Velvet Hookah. Any takers? I think it would be a blast! We'll have to figure something out.

Have a good rest of the day, everyone!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Wonderful Wednesday

So it's mid-week and I am glad! It's dinner with Grampa tonight, and my uncle and his wife will be joining us since they are in town from Austin. I'm sure dinner will be wonderful! :)

I had dinner at Mom and Dad's last night and just vegged with them for a bit. However, after working out I was very sleepy and had to head home around 9. I talked to David for a bit and then got myself into bed. I was TIRED!

I am gearing myself up to start WW again on January 2nd. I can tell that I am really getting myself into that mindset, so I know that I will be able to get right back into it without any trouble. And Blonde, I'll look forward to hearing how WW is going for you, too!!

I know I don't have a lot of news...things are generally going very well. I hope everyone is having a great day! What are your New Years plans? David and I can't seem to figure out what we want to do!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I'm Not Ready to be Back at Work!

Christmas was so nice that I didn't want to come back to the office. Come to think of it, I rarely want to come back after a long weekend, but here I am. (Mostly because I am out of vacation time for the year) it was a very special Christmas, and I am hoping that all of you had a wonderful one as well. :)

My finger is still healing, and last night my old nail fell off. I freaked out! So now I have a band-aid over it because it is so VERY unattractive now...not that it was pretty before! I'm telling you, people....keep your fingers away from car doors! This has been a big pain!

I took my Christmas tree and other decorations down yesterday. The apartment looks a little empty now. I really liked my tree. It was very colorful and added a little something to the room. Now I really need to get my curtains up!

So that's about it for now. I hope you had a great Christmas/Hannukah!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Let the Holidays Begin!

I'm excited! I only have to work a half day and then I am off until next Tuesday! Mom and I are going to bake cookies this afternoon. Somewhere in there I am going to get a workout in, too. Tomorrow, David and I are having dinner with his sister and brother-in-law. I'm a little nervous, but looking forward to it. (I'll be taking the cookies and a bottle of wine as a hostess gift) I met his sister, LeAnn, breifly when I was moving a couple of weeks ago, and I liked her a lot. She's funny and I think we'll get along very well. Having met her already helps alleviate some of the nervousness.

I had dinner with Grampa last night, and as always, it was great! He took me to the Olive Garden and we had wine and very tasty dinners. (The crab and shrimp ravioli was very tasty!) We're having Christmas at Grampa's house this year since my apartment isn't quite ready for guests just yet. He says he is looking forward to having everyone at the house. :)

So that's about it for me. I don't know if I will have the chance to blog again until after Christmas because I have quite a bit to do before then, so I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Christmas Shopping

So last night I worked out and went home, had dinner with the folks and then headed off to start my Christmas shopping. Yes, you read that right. I STARTED my shopping. I have had zero time to do anything, what with the emergency move and all. And with work being stressful? I have been exhausted by the time I got home. So off to Target Mom and I went. It was fairly painless...found good parking and was able to get the couple of things I wanted to pick up. And a couple of bottles of wine as well. (Hey, with the way my holidays have gone, I needed it!)

Today was the big rollout for a major project here at my office. People have been asked to cacel holiday vacations to be in the office to troubleshoot, and wouldn't you know it, we haven't had a single issue/call on this. What a bust!

So anyhow, it's a good day so far. It's bound to keep getting better!

Monday, December 19, 2005

A Lovely Weekend

It was such a nice weekend! Friday night I had drinks with Angela..oh it was SO GOOD to catch up with her! When I got home, my mom came over and we visited for a bit. Saturday, we went to see Grampa. He is doing so well, but I know the holidays are just so hard for him without Gran.

Saturday afternoon David came over and we decorated the tree. (Since i had to redecorate it after the big move last weekend!) We saw King Kong Saturday night, and then went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. By the way, I highly recommend the Godiva Cheesecake! YUM!

Sunday was wonderfully lazy. I had mom and dad over for dinner, and we watched some TV and visited. It was a great weekend and I was so sorry it had to end!

Today is the first day the gym here at the office is open, so I am going to work out for an hour after work. And I am really looking forward to it, as I am determined to get back on track. I have been bad and haven't been to WW in a while. I think it's because I am afraid of getting back on the scale. But I absolutely MUST go back this week to get my weight loss turned around and back the right direction. I'll just have to take a deep breath and do it.

So that's been my weekend. I hope yours was wonderful!

Friday, December 16, 2005


Seriously, thank goodness it's Friday! What a week!

The apartment is slowing coming together. I bought a TV stand yesterday and David and I put it together, so the living room is looking much better. But there's still just so much to do. However, tonight I am picking up Cleo from Mom and Dad's. I miss having my kitty around! I wanted to wait until things were settled down and I wouldn't have so many people coming in and out of the apartment.

I am going to try and do a little Christmas shopping tonight. I just have a few things to pick up. Maybe I'll wait until the apartment isn't such a mess. I have to re-decorate the tree and finish getting everything in it's place. Although David has done a great job of decorating my place...maybe I should wait and let him do that!

So that's about it for now. Work has been stressful, so I am glad the weekend is here. Have a good one!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


So after an 8 hour day of feeling exhausted, I went home to spend the evening unpacking. This would suck really badly except David was there to help, and I swear that man has such good taste! He's pretty much doing the decorating and it's looking pretty good. I just have quite a bit of stuff and he's helping me sort through things. The place is looking more inhabitable now, so I feel better about that.

The complex maintenance guys were going to move my washer and dryer for me, and when I got home yesterday, I discovered they delivered a washer and dryer, but just not mine. Scary...I have clothes in my dryer, wherever it is! They are going to get it fixed today, so I'll have my stuff and can do laundry. Yay!

I did get to meet David's sister yesterday. She and her husband lent me a dolly to help me get stuff moved, so we returned it and I got to meet LeeAnn. She is so funny and nice and has invited David and I over for dinner next week. I'm looking forward to getting to know her!

I think that's about it. I'm so tired and really need a rest. I am planning to have dinner with Grampa tonight but I need to make sure he's feeling up to it. He was a little sniffly a day or two ago. I hope he's better...I'm looking forward to dinner with him!

Have a good Wednesday everyone!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Back to "Normal"

Well, I am back at work after a solid weekend of moving and packing. By the way, it really sucked. It's hard to have everything in turmoil like that, but everything is in the new place now. I just have to get it all unpacked and in it's place. David (who shall now be known as the Best Boyfriend Ever) is coming back over tonight to help me unpack. He's even going to make dinner! He's so reassuring and has lots of ideas on how to arrange the new apartment. He says we can get a lot done tonight, and I need a motivator because I am one tired girl.

I need to really say a very special thank you to a few people who went way out of their way to help me on very short notice. Kevin, you are always there to help and I appreciate it so much. Kim, you read the blog and called to ask how you could help, and I am incredible grateful to you, too. David, you were there every day and even with all the stuff you have going on continued to ask how you could help. And of course, Mom and Dad. Both of you wore yourselves out helping me, and I appreciate you both so much!

And thanks to all of you who have called to check on me and see what you can do to help. (Holly, Mia, Kim and Angela!) There's a lot to do still, but I think I can get unpacked ok. I may need a girl's night Friday with margaritas, and THAT'S how you can help!! :)

So that's been my life for the last few days. Packing, unpacking, and wearing myself to a frazzle. I look forward to having something else to talk about. I know you do, too!

Have a good Tuesday!!

Friday, December 09, 2005


Okay, so hooray for icy days that keep us home from work, but boo for people who don't take precautions against frozen pipes. My neighbors upstairs let this happen, and their pipes burst. What does this mean for me? Water coming in through every crevice, light fixture, vent, etc, in my ceiling. Oh yeah, and water all over my carpet and chaos everywhere. So I am currently unable to live in my apartment and am being moved to another apartment in a couple of days. I am going to spend my day packing up my old place, which is hard for me. My memories of my Gran being there will make it hard to leave, but I have to do it. And big bummer about having to take down all the holiday decor, too. I'll fill in the whole story in the next post, but there's nothing like running outside and seeing water flowing like a waterfall off the second story balcony above you!! Seriously, it sucks!

Cleo and I are fine. Just a little out of sorts at the moment. I'll blog again soon!

And big thank you to Mom, Dad, and David for all the help yesterday! It was a big mess!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Ah, Winter in Texas!

"Winter" in Texas means one thing-we are generally guaranteed at least one day of ice. We got 1.5 days! It's been nice to be home and sleep late! :) I haven't done much...just a little bit of work from home but that's it. The roads are pretty ok now, so Mom and I are going to grab some lunch. Later tonight I am going to do some laundry and scub the bathroom. All the things I've been needing to do. I got home at 11am from work yesterday and had a headache so I slept away the afternoon. None of that today!

So I don't have much news. My old high school is in the state championship game Saturday, so we (David and I) are going down with the cousins to see them win. (Go Trinity!) ANd that's about it.

Stay warm and have a good day!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A Note of Celebration!

Just a quick post about my Mom...she had a mammogram that had come back with a little spot on it, but after a second mammogram it's determined that it's nothing and she's good for another year! I was worried, so this is great news! I just had to post!

Have a good day everyone! And for my fellow "Losers", be sure you weighed in so you can track your awesome progress!!


After a very stressful day, I had a lovely relaxing evening. I came home, took a nap, ate dinner, and just generally vegged. I really needed to clean, but I think I needed some down time even more. I talked to David, and he was having a good day, too. He has a practically new sofa in his office that he is giving to me (yay! I hate my current sofa!), as well as a 31" television. Now, those of you who don't know me have no idea just how funny that it. I currently have a 20" television because I don't care enough about tv to buy one. Everyone likes to come make fun of my tv, although it was much worse when I had a 13" tv. Craig and Jen were wonderful enough to give me the 20" I have now, which really did hush a big portion of the critics. But a 31" tv? That's HUGE for me! I wonder if it will fit in my entertainment center?

The other news is that David told me his sister wants to have us over for dinner. I haven't met anyone's family in YEARS. Am I nervous? You betcha! David said that she often over-commits herself and so he doesn't know when she wants to do it, but I'll bet it happens soon. You know how we women are...we like to know the whole inside story, and if her brother is dating someone, I'm betting she wants the scoop. Which isn't a bad thing at all! I'd do the same thing! :)

So we're being told by the weather forecasters that we may be in for a "wintery mix" tomorrow. They're just getting our hopes up. I would LOVE it if we got iced in tomorrow, but I doubt it will happen. But here's hoping!

I hope you all have a great day!

Monday, December 05, 2005

A Little Grumpy Today

I must confess, my job is really stressing me out. Ugh! Couple that with PMS, and I am lots of fun! So I am going to go home, work out, and clean the apartment. That seems like the best thing for me to do. That way I don't accidentally snap at anyone for no reason.

Joseph called me yesterday to tell me that he is being kicked out of his home. Let me give you a little background: his house is in his family's name because when he was getting divorced, he didn't need any more assets in his name. So even though he is making the house payments, it's in his family's name. His family (mom and dad) have decided they don't like him being gay, so they want him out of the house. Very nice. So now he has to look for another place to live. So his mother asks him what they're going to do with the house when he moves out. I guess she should have thought about that before asking him to move, huh? Hope they enjoy the second housepayment in their retirement years.

David and I had a good weekend. Hiked a bunch on Saturday and made tacos for dinner that night. It was a good day. :)

Friday night I had dinner at Craig and Jen's place. She makes an AWESOME chicken alfredo lasagne! (Thanks, girl!!)

So it was a good weekend. I just wish it had lasted a little longer.

Friday, December 02, 2005

A Great Bunch of Losers!

I love it! I've had good response from those who want to lose that 10 pounds by January1st! I'll send out "Encouraging Email" number one on Monday, so look for it in your email boxes! This is fun for me and very motivating, so we'll see how we do!!

I'm so glad it's Friday. It's been a stressful week, so I am going to have a fun weekend. Tonight I am having dinner with Craig and Jennifer. It will be nice to just hang with them. Jen is cooking, and let me tell you, that's a treat! That girl can cook!!

Tomorrow morning, I am going to Denise's to pick up everyone's Pampered Chef orders, so if you came to the party I will have your goodies for you! Then Mom and I are going to take flowers to my Gran's grave. Her headstone has a lovely vase built in, so we take flowers to put into the vase. She would tell us not to make such a fuss, but I know she secretly liked to feel special. Don't we all?

After we spend time with Gran, I am going to home to meet up with Dave and we are going to go hiking. Then it's dinner at my place, followed by hanging Christmas lights on my patio. I haven't figured out the best way to do it, but David has some ideas and I am looking forward to doing it together.

And Sunday is a memorial service at the funeral home that took care of Gran's services. Apparently every few months they do a service for all the families they have assisted, and there will be a reading of all the names and a lighting of candles. So it will be nice to remember her. I find that I miss her when the little things come I want to tell her all about David, or that I am working towards a promotion for next year, or that my life is really good and that I love and miss her. I don't think I will ever stop missing her.

So that's it for now. It's been a tough week and I am glad it's Friday! Have a wonderful weekend everyone! It's leg night tonight, so I am going to be a tired gal!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Who Knew?

Did we ever see it coming? Well, with all her money, she had to resort to buying something besides shoes at some point!

(Please, no libel lawsuits. It's a joke, people!)

So's a good day. David is already working his contacts and updating his resume, so I have a good feeling that he's going to be back in the workforce in no time. :) I admire his determination. He's not sitting around feeling sorry for himself. Just one more thing to add to the list of wonderful qualities!

No other big news. Going to David's tonight for dinner. It's always good to give him a hug!

Shout outs to Holly who is getting her wisdom teeth out today, and to Jessica, who finds out what the sex of her baby is going to be!!

The 10 Pound far, it's me, Kim, and Denise. Any others joining in? We're just trying to get 10 pounds off by January 1st. No real rules, just providing encouragement! I thought I might send encouraging emails every Monday, so if you want to get in on the fun and try to shake 10 pounds off, post your email address (or email it to me if you'd like to keep it to yourself) and I'll add you to the list! (Don't worry, I won't spam you!)

I hope everyone has a good day!