Friday, March 31, 2006

Payday, Friday, DaveDay!

It's three great things rolled into one day! It's payday, it Friday, and David comes home today! Yay! Boo that I have to spend a chunk of my weekend writing my paper, though. It's the rough draft, but still...not fun!

So I did it. I rejoined WW last night! The damage was pretty much what I expected, but even though I am not starting at square one, I am going wipe the slate clean and start as if it was all new. I didn't much care for the leader...she wasn't very friendly. I need someone who has more of a warm fuzzy personality. So I will try a meeting at a different location next week and see how it goes. I used to have a leader named Sally who was the most amazing person. Right about the time I lost my Gran, her husband was diagnosed with a form of cancer and she had to stop being a WW leader. I haven't been able to find someone as wonderful as her since then. You don't realize just how important a nurturing leader really is. But I am planning to have a great week and I'll report in next week how well my first week goes. After all, I am working to get 25 pounds off by the time David and I go to San Francisco.

Speaking of vacations, 2/3 of my vacations with David have fizzled. Las Vegas got cancelled because his travel schedule got moved around, and NY got cancelled because he won't be going to that meeting. So we decided that we'll spend more time in SF and enjoy the vacation. I think this is better for us because the SF trip is one where he won't have to be working part of the time. So this will give us time to relax and enjoy each other. I can't wait!

So it's going to be a good day. I hope everyone else has a great Friday, too!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Quick Update

Thanks again to all of you! Joseph's good news is that his job is safe. Sadly though, 80 of his co-workers' jobs are not. The company he works for is moving production jobs to Mexico, but administrative jobs are safe. So thanks to those of you who sent good thoughts his worked!!

Rally the Troops!

If you haven't noticed, I am all about my friends and family. When someone I care about is in trouble, you all know that I appeal to each of you to send good toughts or prayers. (I hope you know that I do the same for you, too!!)

So I am asking you again to send good thoughts to a friend. Joseph called me this morning to say that there is something big shaking down at his job and he is afraid he may get laid off. He may not, but this guy needs a break! He was a victim of all the WorldCom stuff (he lost his entire savings, not to mention his job!), and has had crummy luck with jobs ever since. He likes this job and it was good for him to have something stable that he could depend upon. So now I am asking that you take just a few minutes and send him good vibes. He's a good friend and I don't want to see him have to go through this again.

So on to me. I absolutely exhausted myself yesterday. It was a long, mentally draining day at work, and then I went to Grampa's for dinner. Then I went to Mom and Dad's to do homework (I am sponging off their DSL connection), and finally got home around 10-10:30. I felt terrible when David called...I wasn't good conversation. He'd had a pretty good day and had lots of news to share, but I was so tired I wasn't able to focus very clearly on what he was saying. I had to end the call and get myself to bed. I was so tired that after I got into bed I got a little tearful...for no reason other than just being so drained! I realized on my way to work I have been forgetting to take my vitamins, so I need to make sure I take one as soon as I get home tonight. I think that will help a lot. I need to be as energetic as possible, as I have got to get the rough draft of my paper finished since I have to turn it in on Sunday. I have a full sentence outline completed, but I need to fill it in and get a few more sources. So much to do! But the nice thing is that David comes home tomorrow, and I couldn't be happier! I have missed him so much! But it's always nice when he comes back. When I fed Angela's dogs last weekend, she and her husband were so sweet and gave me a gift card to the Pappas chain of restaurants, so David and I will put it toward a nice dinner to celebrate our six months together.

Hey, I get my two new pairs of shoes tomorrow! Yay! Will show them off here as soon as I get them!

One more thing...I am going to Weight Watchers tonight, so I am going to get back into full swing with my weight loss. Enough of the gaining and maintaing...I am going to have 25 pounds off by June 22!! So this is a good thing and I am ready to get to it!

Everyone have a great Thursday!!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Middle of the Week!

I am so glad it's Wednesday! It's dinner with Grampa tonight, and I am looking forward to it as always! I really can't stay too long because I do have a lot of homework to get done. My rough draft is due on my paper Sunday, and I need to get that done.

David is in Atlanta today and tomorrow. He is meeting up with a couple of colleagues, and they will be taken to dinner by one of their managers, so David will get to have a nice dinner out tonight, and I am happy for him. It will be nice for him to have dinner with people he knows! Sometimes I worry that he might get lonely out there by himself. (But he's a big boy and has done this many times, so I should worry about him...but I love him and just can't help it!)

I got to see Joseph and Dima last night. It was nice to see them for a bit. We've got to get together on the weekend when we have more time!

So that's all my news for now. I hope everyone has a good Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

One Day Closer to Friday

Not that it's a bad week, but I am counting down the days until David comes home! :) He is in Georgia right now and will be driving to Atlanta tonight. He is doing so well with Born, and I am so proud of how hard he works. He has such a strong work ethic, and I hope Born recognizes what kind of talent they have! (Oh, I got to order two pair of shoes and I get them this week! I can't wait!!)

Generally speaking, things are going well. I am looking forward to getting to see Joseph tonight. I feel like we haven't gotten to sit and talk in forever, so it will be nice to see him. Things seem to be going well with him and that makes me very happy. I am slowly getting the chance to get caught up with friends. We have all been so busy that it has taken a while. One of the best bits of news I have is Christy and Rich's official wedding date! October 28th of this year, and Christy has asked me to be her Maid of Honor...what a great honor for me! I am so flattered, and I am looking forward to making it a wonderful experience for her. I want to start thinking about her bridal shower now so that it goes off without a hitch! I love weddings so much, and there are so many wonderful things to look forward to as we plan her very special day. She has several bridesmaids, so we can all work together to ensure everything is perfect! :)

In other news, I am still down 1.8 pounds! Kim, I saw on your blog that you gained a pound, but I am positive that it's muscle so don't be down about it!! I had decided to make losing 1-2 pounds my goal for the week, but I didn't actually weigh myself until last Wednesday so I will weigh in officially tomorrow morning and post the results. I am retaining some water, so hopefully that won't be an issue in the morning, but we shall see! Mom and I have decided to re-join WW (again!) but are trying out a Thursday night meeting this week. Sundays are just difficult days for me, and I think she and I are both ready to re-commit to WW. I want to have 25 pounds off by my birthday, and I can do it but it will take some real dedication. I think I'm ready! I'll let you know how it goes.

David and I celebrate our 6 month anniversary on Sunday! Now, I don't have to celebrate every month, but I think 6 months is special! Actually, more than celebrating the amount of time together, I just want to celebrate how happy I am with David. He is so special, and he makes me feel very special. I was talking to my cousin Jennifer last night, and she told me that even though she hasn't met David yet, she already knows he's the one for me just by hearing how I talk about him. I thank God every day for helping us find each other! :)

So I am having a good day, as you can probably tell. Nothing in particular, just feeling happy. I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

One more thing...thanks to everyone who helped me to remember my friend Karen by either reading about her a few posts below, or by doing something good for someone else. She had a very big heart for animals, and so I am going to donate some time and money to a local animal shelter in remembrance of her.

Have a great day everyone!

Monday, March 27, 2006

3 Day Weekend = LONG Monday!

I took Friday off to relax, and I certainly did just that! I lounged, got schoolwork done, and just enjoyed my day! David came over that evening and my parents took us to dinner and a movie. We saw Failure to Launch, which I thought was VERY funny! After that, we took care of Angela's doggies and then headed back to my place. We headed back to David's side of town on Saturday so he could get some work done and get packed for his trip. After getting his stuff done, we made dinner and watched Capote. It was a really intense movie, but David fell asleep and missed about 2/3 of it. (It's usually me that does that!) Sunday the poor boy had to work some more, and then we went to visit his parents for a bit. Then we went to the store and came back and made dinner and watched all our favorite Sunday night shows.

David called me this morning from the airport to tell me that he comes back Friday night instead of Saturday, so I am one happy girl!! :) It will probably be kind of late, but I don't mind one bit!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

A Special Tribute

Back in September of 2004, I lost a very special friend. Her name is Karen, and she was probably one of the kindest, most loving people I have even known. She was the kind of person who would go out of her way to cheer you up. When I met her, she was working as a social worker for CIGNA Behavioral Health. We worked together for several years and became very good friends. Even after I moved to Seattle we remained close, and when I came home to visit she took me to see the Dave Matthews Band as a belated birthday gift...this is on the day after her honeymoon, mind you! Her husband, Rabbi Jeffrey Leynor, was truly the love of her life. They got married in 2001, and she passed away in 2004. They had a very special three years together, and I learned a lot about what real love is like through them.

The Dallas Morning News did an interview with Jeffrey just this week. It's a neat story, so if you have time, please visit to read the story.

One other really cool thing...her synagogue now has an annual Karen Leynor Mitzvah Day. It's a day where the entire congregation goes into the community do to good deeds, like volunteer work in nursing homes, cleaning parks, etc. If you have time on Sunday, the Second Annual Karen Leynor Mitzvah Day, I would ask you to do something good for someone else. Whether it's as simple as hugging someone you love or going out to do something in your community, remember that what we do goes far beyond what we can imagine. The things we do in the name of kindness are the things that people will remember about us. I just hope when my life is over that people see me as half the person that Karen was. She was an amazing woman who brought love and happiness into every life she touched.

I miss her a lot.

Warning: I May Be A Little Grumpy

I am feeling blah today. Mix slightly hormonal with irritation with a co-worker, and this is what you get. But overall, things are good...I really shouldn't be blah at all! I think it's more the hormones.

Dinner with Grampa was wonderful, as usual! We had a great time and we joke and laugh a lot. He's just wonderful. :) Afterwards I stopped by Mom and Dad's for a few minutes to visit, and then headed home. I got to talk to David for a little bit, but he was just as tired as I was so we kept it short. He comes back from Houston tonight. He's got a lot to do because his big travel blitz begins next week. He'll leave, I can't remember. But he should be leaving Monday evening and won't be back until the following Saturday evening. He'll have to leave out again after just a day or two at home, and I can't remember where he goes after that. Bottom line is that he's got a LOT of travel over the next few weeks, so I may need to be babysat by my gals! I miss him when he's gone, but I love getting excited about him coming back. The travel hasn't been a bad thing for us. Anyone who knows me knows how independent I am, so I do ok. Not that I don't miss him terribly, but it's fun to welcome him home. (I also think I really appreciate our time together more!)

So tonight is haircut night!! Christy and I will be dining at Jason's Deli and then heading back to my place to cut some hair! YAY!!! I can't wait!

I hope everyone has a good rest of the day!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Date Night with Grampa

Tonight is my night to have dinner with my Grampa. I am looking forward to my martini and just getting to visit and laugh. I feel really lucky to have developed such a close relationship with him. :)

I didn't get my hair cut last night because Christy had a last minute late appointment that she had to take, so we're going to cut my hair on Thursday. I can't wait! It needs some serious help!

David left this morning for Houston and spent the better part of his morning sitting in traffic, so he called to brag about stopping to have breakfast at Cafe Brazil. That place is just divine! He's going to be enjoying fruit pancrepes and fresh coffee. I am very envious. I am having a banana. Woo-hoo! However my breakfast is much healthier, so I can be proud of that!

Other than that, no big news. My company is providing lunch for us today, so that's a nice treat.

I hope everyone has a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Hair Nirvana

This will be a good day! How do I know? Because Christy is cutting my hair tonight! Folks, this girl knows hair, and I am so lucky that she comes and cuts/colors mine for free! (This is what happens when your best friend is a super awesome hairstylist!) Besides the haircut, we are dining at Souper Salad tonight, and that is good news all on it's own! :)

Aside from that, I don't have much news. I was going to try and get together with Angela last night but I had to get homework done, so everything else came first. She and I are going to shoot for Monday most likely. I haven't seen her in ages!

School is still going very well..."A"s in both classes! (Go me!) I have been good about working out, but I need to be better about my munchies. But i'm getting there! Slowly but surely!

So that's about it right now. My job is still not making me very happy, but I am keeping my eye on our internal postings for something else. It may take a little while, but I'll find the job that makes me happy!

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Rainy Weekend

Wow! Did we ever get the rain here! But at least it didn't flood in my neck of the woods...Dallas really got hammered! It may take a little time for our area to dry out, though. However, it didn't stop me from having a good weekend!

Mia and Christy and I had a great dinner Friday night! Martinis and yummy makes for a lovely night! afterwards I went to mom and dad's to say hello and get some homework done. Saturday David came over and we went to lunch and to see "V for Vendetta", which is a very interesting and thought provoking film. Lots of political commentary there. I liked it a lot.

David and I went bowling Saturday night and had a blast! I did pretty well, but he won both times. That's ok...I'll beat him next time!!

Sunday was wonderfully lazy...went to IHOP for breakfast, watched some season 1 Sopranos, napped, went to dinner, and then watched our usual Sunday night lineup of TV shows.

It was a nice weekend! David is traveling this week, so I will doing lots of homework and working out. I have a goal to lose 2 pounds this week. Definitely do-able!

Have a good Monday everyone!

Friday, March 17, 2006


Normally I am beside myself with happiness that it's Friday. Not today. We had a change in software today at work, and the way it's set up totally changes not just my workflow, but there are changes in reporting as well. I won't bore you with the details, but I will just say that I am not happy with this at all. It's nice how nobody in a management position consults with the people who will actually be using the software to see how things will be affected. I sat in a meeting yesterday for training and I literally picked it apart and no one in charge had any solutions. I got a few blank looks and a few "Oh, we didn't think of that." So here I am feeling very unhappy with my job this morning. I don't see much hope for immediate change, so I am keeping my ear to the ground for other things within the company. Things don't come up very often. As of today I have been here four years, so I want to stay with the company as I am almost 100% vested.

Enough of that. There are good things happening today.

Kim has a new family member! Her cousin(?) gave birth yesterday to a healthy baby girl!

I am having dinner with the girlies tonight and I am very happy about that!

David is coming over tomorrow and we are going to dinner and go bowling! :)

I am still doing really well in school.

So see? Lots of happiness. Just very stressed about my job today. My head hurts.


Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

One of the Best Dinner Dates

I had dinner with Grampa last night and we had a great time! We always start with one of his martinis when I get there. (He calls them a mood adjuster!) Then we head out to dinner. Last night we went to the Olive Garden. We each had a glass of wine, and then Grampa had another one on top of that. He joked that it was a good thing I was driving! We laughed and talked all evening and I finally headed back home around 8pm. I love having dinner with him!

I stopped at Mom and Dad's after that and visited and did some homework. Then I went and put gas in my car, which physically pains me. What in the heck is going on with the gas prices?? $2.47 for a gallon of gas? We really need better public transportation around here. Ugh!

So after putting gas in the car, I stopped for milk for my cereal and headed home. I went right to bed and had a tough time waking up this morning. Tonight I am going to work out after work and then go grocery shopping. I need to clean the apartment since I haven't done that yet. I keep saying I am going to do it, but I haven't had the time. Tomorrow night I am dining with the ladies and then it's off to do the rest of my homework for the weekend so that I don't have to do any on Sunday. (I don't like my time with David to be interrupted with homework!)

So have a good Thursday everyone!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Payday...Thank Goodness!

It's been a little snug lately so I am happy to report that payday has arrived! :) Tonight I am having dinner with Grampa, and then after that I am going to do homework. I have a fair amount to do tonight and I didn't have a chance to do any of it at lunch today like I normally would have. Bummer! I was really wanting to work out after dinner with Grampa, but I can't fit all of that in and still get any sleep. I am forgoing the workout for the homework. Probably a good choice. :)

So we're having a March Madness thing going on here at the office. I am ashamed that I know nothing about all this stuff. I like watching basketball, I just don't have a clue about picking teams and all that. My group is betting that North Carolina will win. Sounds good. I can go with that. But they could tell me that the Desperate Housewives will win, and I would just say that I didn't know they had formed their own team. David must be very ashamed that I know so little about sports!

I don't have much news to report. I go a free cup of coffee at Starbucks this morning and that was a nice treat! I didn't know they were doing that outside of the 10-12 time frame, so that was a nice surprise. (I like free stuff!) I also got a tuna salad sandwich for my lunch while I was there. So I had a very "Starbucky" day. :) (If you haven't had one of their sandwiches, they're really good!)

I am ready to call it a day here. It's been a long afternoon and I still have another 44 minutes to go. We're doing some system upgrades and it's going to mean lots of changes, so I get to spend a good chunk of time in training tomorrow. I will really have to pump myself full of coffee for that!

Have a good afternoon everyone!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Best Lunch Ever!

I got a wonderful surprise today! David came and took me out to lunch! We went to Potbelly Sandwiches (which is good stuff, but the way!) and had sandwiches and shared a vanilla malt. It was a wonderful surprise to get to share lunch with him! He's the best!

It's been a good day. I got some advanced Excel training and have been fairly productive today. Between looking online for a new swimsuit and doing my budget since I get paid tomorrow. I have also been daydreaming about spa treatments. I am going to be meeting David in Las Vegas in May. I'll fly in on the 19th, but he has to work on that Saturday the 20th, so while he is working I am going to get a couple of spa treatments. :) Any suggestions on where and what I should get? I want to be all glowy and beautiful when he gets done working. We can go somewhere fun for dinner and then do a little gambling. He says he can't wait for us to play some Blackjack together, and I said that's fine as long as he agrees to roll dice with me! (I won a good sum of money a few years back doing just that and it would be fun to give it another try!)

So any ideas on what spa treats I should give myself would be greatly appreciated! :)

Tonight I am working out after work. Afterwards I am going to home to relax and clean the apartment. (I need to vacuum and dust so bad!)

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

Monday, March 13, 2006


I tell you, I could just go back to bed and sleep for hours! Everyone I've talked to today is yawning and looks like they are ready to go back to bed as well. Is it me or are the weekends getting shorter somehow?

It was a good weekend. I spent Friday night having dinner with mom and dad and then doing homework. Saturday I headed over to David's and we ate dinner and watched movies on TV. Sunday he made homemade Belgian waffles with bananas in the batter. The best part? He made homemade strawberry syrup. That was sooo good! We lounged around on Sunday, but we did manage to get out to go look at plants. I want to buy flowers for my patio this weekend and David is willing to help me pick things out and get them planted. We stopped by Central Market and got fresh tuna steaks and veggies to throw on the grill. Sunday night TV is our favorite, so we made dinner and snuggled in to watch Home Makeover, Sopranos, and Grey's Anatomy. Now, I was never one to watch Sopranos, but David had me watch a few episodes last season and that show is surprisingly good! So we watched the season premier last night. Leave it to me to get hooked the last season.

So that was it in a nutshell. Tonight I am working out and then relaxing the rest of the evening.

I hope everyone has a good Monday!

Friday, March 10, 2006

What I Love About Girlfriends!

After yesterday's post, I want to say how awesome my friends are! I got lots of emails from friends rallying around my girl who just ended a relationship. And Livia and Blonde, you guys are awesome for posting supportive messages! Yolanda reads the blog and the messages will help her know she's doing well. I always love how when one woman is down, the rest of us circle the wagons and show her the love! I think that's how it should be.

So thanks to everyone sending thoughts to my friend Yolanda. She's just great and she's moving on! :)

In other news, I worked out last night after having dinner with my parents. It was a good workout...I did about 30 minutes on the treadmill and then really worked my legs. I am going to work my arms after work today. Tomorrow I am going for my 8am fitness assessment and then I am going to the 9:15 water aerobics class. Folks, I am in this to be serious. I am really ready to get some more weight off. David said he would happily grill for us Saturday night rather going out to eat, which makes me very happy. (That man can cook!!) We'll grill some veggies and have a very healthy dinner. I am voting for salmon but since he's the grillmaster, I'll let him decide. (Anything but red meat right now-but he's well aware of that!)

I am still doing really well in school. I have a perfect 100 in my persuasive writing class and a 97 in my Intro to Online Learning class. So things are going really well for me. And it's about darn time! :)

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! TGIF everyone!!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Strong Women

I have a friend here at work who broke up with her boyfriend over the weekend. She found out he had been cheating on her. Not just cheater on her, but living with the other woman during the week and spending the weekends with my friend. He got away with this because he lives far enough away that it was hard for them to get together during the week. They had been together 2 years!

But I don't feel sad for her. Why not? Because she dumped this guy before she was married to him. She is no longer saddled with a cheat and a liar. If he didn't want to be with her, her should have respected her enough to break up with her. She's a good woman and didn't deserve this. But she is doing really well! She is moving on and making new plans for her life. She goes to school, she is joining a gym, and she is keeping her good girlfriends close to her. We all love her and as much as it hurt me to hear what happened to her, I am glad. She never has to hear him lie to her again. I don't tolerate that. Not for myself or for my friends. And quite frankly it makes me mad to think that he would sit there and talk to her every night on the phone...from his OTHER girlfriend's house! I won't devote any more time to this guy. He doesn't deserve it. He hurt my friend, but she's better off without him. She came by my desk this morning and she looks good! So look out all you single guys! She's ready to get back out there and just enjoy the dating scene!

I have no real news with me. The hamburger I ate at Bennigan's Tuesday was still sitting in my stomach like a brick last night. Ugh! I am staying clear of Bennigan's food for a while, and definitely staying clear of red meat for a while. I ended up having to take some enzyme supplements that David's sister suggested, and I think it's helping. I don't feel so sick to my stomach! (Pleasant, huh?)

Anyhow, that's about it. Tonight I am having dinner with Mom and Dad and then I am going to go work out at the gym.

Have a good Thursday everyone!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Me, to the Power of 24

So I did it! I joined 24 Hour Fitness last night. (I get a corporate discount and it's pretty good!) Now David and I can go to the gym together. There are classes I want to take and I am excited about it! I get my fitness assessment Saturday morning at 8am, so right after that I can go to the water aerobics class. :) So this is a good thing for me and I am excited about it. And to top it off, David even wants us to take some dance classes together! When he gets done with his travel "blitz" at the end of spring, we're going to take salsa dancing lessons together. I am so excited about that!! In the meantime, I am going to take some of the Salsa Moves classes at the gym, as well as the Nike Rockstar Fitness Dance classes. Although I may have to work my way up to that one. But I will!

Tonight is dinner with Grampa. Mom is coming, too. And actually, David is going to be at Hulen Mall this afternoon, so he may meet up with us as well. I don't know if Dad is coming or not...I'll have to ask Mom. So it should be a nice dinner. When I get home, David and I are going to try and get a short workout in up at the gym. I'm ready to get going on that! I think knowing that David will be there will motivate me to not have a lazy workout. You know, the workouts where you don't push yourself and you don't really try? Yeah, I want more for myself than that and I wouldn't want anyone else to see me having that kind of workout, either.

So there isn't much news other than that. It's been quiet here at work so far. Oh, I am still making an "A" in both of my classes!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Serious About My Exercise

So tonight after I get off work and do my time at the gym here at the office, I am meeting David at my apartment and we are going to go to 24 Hour Fitness together. He already has a membership there, and now I am getting one so that we can work out together in the evenings and on the weekends. I am looking forward to this because this is one more opportunity to get myself in gear. And besides, David is very knowledgeable about lifting weights and working out, so if I have any questions, he can help me out. I do miss my trainer, Jaqueline, but $360/month was getting a little steep for my income.

So anyhow, last night was uneventful. I took it easy and watched TV after a good workout.

I hope everyone has a great day!

Monday, March 06, 2006

The Oscars? Boring!!

Anyone else watch the Oscars? It was surprisingly dull. No horrible fashion faux pas, no incredible upset (unless you count 3-6 Mafia winning best song. What's up with that? Dolly Parton RULES!! She should have won!). The two highlights for me were Jennifer Lopez's dress and Uma Thurman's hair. Her hair was gorgeous! I am trying to find a picture of it, so if anyone runs across one, please forward to me!!

Though the Oscars were boring, David and I made snacks that were not. We had chicken, Brie, and cranberry nachos. Oh...that was some seriously good food! We also had strawberry poundcake skewers that I made. Very simple and very tasty! We were supposed to have a few friends over to watch, but Sunday nights are tough for most folks, and we ended up just the two of us. (Which was fine! We had a great time!)

It was a good weekend. Dad's truck was determined to be totaled, so he got a new truck Friday night. (It's really nice!) Saturday morning, mom and dad and I went to Grampa's to help clean out Gran's clothes and things. That ended up being much harder than I thought it would be. After I got home, I had to take a little time to pull myself together. It's hard to go through a lifetime of things like that. I think it was hard for all of us.

After I got myself together, I went to David's. I missed the fun at the park with all his sisters, his brother, and all their kids. I would like to have gone, but I couldn't quite do it. I was just feeling sad about Gran, and David was so understanding. When I got to his house, he was so sweet and hugged me and made me feel better. We had dinner at Olive Garden, and then came home and relaxed. We had brunch at Grand Lux Sunday morning, and then gathered his stuff and went to my place. We dropped off his car and when shoe shopping for him. (He needed new running shoes) We then went to the grocery store and then came back to my place.

The weather was so nice yesterday! We had a glass of wine of my patio, and then did the prep work for the Oscar snacks. It wasn't a big flashy weekend for us, but it was so relaxing and so much fun for me.

I got "tagged" by Livia, who is a fellow blogger who lives in Las Vegas. (She did what I did...picked a place, and just moved herself. It's hard, but this girl can make it! Right on, sistah!)

Anyhow, I am supposed to list seven songs I am into right now. Here's my list:

1. 2am (Breathe)-Anna Nalick
2. Pump It-Black Eyed Peas
3. Landing in London-3 Doors Down
4. You're Beautiful-James Blunt
5. Good is Good-Sheryl Crow
6. Sugar, We're Goin' Down-Fall Out Boy
7. Maria-Ricky Martin (This is in my workout list on my iPod and it's great on the treadmill!)

So there's my seven song. I am supposed to "tag" seven people to put a list of their 7 songs on their blog. I don't think I know seven people who would do it, so Kim, post your seven favorite songs! :)

I hope everyone had as lovely a weekend as I did!

Friday, March 03, 2006

The Week That Went On Forever

I am so glad it's Friday!! It seems like it would never get here. I worked out yesterday, then went to Mom and Dad's for dinner. Then I worked on homework for an hour, ran out to Lewisville to run an errand, went to Shoe Pavillion with Mom, (by the way, they carry Fendi and Prada bags-found a Prada bag that I loved, but sadly I do not have $399 to spend on a purse) and then went home. I slept so well last night!

David gets back from Houston today!! I am looking forward to seeing him tomorrow. In the morning, Mom and I are going to Grampa's to clean out my Gran's clothes. He asked us to do that for him. I think it might be a little hard, but I would do anything my Grampa asked of me. He takes such good care of our whole family. So anyhow, we'll be doing that tomorrow morning. Afterwards, I am going to go see David. I think there is a tentative plan for us to meet up with all his sisters, his brother, and all his neices and nephews for a couple hours at the park. I think this sounds like fun, so I am hoping it won't rain. It will be nice to spend some time outside, too!

We're going to try and see Capote this weekend as well. Everyone that I know that has seen it says it's really good. And besides, I need to see at least one of the Oscar-nominated films!

So that's my weekend. I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

What a Day It Was!

After a very busy day at work yesterday, I got to Grampa's house for my martini. As I settled in to drink up, he told me Dad had been in a car accident! He was quick to follow it up with letting me know that Dad was okay, but his airbag had deployed. Mom still came for dinner, and the three of us went to Red Lobster for dinner. After that, I followed Mom back to the house so I could check on Dad, too. He really is fine, but got a couple of small scrapes. Thankfully, the airbag didn't smack him in the face, so he didn't get scraped up there. I am so thankful that he is ok! But to all my friends and family: WEAR YOUR SEATBELTS!

Other than that, not much else to tell. (But that was enough!) I get to relax tonight and take it easy. I get to see David on Saturday! YAY!

Everyone have a good Thursday!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Am I Coming or Going?

It has been an incredibly busy day today! Work is making me crazy, and 4pm won't get here fast enough! (And I am really looking forward to my martini with Grampa!)

I am still doing well in school. Turned in all my homework through today, and I plan to get the rest of it all turned in tomorrow. That way I can spend my weekend uninterrupted with David. :) We're going to watch the Oscars with friends, so that ought to be a blast!

I am looking into joining 24 Hour Fitness because they are offering the new Nike Fitness Dance classes, and that totally appeals to me. I think it would be a really fun way to sweat some pounds off. (I am shooting to lose 25 by my birthday!) David already works out at 24 Hour Fitness, so we could even go work out together. You know what's really nice? He's enthusiastic about me joing so that we can go together. It really helps that he's so supportive of me. It makes it a lot easier to talk to him about sensitive things like dieting and eating healthy. Those aren't things that are easy for me to talk about with just anyone, and he makes it easy to talk about anything. So the point of all this is that in addition to my gym here at work, I would join 24 so that I have a place to work out in the evenings and on the weekends. I will probably do it, but I need to wait until the middle of the month. (You know, that whole budget thing!)

I am really looking forward to dinner with Grampa tonight. Mom might possibly join us because my uncle is doing something wonderfully sneaky: Grampa has an old truck and camper in the back that is getting a little run down looking. There is apparently a show on the TLC channel called "Overhaul" or something like that, and they come and overhaul old vehicles and trick them out. My uncle submitted my an application and talked about Grampa's truck and camper, and they emailed my uncle and they want pictures, so they might be interested. So Mom's task is to take pictures of the truck and camper and not tell Grampa why. She has a story concocted, but I don't recall what it is. If they end up coming to overhaul Grampa's truck and trailer, he would really have fun with that! (He loves gadgets and has a brilliant mind, so he'd have fun with any modifications they made!) Mom might just come to take pictures and leave, but I told her if she comes out that way she might as well stay for dinner too. The more the merrier, right? If they do end up selecting Grampa's truck, I'll post before and after pictures...that would be so cool!

Big shout out to Kim for doing so well with her personal trainer! She is looking good, so all you single guys, look out! :)

And big weekend for Saints and Sinners...they are playing a show in Austin Friday night! Check out details at!

Have a good Wednesday everyone!

PS-David reads the blog now, so "Hi David! I miss you!" (He's in Houston this week on business!)