Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Necessity of Vacation

I know it's a short week this week, but it's already feeling long. It's been so busy here at work, and I am feeling burned out. I think I am just in serious need of this vacation. Thank goodness it's only 4 days away! I'm also having a bit of a headache, so I am feeling kind of cranky today. My co-workers are feeling just like me, so we're a fine group today. (We're shorthanded by 3 people in a department of 8...not a good day for us!)

I began the packing process last night, and for me it really is a process. Many outfits must be planned! Who knows what we'll end up getting to do, so I want to look good. I also don't want to look like crud in any of my pictures, so hence the careful planning. I bought some large bags that you put your clothes in, seal, and then squeeze the air out of and it takes up MUCH less space in the suitcase, so now I can pack even more! I have to pick up a couple more bags on my way home tonight so I can get everything in there. It looks like I can fit everything I want to take! (Very exciting for me!) Anyone who knows me knows that I tend to overpack. Besides...I have to be able to take my makeup. I have a special bag for that, though. (Hey, if you spent as much money on makeup as I do, you'd understand!)

So anyhow, I am going to work on shaking this headache off. Have a good Tuesday!

Monday, May 30, 2005

Now the countdown REALLY begins!

Paris is only 5 days away now! I can hardly believe it! I am going to start making decisions about what to wear tonight...I need to really try to pare down all the stuff I tend to pack when I travel!

Saw The Longest Yard today...it was pretty good, I thought. Somehow, Michael Irvin looks right at home playing a convict. Oops...did I say that? Anyhow, it's a good rainy day flick. Not my favorite, but not too bad. :) I am going to pick up Angela at the airport this afternoon. We were going to swim today, but with the rain and all, I think a good visit will be fine.

Oh, I forgot to update yesterday, but I lost a pound at weigh in! Yay! Got that .5 pound I gained off, and this week I am determined to get in 5 workouts to ensure a loss on the scale. I have to weigh in on Saturday this week because I will be on vacation for my normal weigh in day.

I think that's about it for now. Not quite ready to go back to the grind tomorrow, but only 4 days and then I'm off for a while!! Have a good rest of the holiday!

Sunday, May 29, 2005

I'm actually having a productive weekend!

It's been busy, but I've been getting stuff done. Only 6 days to Paris now, and besides starting to think about what to take, I cleaned out my closet (6 bags to Goodwill, thankyouverymuch!), took out the trash, and started that deep cleaning thing I do before taking a trip. I like to come home to a clean apartment after being gone. Mostly because as soon as I get home, it will look like my suitcase exploded all over, and it takes me a few days to get unpacked and settled in again. Cleo (aka the Grandkitty) is going to stay with Mom and Dad for the week, so she'll come home spoiled and grumpy. The grumpy goes away after a few minutes, but as cats do, I tend to get punished for upsetting the routine. But she has a good time with her grandparents...she gets canned food all the time (yes mom, I know you feed it to her every day!) and she gets to rule the house. Mom and Dad's cat, Little Bit, just does his best to tolerate her...she bosses him around, too.

Went to Kim's last night with Mia and we watched French films...good stuff! We watched Happenstance, which was an excellent film. Audrey Tautou (I bet I spelled her name wrong) is in the film, and if you've seen her in Amelie, you'll enjoy her in this as well. Nice, happy film. We watched about half of a French musical, but we all agreed it wasn't the best. We were all getting sleepy, too, so we called it a night. What a relaxing evening!!

I have my weigh-in three hours from now. I am hoping it will be better than last week. I was careful of what I ate and got a little more exercise in, so it should go much better. I'll update this afternoon and let you all know.

Until then, continue to enjoy your holiday weekend!

Friday, May 27, 2005

The Longest Week...EVER!

Thank God it's Friday!! This week has lasted an eternity! We get off at 2pm today and I am one happy girl. It's already been a beating here today...server trouble...STILL!!! I am so grateful that it's a long weekend. :)

Christy is cutting my hair tonight and I am also quite happy about that. It's so long right now it's hard to do much with it. And it's so thick it gets really hot in the summer, so trimming it a bit will be so nice. Plus, I want to look my best in paris! (8 MORE DAYS!!)

My friend Cindy's daughter, Sarah, graduates high school this weekend, so big shout out to Sarah! (Congrats, girl!) She's graduating from my alma mater (go Trojans!). I can't believe I've been out of high school for 15 years. Funny...I don't feel old!

So other than that, no big news today. It's going to be a good weekend...lots of sun and relaxation! Weigh in on Sunday should go better this week, so I will post some good news on Sunday!

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Isn't it the weekend YET??

Man, this week is just dragging! I don't know if it's because it's been a rough week in the office or if I'm on the big Paris countdown, but whichever it is, it's a whipping!!

I went to visit Gran last night. She was sleeping really hard so I stayed for 45 minutes hoping she would wake up, but she was out like a light, so back home I went. Today she is getting her hair done at the salon in the nursing home, and she is looking forward to that. I think it will be a boost for her spirits. Mom is taking off a half day to be with her at the salon, so I am looking forward to a good report.

Tomorrow, since it's the day before a holiday, we will be getting off work early and I am really excited about that! A three and a half day weekend! That's awesome! Going to a party at Kim's on Saturday, and I am picking up Angela at the airport on Monday afternoon, and then we're going to take a dip in her pool. (Hopefully it will be much warmer than on Tuesday!) Other than that, I need to spend some time deciding what to take on my trip. This is my last weekend before leaving!! (Wow...that's been a long time coming!)

So anyhow, have a good Thursday!

Oh, and Holly...I may take you up on your offer to hang at the pool!!

One more thing...9 DAYS UNTIL PARIS!!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

10 Days to Paris!!!

It's really coming up fast! I can hardly wait to go, and I am very ready for a vacation!

Last night I had dinner with Angela, and we had such a good time! We ate dinner at Souper Salad and then went back to her house to swim. The pool was FREEZING!! So the swimming didn't last very long, but we dried off and visited until about 11pm. It ws nice to just sit and chat. Since she left the office, we haven't had as much time to get together and we're just going to have to do better about that.

Tonight I am going to visit with Gran. I understand the weather is supposed to get crummy, so hopefully it will be okay for me to drive over to see her. Mom says Gran is really depressed, so I am hoping to cheer her up. Roses are always good for that, so I am going to take her some.

I have a lot of stuff to wrap up before I leave town, so I'll be kind of swamped over the next few days getting things done. Bear with me if you are trying to get a hold of me and you don't hear back right away...so much to do!!

One more thing...I have a birthday looming on the horizon (June22), and it's looking like we're going to go to Monica's in Deep Ellum. Not sure of the day yet, but you'll get an email from Mia Emmert with the details once we get things squared away. (Monica's is very affordable for everyone, so I won't do the far pricier Melting Pot this year...although it is SOOO good!)

That's all for now! Have a good Wednesday.


Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Monday carrying over into Tuesday

What a day! And it's not even noon yet! Still having server issues at work, but then on top of that, I am angry at AMEX Travel Services. I had ordered a travel card last week (5/17) and got a confirmation number as well as an email. I noticed today that the charge had still not been posted to my checking account, so I called AMEX to check on the status. Apparently, because I didn't put a # in front of my apartment number, it got declined and no one called to tell me this. So after getting transferred three times, I finally managed to just place an order for another one. However, I had to pay a $10 fee to have it expedited. I argued this, but was told no one could waive that for me. We'll see about that...they haven't heard the last from me.

I'm having dinner with Angela tonight and swimming some laps in her pool...that's going to be a nice way to unwind! Christy is cutting my hair Friday night...yay! I found a new 'do that I want, so I'll post a picture after she cuts it.

So that's it for now. Have a good afternoon!

Monday, May 23, 2005

Not a big fan of Mondays

I woke up this morning and really just wanted to stay in bed. I didn't have to come in until 9am, so I got to sleep a little later than normal, which is really nice. But this means I am stuck at work until 6pm, which isn't my idea of fun, but that's ok. I can get a lot of stuff done that way.

When I came in this morning, I was bombarded with calls because we had a server migration this weekend, and apparently no one tested anything, so nobody can access our new company website. Not a good way to get started! So it's crazy with all that going on and trying to get things up and running again. I am crossing my fingers that everything will be repaired by early afternoon. Fortunately, everyone I have talked to has been very understanding so that's nice...nothing like being yelled at for something you can't control!

So tonight, I am going to go for a walk and then help my mom paint the ceiling in the hallway. That way I get some exercise and help get some stuff done at my parents house.

Oh...fabulous news! I bought the train tickets to London today! We're going to take the tran under the English Channel and hang out in London for a day. Kim knows someone in London, so we are working on getting a more personalized tour. I told kim as long as I get to see the changing of the guard, I'm happy!! How fun...getting to see a little bit of London through the eyes of a native! I hope it works out! :) Cool little bit about the train ride...going over we're in "2nd" class, but coming back we're in First class! We'll be served dinner and champagne in our "roomier, more comfortable" seats! How cool is that? (It was cheaper to do it that way!)

That's the news for today. Have a good Monday!

Sunday, May 22, 2005

It was bound to happen

Well, it happened. I gained 1/2 pound this week. I have no idea how, though. Everyone says it's my body adjusting to all the weight I've lost, but it's very upsetting to me. This week I am going to make the time to work out as much as possible, and hopefully that will make the difference. Ugh!

I haven't done too much today. I did work out pretty hard, I visited Gran, went to WW, and had dinner with the family. No big news. Sorry for the uneventful post...just a little blue about the weight gain. Now my total is 53 pounds. Stupid old half pound!

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Tickets in Hand!!

So Kim and I went and picked up all our travel documents this morning!! (Holy cow...we're going to Paris!) It was very exciting and lots of fun! We celebrated by having a lite lunch and then shopping at Target. Yes, shopping is a sickness for me...no need to lecture! So then it was home to relax on the couch. I have been watching my Friends DVDs that Dad bought for me. I love watching those things!

And that has been the extent of my lazy day. But now we have everything we need to go! Monday we'll be buying the train tickets to London. Man, I can't wait!! Two weeks from today!!!!

Friday, May 20, 2005


I know I was off yesterday, but I am really glad it's Friday! It's been a long week and I am very ready to relax! Kim and I are picking up all our travel documents from Dillard's Travel tomorrow - 15 days to Paris!!! That's the scheduled high point of my weekend. I have nothing else going right now, and I am good with that! I am working until 6pm tonight (yuck!) and then after that I am hading home. I'll most likely grab something tasty for dinner and stay home and watch movies. I really need to clean the apartment and stuff like that, so I will do that tonight as well. Wow...I'm getting exciting in my old age!

So I have a birthday coming up in about a month...I was thinking a night at Monica's in Deep Ellum...lots of tasty food and drinks and salsa dancing. Then we can always head over to the Velvet Hookah for drinks! (I don't want to do the hookah, I just like their martinis!) Whatever we do, I want some dancing involved! I am feeling the need to shake my groove thang. :)

So as of today, Christy and Rich are getting married in Vegas. Oh, does this sound familiar? Yes? Oh yeah...because that was the original plan! This wedding has been all over the map about what they want to do. Vegas is great with me, but they want to do it in October and now I need to save for that, too. It's going to be a lot of fun, but this is a financially tight year with my Paris trip already! (Man, I really hope I get this promotion!) But it's going to be a lot of fun and I'm glad they are back to the original plan because it's what they really want. What am I going to do about a dress? I keep changing sizes all the time with my weight loss! What will I look like in 5 months??

That's about it for today. Have a happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Big Day at the Movies

So Dad and I went to see Episode III this morning, and we really enjoyed it! We started the day at 8am and had breakfast at IHOP. Then we went on to Tinseltown in Grapevine, thinking we'd get there early, but we didn't expect much in the way of crowds...we hadn't ever experienced any in all the years we've been going to see the Star Wars films. We were wrong this time! There was a long line that stretched to the end of the building! However, we had been smart enough to buy our tickets in person earlier this week, so we avoided all that and got right in and got what I believe to be the best seats in the house. The movie was great! Yes, there were some cheesy lines, but overall, I enjoyed it! I won't give anything away (Star Wars fans know how it ends, anyhow) but if you like the series, you'll enjoy the movie. I'm sad that there aren't any more to look forward to!

So after that, we had lunch at Subway and then I dashed off to get the long-expired registration sticker for my car. They look so different this time! (I think they look fake!) So that's done, and now I am going to go get copies of my apartment key made so that my folks can check on my apartment when I am out of town. (in 16 days!)

Just as an aside, you guys would be proud of me...at IHOP this morning I had 2 of the small pancakes, and I brought my own sugar free syrup. Laugh if you want, but I've lost 53.5 pounds and I won't let syrup de-rail my success!

I talked to Christy...we're having dinner tonight. Apparently, the wedding is on for October! (News to me!) So tonight we are looking through wedding magazines. Damn..I was hoping to be at my goal weight for her wedding!! But yay that we get to plan a wedding! Now I really have to hop to it to plan the shower! We have five months to get this thing together! This ought to be fun! :)

I visited with Gran last night, and she's cooperating with her PTs and doing her exercises! This is very good news for the family...we don't like having her in a nursing home, so anything that moves her in the direction of going home is a very good thing!

Have a great afternoon everyone! :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A Lovely Evening on the Patio

After a long day at work, Dad and I had dinner at Don Pablo's last night, and then we bought our tickets to see Star Wars tomorrow...I can't wait!! 10am tomorrow!! Then we headed over to Best Buy to buy an armband for my iPod but I didn't find the one I wanted. However, my father was extremely generous and bought me a SATC dvd and two seasons of Friends...Thanks Dad!! We headed home after that, and then I came back to my place because I hadn't been home yet and Cleo needed some dinner! After a quick assessment of the pantry I made a run to Target to grocery shop, and naturally I had to buy a non-grocery item. I highly recommend the new cd by The Killers-it ROCKS! (Track 2 is incredible!) And after putting all the groceries away, I decided to relax on the patio...what a great decision! I took my iPod out there and a big glass of water and just kicked back and relaxed. What a great way to recharge...I've just been so busy lately that I have really needed to do that stuff more and more!

The night before I head to Paris, I think I would love to have drinks out on a patio somewhere...if anyone is interested, let me know and we can arrange something! Maybe the patio at On the Border? We can figure something out. I'd just love to hang out with everyone!

By the way...I am wearing a pair of jeans I bought on the 16th of April, and they are now entirely too big! They look stupid big, and I really don't want to buy anything else right now! Man...I love Weight Watchers!!! :)

I don't really have any other news. Tonight I am going to go see my Gran and then go home and exercise. Have a good Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Joy of Shopping

Last night after work, my mother and I went shoe shopping. I have managed to justify my need for shoes by reminding myself that I have no really good walking shoes for my Paris trip, so off to Nordstrom's we went. I had found what I wanted online and just wanted to try on a similar style for size purposes, but the ones the guy brought out were spectacular and VERY comfortable, so naturally, I bought them. I also bought the incredibly comfortable $109 sandals he brought out, too. (They really are amazing!) For most people, that would have been enough. Am I most people? Oh no...off to Dillard's we went from there. And yes, I bought yet another pair of shoes. They are these absolutely fabulous Doc Martens in a really cool Mary Jane style. They're a blackened burgundy color, and I am so in love with them! I did manage to stop with the third pair, so can I call that restraint?

I missed the Everybody Loves Raymond finale. I hope it was good...I wish I had seen it, but the mall was calling my name. Besides, don't I get to count shopping as cardio activity? My heart was racing while I was trying on shoes!

Tonight, Dad and I are having dinner and then going to purchase our tickets for Episode III. We're both off on Thursday to see the movie. I remember seeing it with him when it first came out in the theater backin the 70s, so this is our tradition. We're going to have breakfast first, and then off to see the 10am showing. I'm so excited! :)

I'm committing to exercise tonight. I've been a little relaxed about that and I need to get back into the swing of things. So on that note, I need to get some work done. Have a good Tuesday!

Monday, May 16, 2005

Finally! I had some time to unwind!

I had a great weekend! I got to spend time doing things just for me...which proved to be dangerous because I shopped like a maniac! I redecorated my bathroom, bought new clothes, a little bit of MAC, and spent some really good time with my grandparents. It was wonderful! My parents had a good weekend, too...they went up to Winstar Casino in OK, and Dad won over $2000 on a slot machine! He's so excited! He bought dinner last night at Saltgrass to celebrate.

Speaking of celebrating, I lost a pound yesterday! (My body does that...two weeks of bigger losses, and then a smaller loss, then back to the bigger loss) This brings the grand total to 53.5!! I would love to have 60 off by the time I head to Paris, but I am leaving in 19 days and that might be tough, but I am going to do my best!! I got lots of good tips in my WW meeting yesterday from people who have been and managed to stay on plan, and I think I can do it! I'm so excited! (19 days...holy cow!)

I went to see Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Friday night, but my week caught up with me and I slept through the whole thing. Sorry, but I can't provide a review for you. However...I am off work Thursday so my Dad and I can go see the last of the Star Wars movies! That's our thing...we always take off and go see them together. We'll be seeing a 10am showing so I will posting my thoughts on it, but I won't give anything away. I hate when people do that!

One quick thing for those of you who have been so kind as to add a link to my blog on your site...I am still learning how to blogroll, so as soon as I have that mastered, I will add a link to your blog to my site. :) (and pictures...I'm working on that as well!)

Other than that, I have no big news. Have a good Monday!

Friday, May 13, 2005

Shopping and other joyful things

Whenever I am stressed or down, I have discovered that consumer therapy is very helpful for me. There's nothing like a trip to the MAC Cosmetics counter in Dillard's to make my world right. (Is it sad that they know me by name there?) Last night, I bought a new eye shadow and a lipgloss, and I am a happy girl today. :) It's a sickness, I know. Those of you that know me well know that my makeup drawer is a source of happiness for me. (And shame, when I think about how much I have spend on high-end cosmetics) I also bought some new sparkly flip-flops at Old Navy that might just be my new favorites. Hey, it's been a stressful week and I needed to treat myself!

Tonight, it's dinner and a movie and that may be it for me. I've just been so tired this week, and I haven't been able to catch a break. So tomorrow is MY day. I'm doing the things I want to do, and I'm having some "me" time. Let me tell you, I can't wait! I think there may be a little shopping involved, but it will most likely be limited to a shower curtain and a new pair of shoes. I am also thinking that a trip to Starbucks with a good book might be nice, too. I just need some quiet activites to relax me and help me get back in my groove.

Any movie suggestions from any of you? I haven't seen anything in a while, so everything is new to me!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

It's amazing how tired stress can make you!

My interview went well yesterday, despite all my anxiety! Once I got in there, I was able to relax and answer the questions. If they don't select me for this, it's just not meant to be. :) However, after being so stressed all day yesterday, I was absolutely exhausted last night. I can't remember the time I felt so worn down. I wasn't ready to get up this morning, that's for sure. I'm going to let myself sleep in on Saturday morning. I haven't gotten to do that in quite a while.

I still feel really tired today. My Gran isn't doing as well as we would like. She's so unhappy being in a nursing home, but we just don't have any other options. My Grandfather is looking a little tired, but he's such a trouper and he is so dedicated to my Gran and making sure she has the best care.

I think I may try and get a manicure/pedicure this weekend. I need a treat!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Pre-Interview Jitters

Well, today is part two of interviews for the promotion I am working on. Today's interview feels more stressful, as I am interviewing with the VP over the Operations department, and also with the Supplier Relations manager. It should go well, but I'm feeling nervous about it. I have to wait until 3pm today to get that over with, so I have all day to stew about it. Ugh!

I saw Stephanie last night, and that poor girl is bruised and cut on just about every inch of her body. Thank God she wasn't killed! I am so glad she's ok. I hope that jerk that hit her feels guilty for the rest of his life, but the reality is that he didn't seem to feel too bad about not stopping to see if she was ok. What goes around comes around, so he'll get his in the end one of these days.

Going to go see Gran tonight, and I am looking forward to it. I haven't seen her since Sunday so I am looking forward to seeing how she is doing. Mom says that she is really down about being in a nursing home, and I don't blame her. However, it is a very beautiful place and the staff seems nice so far. I wish Gran could muster the energy to give her PT another try, but she just can't right now. Maybe one day soon.

I think that's it for now. I'll update later and let you know how the interview went.

2:06pm - 54 minutes to go. I am so nervous. I'm ready to get this over with!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Feeling like a superstar these days!

I must confess, it feels really amazing to accomplish a big goal, and getting 52.5 pounds makes me feel so good! :) Not to mention that my friends and family are spoiling me like mad! I have decided that the best way to use the special treat from Holly is to turn around and use that money to pay for a month of WW dues, so thank you so much for contributing to future success, girl! I still need to scan the latest monthly photo so you can see the difference. It's pretty amazing. Sometimes I can't see a difference in my body because I look at it all the time, but looking at the pictures really helps me to trck the progress. (That and buying smaller sizes in my clothes!)

After work today I am taking dinner to my friend Stephanie. She was in a very bad car accident on Saturday, and I am very lucky she is still with us. And even better, she just has a few stitches and bruises (and is extremely sore!) but she's in good shape. Her brother said that the only part of the car not destroyed was the drivers seat. Some jerk cut her off and clipped her car, which sent her into a concrete median, and the she bounced off that, rolled a few times and landed in a ditch. The jerk that hit her didn't stop, and no one got the license plate number. I hope he thinks he killed her and has to live with that for the rest of his life. So all this to say, I am going to take her some dinner and hug her carefully! I've lost enough people in my life, and I can't bear the idea of losing her, too. Fortunately I don't have to worry about that, but it's scary to think that I might have been close.

On to something more cheerful! 24 days to Paris!!!

Monday, May 09, 2005

An Ode to Holly

I need to start today's post with a big thank you to a special friend. Holly has been not just a great friend to me, but my own personal cheerleader through my weight loss. Today I get back to my desk to find a beautiful bouquet of daisies (my favorite flower!!) and a special card with another gift inside...$1 for every pound I've lost! This is way to generous, and she shouldn't have done it, but how special for me to get to celebrate my weight loss like this! I'm going to save that money for something very special...not sure what yet, but it's going to be great! But way more than that, I really appreciate her encouragement and her friendship. I am lucky enough to have someone like Holly in my life. As I have gotten older, I realize just how important it is to have a special group of friends that you know you can always count on. Thanks, Holly, for being one of those people in my life!

On another note, I interviewed for the Service Recovery Manager position this morning. It went well, and I have another interview on Wednesday. Keep sending good thoughts!

Sunday, May 08, 2005

I didn't lose a half pound...

I lost 3 pounds!!! My grand total is now 52.5 pounds! I was so excited I just about cried! I've never had this kind of success before, and I am so proud! I've really learned to be disciplined, and it's paying off! Now I'd like to shoot for 60 pounds off by June 4th (the day I leave for Paris!). My Gran told me today how proud she was that I'm doing this, and it meant so much! Mom and I spent the morning with my grandparents, then on to WW. We're going to spend the evening relaxing and making dinner together. I'm going to give my mom a Mother's Day pedicure and back rub, too.

Not to dwell on this or anything, but holy cow! I can't believe I've lost 52.5 pounds! If I had anything else to blog about, it's out the window now...my weight loss is about the only thing I can concentrate on today!

And don't forget to hug your mom today!

Friday, May 06, 2005

I understand why we should savor every moment with the ones we love

I had a really good night last night, and I wasn't expecting it. To bring everyone up to speed, my Gran hasn't been doing as well as we would like. She hasn't been able to do her PT, so she still can't walk and it's very frustrating to her. She's been battling depression, and with everything he's been through in the last few months, I can't blame her one bit. My mother went to see her on Wednesday night, and it wasn't good. Gran was very confused, very disoriented and incoherent at times, so when I was on my way to see her last night I didn't know what to expect, and that can be a little scary. So when I got to her room she was sleeping, but she was a bit shaky in her sleep. I sat next to her and just asked God to be merciful. Then she woke up and was very lucid and knew where she was, what day it was... everything! We had a great visit! She's being moved to a nursing home today, which is a difficult step for our whole family, but my grandfather has visited the facility several times, checked the BBB for any complaints, done a lot of research, and he feels this is a safe place for her to be. We all wish she was going home, but my grandfather just can't take care of her by himself. (He's 85 and just can't do it) Gran told me last night that she wasn't scared, but that she was just "curious" to see how things would be at the new place. I love her so much and I hate this for her, but maybe more time for her body to recover will be helpful. As I rubbed her legs for her last night, her shaking really subsided, and I guess I like to think I was able to help her relax and rest. We talked about so many things, and I got a little weepy on the way home because I was feeling so grateful for such a good visit. I'm going to spend a big part of Saturday with her in the new place, and I thought roses would be a nice way to brighten her room. It's just a small something I can do for her that might bring a little cheer.

Still trying to make sure I get that .5 pound off. I haven't gotten as much exercise in this week as I had hoped, but I got in more than last week, so cross your fingers!

Have a lovely Friday everyone! :)

FYI...four weeks from tomorow Kim and I leave for Paris!!

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Still worried about that .5 pound

Christy cut my hair last night...MUCH BETTER! (I hope it was .5 pound worth of hair she cut off!) It was just getting way too long and heavy to do anything with. It's so nice to have cute, sassy hair again! :) We ate dinner at Souper!Salad! (our favorite place!) and it was great! We were talking about things to do for my birthday next month, and she mentioned maybe a weekend trip to New Orleans. It sounds good, but I won't have been back from Paris very long and I don't know that I can afford a trip that quickly after returning. We'll see. I just want to do something fun with all my friends, so maybe a night out with everyone in town, and then Christy and I can go somewhere a little later on at the end of summer or beginning of fall. (I kinda like to be with my whole gang for my birthday...I need support from all my other 30-somethings!) I was thinking about dinner at the Melting Pot again. Everyone always has so much fun there, and the food is just delicious!! Then maybe going somewhere and dancing afterwards? That sounds like fun to me. Or even somewhere for drinks and socializing? I'll be discussing with my friends to see what everyone thinks. I just want my good friends with me, and we're fun everywhere we go!

Okay, so only 3 days to weigh-in...I have GOT get that .5 pound off of me!!

PS-Anyone know how to add a counter to my blog?

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Creative ways to lose a half pound

I figure that getting my hair cut might help shed that .5 pound, so Christy is coming over tonight to join me for dinner and cut my hair. (Really, I just need a haircut, but it so happens that I am trying to get that .5 pound off as well.) We're going to eat at our favorite place, Souper!Salad! and I can't wait! We're such salad junkies! Or are we just two big nerds? Eh, could be either.

Mia came over for dinner last night and we went for a nice brisk walk. My apartment complex has a nicely landscaped creek running through it, and the trail goes around the creek so it makes for a very peaceful walk. I think I may try to start walking the creek in the evenings since it's so nice. I've been using the treadmill because I can crank up the incline and really break a sweat, but the fresh air is so nice! (However, the weather is a bit crummy right now...it feels a lot like Seattle out there!)

Special note...Kim and I leave for Paris one month from today! (30 days!!)

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The 165sf Piece of Paradise

I bought patio plants yesterday evening, and I must say that my patio looks lovely! Lots of color...makes me want to spend more time out there! I sat out there last night and enjoyed the evening, and it was a nice way to wind down. Maybe tonight I will take a glass of wine out there with me. Actually, tonight my girls are coming over to have our long overdue "Makeup Swap". Everyone is bringing makeup/shampoo/misc beauty items to trade. We figure one girl's trash is another girl's treasure, so we're giving it a shot! :) (**special note...the swap didn't happen due to scheduling issues. We'll be rescheduling at a later date)

My company has just changed it's corporate logo, and we had a big unveiling party yesterday. I know some people don't care much for it, but I like it ok. It's simple...nothing fancy about it but it feels like a fresh start for the company. And best of all, they are giving us lots of new goodies! We got new badges today, and our new business cards come in tomorrow. We also got t-shirts and some fun little knick-knacks. And I ate a cupcake...man, it was good! So naturally, I worked out like a fiend last night to make up for it! (I MUST lose that .5 pound this week to make it an even 50 pounds!!)

I think that's all the excitement for now. Have a great day!

Monday, May 02, 2005

The Elusive Fifty

So I weighed in at WW yesterday...it was a great day! I lost 2.5 pounds! I was hoping to lose 3 to make it an even fifty pounds off, but I have to settle for 49.5 this week. (Please know that I am NOT pouting about this! I'm very happy!) But next week, I know it's going to be good news!!

I got to have dinner last night with some friends I had not seen in ages! My friend Andy and his wife, Melissa, who are expecting a baby, and my friend Robbyn. Kevin was there as well, and it was a lot of fun! We were celebrating Robbyn's 5 year transplant anniversary. She has a quadruple transplant 5 years ago (you may have seen her on the news when all that was happening) She looks great and is in wonderful spirits. She is having a hip replacement in the relatively near future, so she's a little slower getting around right now, but she's such a survivor! It was wonderful to see her!

So now I need to get some work done...we'll all be out of the office this afternoon to unveil our new corporate logo. can you believe they are spending a fortune on a new logo and tag line? Hey, it's time out of the office!