Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A Sense of Normal

Today was the day we laid my beautiful Gran to rest. I was waiting all day for this to be when I just broke down and lost it, but that hasn't happened yet. The funeral was lovely, and I am sure that my Gran would have been pleased, but would have told us we were all foolish to make such a fuss over her. (and she would have most definitely used the word foolish!) We were so pleasantly surprised at the turnout of people. And three of my dearest and most special friends came out to offer their support, so a very special thank you to Mia, Joseph and Kevin. Words simply cannot express how much it meant to have you share this day with me. My Grampa summed it up perfectly: It was a sad and happy day today. My Gran always used to say that if we felt a breeze on the back of our necks at the funeral it was her. When we stood in the sweltering heat at the grave, Joseph lifted my hair off my neck as my cousin, Jen, asked me if I could feel it...a strong breeze came from nowhere, and I know it was my Gran doing just as she promised me. It was a small sign I had been hoping for all week, so it was a special moment for me. I feel peaceful right now, but I have my ups and downs. I am looking forward to getting back to some sense of normal. My Wednesdays were always spent with my Gran, but my Grampa and I are going to start having dinner every week. He's a great man and I love him so much.

It was good for me to sit down and read all my friends' blogs and see that there are other things going on in the world. I miss my daily interactions with so many of you. Don't be surprised to hear from me in the next few days as I start to re-enter the real world again. Everything has been such a blur. My cousin and I are going to get together when he gets off work tomorrow night and hang out. His wife is out of town and I think he may be feeling lost like me. It's a strange feeling when you truly don't know what to do with yourself and you don't know what you need.

So forgive me if I digress from time to time and talk about my Gran. I really like to keep things silly and fun here, but she is such an important part of my life. I know my last few posts have been downers, but things are looking up. I also want to say thanks to everyone who has so kindly offered condolences. I appreciate every kind word and thought more than I can ever say. Please know that I thank God for you all. You have helped me through a very painful time for me. And Blonde, I appreciate so much the connection we share. Thank you again for your support.

Tomorrow Mom and I are making cookies to take to the nursing home staff as a thank you. If you could see the love and respect with which they treated my Gran, you would love them as much as I do. :) How nice to know there are people like that in the world!

Have a wonderful day and hugs to each and every one of you out there!

Monday, September 26, 2005

Remembering My Gran

Edwina Christian Moller
1919 - 2005

Edwina Christian Moller, 86, passed away peacefully Friday, Sept. 23, 2005, in Fort Worth with her family at her side.

Memorials may be made to the Salvation Army.

Edwina was born Sept. 22, 1919, in Stambaugh, Mich., to John Christian and Eleanor Kelly. She trained as a pediatric nurse in Chicago, where she met her husband, Robert. They were married for 64 years. Together, they traveled extensively throughout the United States and many foreign countries. She loved travel, reading, needlework and, especially, her beloved kitty, Cozy.

Survivors: Husband, Robert Moller; daughters, Gail Moller Stewart and her husband, Frank of Bedford, Ann Moller Hungerford of Fort Worth; son, Robert Moller and his wife, Goldie of Cedar Park; grandchildren, Jennifer Stewart of Bedford, Darren Hungerford, Craig Hungerford and his wife, Jennifer of Arlington; great-granddaughter, Ashley Hungerford of Arlington.

Published in the Star-Telegram from 9/26/2005 - 9/27/2005.

Friday, September 23, 2005

A Prayer Request

I lost my Gran tonight. I feel a little lost and so oddly enough, this is what I chose to do. I need to write about her just a little.

She was a smart, independant woman. She traveled the world and saw things most of us could only hope to see in our lifetime. And she was warm and loving. Her last words were "I love you", and they were to me. I held her hand when she passed, and it was a peacful, beautiful moment. I am very lucky to have shared that with her.

So please, when you say your next prayers, thank God for his mercy. She isn't suffering any more.

I think I won't be blogging for a few days. I'll write again next week. Thank you to all of you who have kept my family in your thoughts for so long. I love you all.

Enjoying the Day, In Spite of the News

I got to sleep in this morning, and it was wonderful! (This means I didn't wake up until7!) I turned on the news and was greeting with all the info on that terrible bus crash. For those readers not in the DFW area, that crash was just a few miles south of Dallas. Top it off with the doom and gloom reporting of the the hurricane looming and the irrational craziness of everyone rushing to buy gas and water, it's like a madhouse here. I even got info on what to do in an emergency from my apartment complex. People, I think we'll be ok. I picked up some food last night but only because there's a chance if we get any storms we might lose power, but I doubt it would be for very long. I am ready to get on with fall!!

I am going to the gym in 30 minutes. This is the one I am dreading: Jacqueline promised me one heck of a workout. I'm scared! I'll let you know what that means if I can move later.

Tonight is Salsa dancing night!! I'm excited about that! I can test out my new moves and see how it goes! Hopefully I will get some pictures and then you all can laugh along with me!

That's it for now. Everyone have a great Friday!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

My Friday

I am taking the day off tomorrow, so this is like Friday for me here in the office. I was originally going to go to the ACL Music Festival, but the tickets sold out and finances dictated that it was better to stay home. But I am ok with that! I am looking forward to taking it easy.

Tomorrow I am sleeping in a little bit, but I am seeing my trainer at 1pm tomorrow. I have been fairly warned that she is going to work me very hard, so I am to eat a good lunch. I hope I don't die! I am salsa dancing tomorrow night and I am really looking forward to that!! Still planning my wardrobe...I want to look festive. I have a great pair of (smaller) black pants and a great top that are the best candidates so far. I think I'll put my hair up to keep my neck cool...this salsa dancing makes me very hot! (It's one heck of a workout!)

I've been going to bed at 9 every night, and it's been a good thing. I am finally catching up on my sleep and feeling more energized. (Jacqueline could tell on Tuesday that I wasn't in my best condition!) It's amazing how not getting enough sleep can affect you! I'm going to work out hamstrings are sore and I need to get them moving!

Have a good Thursday everyone!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Pointless and Silly

Saw this on another blog and thought it would be interesting to share:

7 Things I Plan to do Before I Die
1) Visit the Isle of Man (where my family is from)
2) Learn to play acoustic guitar
3) Be down to my ideal weight
4) Finish school
5) Own a BMW
6) Get good at Salsa dancing
7) Learn to walk gracefully in heels

7 Things I Can Do
1) Sing
2) Name all the states alphabetically
3) Tie a knot in a cherry stem with my tongue
4) I can multi-task like a pro
5) Make phenomenal chocolate chip cookies (mom's recipe-YUM!)
6) Make friends in any situation - I'm very outgoing!
7) Run for 2.5 minutes on the treadmill. Not a lot for most people, but an accomplishment for me right now!

7 Things I Cannot Do
1) Draw
2) Tolerate closed minded people
3) Say no to chocolate
4) Find my way around a foreign country...I seem to get lost a lot!
5) Pass by a MAC counter without stopping to look
6) Bunjee jump. I don't even want to try it!
7) Keep my plants alive. Those poor babies, I am bad luck for plants!

7 Things I Say Most Often
1) "Right on" or "Right"
2) "However"
3) "Perhaps"
4) "Fabulous!"
5) "Jacked up" (as in "that is so jacked up!")
6) "Whatever"
7) "Hello, friend!"

7 Celebrity Crushes
1) Adrian Brody
2) Johnathan Rhys-Myers
3) Benicio del Toro
4) Andersen Cooper
5) Jason Lewis
6) Trent Reznor
7) Joe Niewendyk

7 Things That Annoy Me
1) Slow drivers in the left lane
2) People who don't keep their promises
3) Constant lateness
4) Lack of consideration for others
5) Bad grammar/spelling
6) People who have to "keep up with the Joneses"
7) Bad service in restaurants

This was harder to do than I thought it would be!

SATC is the Most Truthful Show Ever

I am, and will always be, a very big fan of Sex and the City (SATC). I think this show provided a good insight into what it's like for us single gals. I say this because over the last week, there have been two incidences in which life has imitated art very closely. The most recent one involving my trainer. She was telling me last night that she and her fiancee have officially broken up. But it's how he did it that really hurt her. She was in the middle of training a client on Monday and she went up to the front of the gym for something and he puller her aside and told her he needed to come by and pick up his stuff from her house because they were over. Now really, is this how you would want someone to treat you? This reminded me of the SATC episode where Berger breaks up with Carrie on a post-it note. She then runs into his friends at a club and says a few regretful things, and his friends tell her that guys do things like that because women cry about breakups. And then Carrie makes the most important point: A woman wants an ending to a relationship to honor what they had together. So for my trainer, a two year relationship that was headed towards a wedding was ended with a two minute conversation about picking up his stuff from her garage. As you can well imagine, it was hell for her to try and get through the day. And as if it needed to be more insulting, Doug (her ex-boyfriend) told everyone at the gym before she even got there. So she was the last to know. Classy.

So this brought to mind some of my biggest relationship concerns, which can pretty well be summed up as a fear of the unexpected. Guys, when you date someone, if you need to break up or have a concern, talk to your girlfriend. Be open about things. Yes, she might cry and feel sad, but have enough respect for what you had to tell her in a private moment when you can talk about it. You can feel better about yourself down the line when you realize you did it the best way you could.

So onto a far less serious topic...I watched Dancing with the Stars last night, and I just LOVE John O'Hurley! (Who wouldn't love Mr. Peterman from Seinfeld?) I love the dancing and I really think John got shafted when they didn't win the original competition. I tried to call in my vote, but the phones were tied up and I couldn't get through. I never watch this kind of stuff, but I really enjoyed this show immensely! (What a dork, right?)

I worked out last night (leg night) and I am sore today! I bet tomorrow will be worse! I am taking the day off on Friday and we are going to work out at 1pm. I have been warned to be ready because we're going to push me very hard...interval training and super sets. I wonder if I'll be able to move Friday evening? I'm going salsa dancing with the class, and I hope I'll be able to get my groove on!

That's it for today. Have a great day. Sorry I started out a little preachy, but my trainer has become a friend and I hate when my friends are hurting.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Not Much to Report

It's Tuesday and it's not an exciting day. It's been busy at work and I didn't sleep well last night so I am tired.

I've just been overwhelmed at work with my regular job duties and then adding on the fact that I am heading up the Katrina Relief stuff for my division, I am swamped! We've managed for secure and deliver beds to 19 people who were sleeping on the floor of their new homes. We've also collected tons of housewares and we're still trying to get more for the families we've "adopted". It's good feeling to do this for others. Hopefully if I am ever in that position, people would be willing to help me, too.

Friday night is Salsa dancing! My class is going to a restaurant for dancing, and the instructors will be there to dance with us and have a great time. I've been really enjoying the classes and it's great exercise. My last class as a level one beginner is Saturday, and then I am moving up to level two. If I end up staying with this for a while, I'm going to buy some super fun salsa dancing shoes. They also have a competitive dance team and that might be fun to think about in the future. I'm not anywhere near that level right now...I'm just tying to learn the steps!

I think that's it for today. There's not much going on besides work. Tonight is leg night with my trainer. I really like her. She was engaged to the owner of the gym, but the recently called off the wedding because of some issues they wanted to work on. It looks more and more like they're going to break up, and she promised me that she'll continue to work at the gym. I hope so! If she goes anywhere else, I will too! This woman gets results out of me! But I really admire how she made such a hard decision (calling off her wedding). I think it might have been the best thing. I like the owner of the gym a lot, but no matter how wonderful someone is, if it's not going to work, you can't force it.

So NOW that's it for today. Have a good Tuesday everyone!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Monday Always Comes Too Soon

I'm never ready for Mondays to roll around! Hope everyone had a good weekend. My parents made it back from the coast and they had a lovely time.

Friday night I went out with Joseph for dinner and we met Mia. Her husband's band (Saints and Sinners) was playing later that night, so we went out to hear them and had a great time. Saturday was Salsa lessons (always a good time and a hard workout!), and then Saturday night Angela and I went to dinner. We went to Ama Lur at the Gaylord Resort. Good food! We ran into a coworker and had a glass of wine with them and really enjoyed ourselves. I got her the 2nd Bridget Jones movie as a birthday gift so we watched most of that.

Sunday I went to go see Gran, and she isn't doing great. She is just feeling yucky and not motivated to do her therapy at all. I am starting to think that she may not walk again, but I am hoping that isn't the case.

Also, great day at WW! I lost 2.5 more pounds for a total of 77.5 now!! I'm so excited about that!!

So that's it in a nutshell. Michael had to work Saturday night, so I am hoping to hear from him today.

Have a good Monday everyone!

Friday, September 16, 2005

The Morning After

I had the best date I've ever had last night! Here's the recap:

Michael and I had a great time last night! We met up at Sherlock's and had drinks (I got there a little early to have a drink to take the edge off...he was running a little late so I had two. I no longer had an edge at all, but that's a good thing since you guys know how worked up about this I was!) We talked non-stop for quite a while. I have no concept of time since I don't wear a watch so I am not sure how long we sat there, but after a while there was a band getting ready to play and we couldn't hear each other any more. So we decided to walk over to TGIFridays. As he was closing out the tab, the unthinkable happened: I was touching up my lipstick (MAC of course) and dropped my lipstick tube. So I start looking around for it on the floor, and he turns to see me searching and wants to know if I'm ok. So I explain casually (trying to hide my utter panic that I have just lost my MAC lipstick) what happened, and before I know it he's down on the floor looking for it! He was so sweet about trying to help me find it. We never did and I was very dismissive about it...but I liked the fact that he was such a gentleman about it!

So we walked over to Fridays and it was good because we could hear one another again. He was hungry so he got an appetizer, and we sat there for a while longer. After a while he excused himself to the men's room, and when he came back he walked up behind me and started rubbing my shoulders. He then proceeds to find the one area in my shoulder that no one ever manages to massage correctly (until now!) and the muscle is just in knots, so he suggests maybe if I wanted to go back to my place he would be happy to massage my shoulders. I am never one to turn down a massage! So back we went to my apartment. (When we left I was laughing and said I couldn't believe I lost my lipstick, and he offered to go back and find it for me! I said not to worry about it, but isn't that sweet?) So we're sitting on the couch at my place and we're still talking about anything and everything as he's really working my shoulders. (He has the strongest hands!) Both us of soon realize it's now 1:45am and we both go to work early. However, he has asked me out again, and he also invited me to go see Styx and Kansas with him and his friends - don't know when that show is but I told him we'd see and that it sounded like a lot of fun.

So that's it in a nutshell...probably the most fun I've had in forever. We never had a lull in the conversation. I can't wait to see him again!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

A Day Like Any Other Day...

Except that I am having drinks with HotGuy tonight! I am taking off a half day to do some personal maintenance. (Eyebrow wax, touching up my haircolor, etc.) I wonder, do men realize the money and effort that goes into preparing for a date? I actually enjoy the process of getting ready to go out. I'm a makeup junkie (anyone who knows me realizes the understatement there) so putting my makeup on is my very favorite part. I get the most stressed out about what to's hard to look good without looking like you're trying. Well, it is for me, anyhow.

So there's my drama for the day. I am leaving work at 11 so I can go spend time with my Gran today. She was doing okay last night, but she's still feeling down. If I had to live in a nursing home I'd be depressed, too.

I am going to pick up a new pair of shoes for tonight as well. I need something strappy with a heel that will go well with my super awesome jeans.

I'll report in tomorrow with the details!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Tired Tuesday

I learned a very important lesson last night: don't work out so darn late!! I went to the gym later than I usually do last night, and found myself unable to go to sleep at a normal time. Since Mom and Dad are out of town ths week, I have been going over there to feed their cat and check the mail, etc. I went by last night to check on the cat again and sat down to check my email. I ended up surfing the net until 11:30 over there! So now I am sleepy this morning, and getting up was definitely a chore!

No big news last night. I had a great workout last night. I'm really able to push myself a lot harder thn I used to. However, I tried not to totally fatigue myself, as tonight is "Leg Night" and we all know the drill...I'll be sore and tired tomorrow. :) (Funny, but I really look forward to that!)

So after such an eventful weekend, today's post is a little empty. Nothing spectacular to report. There is shoe shopping in the works this week because I need new shoes for my salsa dancing class. (Feetman, I should make you go with me...I want something strappy and sexy!) I always like it when I actually NEED to go shopping! I am thinking I probably need a new shirt or something too. I do try to find ways to justify my shopping habits.

So that's it for now. Hope you all have a great Tuesday!

Monday, September 12, 2005

Superfabulous Weekend!!

I hated for Monday come! I ended up having a really good weekend! Friday night, Joseph came over and we went out to a gay bar in Ft. Worth and had a really good time! I don't know what it is about me, but I attract gay men like some kind of magnet. (I got offers from a couple of them to plan lunch and a trip to Sephora together!) But the best part of the evening for me was finding the one straight guy there...he's one of the dancers and this guy is incredibly hot! So hot, in fact, that I kept wondering if it was too dark and maybe he wasn't getting a good look at me! But we talked for a long time and then he had to get back to work (I wasn't going to be tipping him), but he came back again later and we talked more and then we traded email addresses - I don't just throw my phone number around to every hot guy I talk to, you know! And when I left he gave me a really nice hug. :D So I figured he was being nice to the one girl in the whole place, but he's already emailed me twice and apparently we're going to set up a coffee date. (He now actually does have my number, so we'll see if he actually calls) But even if he doesn't call, it was fun just talking to him. He lived in Switzerland for a while so we traded Europe stories, and he says he wants to hear all about Paris. I'm trying not to get too hopeful, as my dating track record isn't so promising, but we'll just see how it goes! :)

So then I went to salsa class on Saturday, and Blonde, you are so right! That was more fun than I imagined it would be, and I am thinking this is going to be something I'll be doing for a while! It was more exercise than I thought, and when our instructors demonstrated some dancing at the end, that was the clincher for me...I really need to find a partner and get good at this!

I didn't do much after that on Saturday. I took a nice long nap and then went to my parents for the evening. They left on vacation Sunday morning and headed down to the beach house on the coast, so I wanted to make sure I got to see them before they left.

Sunday I went to see Gran, and she's doing about the same. We visited for a while, and then I had to head on because I had Weight Watchers at 2:30, where I had some VERY good news:

I've lost 75 pounds now!!!

Yes, I have managed to hit the 75 mark only a week after I hoped I would! My next goal is to hit the 100 pound mark by January 1st. I work out enough, I should be able to do it but as I have learned, my body is going to do things at it's own pace. But I am one happy girl!

After that, I had a bunch of things to do, and after I got all that done, I ran my last errand, which was to take a dryer over to Joseph. So I did that and then we had dinner and went for a nice long walk. He is really getting in very good shape and is now playing rugby for a local team. I can't wait to go to one of his games and watch him play!

So that was my weekend in a nutshell. Hope all of you had a good one, too. Happy Monday!

Friday, September 09, 2005

Spicing Things Up

I am starting Salsa dancing lessons tomorrow and I am really looking forward to it! I've been needing something new and interesting, and I am thinking this will not only be fun, but good exercise as well. Now if only I had a dance partner!

Why does it always seem that when we have a short week at work, it inevitably feels really long? It's been a beating this week, but I think most of it has been the funk I've been in. (which I am coming out of. There are reasons for it, but I won't get into them here.) I'm just really glad it's Friday and that the weekend is here. I am looking forward to working out with Jacqueline tonight. It's arms night, and sometimes that's harder for me because I don't feel as strong in my upper body as I do in my legs. All the more reason to work my arms harder, right? I was going to have dinner with Christy tonight, but my girl is having allergy trouble and needs to lay low for the evening, which I totally understand. Maybe I'll just veg tonight. Starbucks has been hot guy central lately, but not so much the last couple of times I've been. Probably because I told several people and now I scared the hot guys away. That figures. I was thinking I might go up there and read and have coffee, but I'm not sure what I feel like doing just yet. I was up there last night and read the paper and had coffee, so I don't want to look like I have no life. Not that the barristas care what I'm up to, but I don't want to be THAT much of a regular.

So my weekend is now officially wide open. I'm going to find something FUN for me to do! Not sure what it is yet, but darn it, I'm going to have a good time!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

The War on Spam

In an effort to reduce the number of annoying spam comments I get, I now have a word verification when you post a comment. It's pretty self explanatory, but just in case you wondered why I did it, now you know. Stupid old spammers!

Working My Way Back to "Normal"

Thanks to everyone who either posted or called me yesterday to check on me. I really appreciate it, and it made me feel very loved. :) I am doing better today. I got a good night's sleep, and Mom and Dad brought me dinner last night (and treated me to a tank of gas...THANK YOU!). I really am ok, just needed to have a little down time, you know?

I went to see Gran last night, and when I got there she'd had her hair done and put a little makeup on...she looked good! Her long time friend, Leigh, had come to visit so the three of us chatted it up like schoolgirls and I think it did Gran a world of good. After Leigh left, we watched some TV and just chatted about the news of the day. We had a very good visit, so I am thankful for one more good day with her.

Tonight I am going to workout after work and then go home and relax. For a short week, it's been a very busy one! We're still coordinating hurricane relief efforts here at work. We're trying to get our "Adopt-a-Family" program up and going so that we can start helping these families. I'll keep posting details about that here in case anyone has anything they'd like to donate.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day. Remember, tomorrow is FRIDAY!!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A Little Blue

Ever just go through a period of feeling really blah? I'm experiencing a little of that these days, and it's tough to shake. Some of it stems from having been on WW for so long and right now I am at a bit of a plateau, so it feels a bit frustrating. I know, I's not about the scales, and really it's not that right now. I just feel like I'm not making any progress, which can't be true because I work out so hard and eat so carefully. I was talking to my trainer last night and she said that this is so very normal, and everyone goes through this. Somehow, though, it feels like it's just me going through this, and it's hard. I know it will pass, and I'm not giving up or anything, just contending with a speed bump right now.

Last night was quiet. Mom came by and we went for coffee. Starbucks was uneventful. (I sure am glad they built one by my apartment!) My workout was really good, and tonight I am going to go see Gran. She's really not doing very well. Mom saw her last night and said that she seems to be a little out of it, and just not feeling very well. My grandfather feels like perhaps it may be time to look into homecare options so that my Gran can just come home. She isn't able to do her PT, and the only thing she wants is to be home. I think it's going to be really hard for my grandfather to have her home, but it's something he really wants to do for her. I admire the way he takes care of her. I hope I'm lucky enough to find someone who loves me half that much.

So that's about it for today. Sorry to be a little less sparkly and upbeat, but I'll be more cheery tomorrow. :)

One very important thing I need to mention...

Happy Birthday Kevin!

I can't let one of my very best friends get by without a shout out! Have a good one, Kev!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Coming Back After a Long Weekend is Tough!

It's always nice to have time off, but it sure is hard to get back in the groove! It was a good weekend, but far too short to get everything done.

After getting off work at 11am Friday, I went home and did a few things around the apartment. Then I went off to meet Mia for lunch and we wandered the mall for a while. Then I met up with the family for dinner and then met Christy for a drink later on. It was so good to get caught up with her! We've both been so busy that we've not had time to get together. We called it an early night since we were both pretty tired! When I got home, I watched the news only to hear that there was a big need to get Pedialyte to the littlest hurricane evacuees, so first thing Saturday morning Mom and I get a bunch and took it to a relief center in Ft. Worth. They had lots of stuff, but are a little short on volunteers, so if you have the time, they need some helping hands!

Then we took my grandfather to breakfast, then on to see Gran. She's just still not doing so well. Her motivation has waned some, and she's very down. I don't blame her, but we don't know what to do to help her. It's a tough situation.

Saturday night, Joseph came over and we went out to Ft. Worth for the evening and had a blast!

Sunday morning included coffee at Starbucks, but apparently all the eye candy doesn't come out until later in the day. (Oh well!) Sunday was interesting. Kevin and I went to the roller derby. Yes, I now know where the local trash hangs out! It was really...interesting! But hey, now I can say I've been!

Monday was spent resting and I saw Angela and Kim Williams for a while. It's always nice to go to Angela's house. It's like a mini-vacation. :)

I didn't go to WW this weekend. I just needed a little break but I'm ok and on track, so please no lectures about don't give up. I'm not. I just needed a small break form the routine, but everything is fine. I am working out with Jacqueline tonight and it will be good to go work my legs tonight. I walked for an hour yesterday, so I haven't been slacking off.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

Friday, September 02, 2005

Rolling Up My Sleeves and Getting Involved

I found the way to make a difference for Katrina victims. I am heading up my division's hurricane relief efforts at my office. We are about 65 people strong, and we're going to "adopt" several displaced families in the area. I am waiting to hear back from our CEO, but I can't wait to get this in gear and really help some people. I hate the helpless feeling I get from just watching the news, and now I can do something about it!!

Let's see...other exciting news...oh yeah! I get a new car last night! (Well, new to me) It's a 2002 Honda Civic, and I am one happy girl! It drives so nice, but more importantly, it gets very good gas mileage!! (Just in time!) I paid $2.99/gal last night and it made me sick to do it. I like what our president says..."Don't buy gas unless you need it". Okay...duh! Thank God for W's words of "wisdom"! (I'm going to end this political diatribe before it goes any further and I just get mad at him again!)

So tonight I am having dinner with the family and then meeting Christy for a drink. I am so looking forward to seeing her! We've not gotten together in a while so I am looking forward to getting caught up! Tomorrow night I am going out with Joseph. We've found a place in Ft. Worth he is interested in checking out, so I get to be the little straight girl at the gay bar! (It's going to be a lot of fun, and I don't mind one bit!)

So everyone have a safe holiday weekend!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Acts of Generosity

It warms my heart to see so many people doing things for others right now. My company is matching donations made to Red Cross, I hear about people in my company taking in refugees and helping restores my faith in humanity. I have a ton of clothes to get rid of so I am trying to locate a local shelter to give them to so that people can have something clean and dry to wear. I was talking with a friend last night about how it's so hard to feel helpless...just watching the news is so hard because I can't just drive over there and help. So I am going to find ways to do what I can. If you can donate money to the red cross, please do it! Brian's band, Saints and Sinners, is trying to put together a fundraising show. As soon as I have details I will post it here and beg you all to come out and have a good time for a great cause.

Speaking of the band, they'll be having a show at the Lone Star Bar in Valley Ranch fairly soon. I need to get the dates from Mia, and I'll post that here as well. They're so much fun and I really like their music. They were awesome at Club Clearview last week!

On yet another note, important shoe sale alert:

Stockroom Sale
What: Shoes from Michael Kors, Anne Klein, Donald Pliner, United Nude, and more $29-$59.
Why: If the shoe fits …
When: Thurs.-Sat., 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
Where: Steven Spodek, 5600 West Lovers Ln., Pavilion at Lovers Lane, University Park (214-350-3883).

This ought to be a great sale! With names like that and good prices, I suggest stocking up. I am guessing they are clearing out their summer shoes, but we can wear those into October here! I get off at 11am tomorrow, so I may need to check that out!

I am working out with Jacqueline's arms night! (Woo-hoo!) We're working out tonight because she is going out of town tomorrow. I think I am starting to see more changes in my arms, so I am looking forward to pushing myself a little further tonight.

That's all of my rambling for today. Have a good Thursday!